16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Depression In Islam. Stress and depression are two of the most common illnesses in our society. It can be defined as a situation that causes physical, mental and emotional worry. From 12 year old to 60 years old, most of the people are suffering from some stress or depression.

It can destroy happiness and peace ultimately. Life has its perks and problems working side by side. No one can run away from them. What matters is how we deal with them.

It is okay to be stressed out and depressed for a limited time, but one should analyze how much of it is too much. One of the most beautiful aspects of Islam is that “it suggests a solution for every problem”. Strong faith in Allah (S.W.T) protects us from all sorts of physical and mental stress, sorrow, anxiety and despair.

When a person suffers from a deficiency of faith in Allah (S.W.T), he/she may feel more inclined towards evil deeds. It will be challenging for them to commit good acts because low faith seizes the productivity of their life.

And while we highly recommend getting professional help if you’re suffering from depression or stress, there are also some steps that you can take from the Islamic perspective. It is important to take both Deen (religion) and Dunia (worldly affairs) together, which is why both medical and religious help should be utilized by Muslims.

What Is The Islamic Perspective On Stress & Depression?

One of the reliable solutions for every problem is dua. Muhammad (S.A.W) said, “Dua is the most powerful weapon of the believer.” Quran, ahadith and various Islamic scholars suggest dua for every situation. Modern science and several research studies have also proven that the recitation of the Quran maintains the blood pressure, relaxes our mind and body and gives us peace.

One study published in the Iranian journal of nursing and midwifery research, for example, proves through a systematic review that the recitation of Quran or listening to it reduces anxiety and therefore this can be used as a non-pharmacological treatment for psychological problems.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

↓ 16 – Seek Help

Reiterating our earlier point once again, seek help from friends and family. If it doesn’t work, seek professional help. If you’re not comfortable with visiting a psychiatrist or psychologist for any reason, look for online ones as there are many qualified professionals offering online counselling and treatments. While the Quran and prayer will be your support system through any illness, you might also be in need of counselling or medical intervention so don’t ever give up on that.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

There are many sunnah treatments too that you can use for treating depression. Cupping or Hijama, for example, is one of the many Prophetic treatments that has been used for treating many physical problems like back pain as well as psychological ones like depression.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

↓ 15 – Know That There Is Ease After Every Hardship

Allah has promised in the Quran that every hardship will be followed by ease, so as Mufti Menk says, try to put your trust in His promise and don’t lose hope. For more inspiring quotes, check out these 50 Inspirational Mufti Menk Quotes and Sayings with Images.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

Also, watch this short video in which Mufti Menk explains why we get depressed?

↓ 14 – Know That Allah Puts His Loved One Through Tests & Trials

Are you going through a very tough time? Have you suffered a huge loss? Or do you feel like you’re being tested unjustly? What if this test is a blessing in disguise? What if this test is protecting you from a much bigger hardship? What if this test will be compensated by your lord in a way that you can’t even imagine? Allah loves His Prophets the most, they are His most loved humans that He chose Himself for a special purpose. And yet, these Prophets have faced some of the most difficult times in their lives.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

So know that you too will be rewarded for going patiently through Allah’s tests and that He has a better plan for you too.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

↓ 13 – Do Astaghfaar

The suffering you’re experiencing could also be a punishment for some sins. And in such scenarios, doing Astaghfar will get you Allah’s forgiveness and your hardships can end. So do as much astaghfar as possible and ask your Lord to forgive you for any sins that you have done intentionally or unintentionally. According to a Hadith by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the person who does astaghfar regularly will be relieved from all hardships:

“Whoever is always in the state of affairs, then Allah will give the joy of sadness, and the spaciousness of its narrowness and give rizq from the most unexpected direction.” (Ibn Majah). For more on this topic, you should read our earlier post on Forgiveness In Islam.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety  16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

↓ 12 – Powerful Duas to recite at times of stress & anxiety:

Here we will mention some of the duas that you can recite to protect yourself. As Allah says “Call upon me, I will respond to you…”

According to a hadith, when a Muslim is experiencing sadness, grief or sorrow, the following Dua should be made and InshaAllah Allah will change that sadness into happiness very soon. You can find more quotes and duas from our post on Islamic Quotes about Sadness & How Islam Deals with Sadness.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

Here is the dua to read in times of desperation when you feel helpless and alone:

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

Another beautiful dua to read in times of worry, depression or any difficulty:

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

↓ 11 – What Did The Prophet Do When He Was Depressed?

Surah Duha was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when he was depressed so it is the best surah to recite in difficult times. Watch the video below to understand the significance of this surah:

Islamic Tips to deal with anxiety and depression:

Here we will mention some of the ways that Islam suggests to deal with stress and depression.

↓ 10 – Have complete faith in Allah (S.W.T):

We must have faith that Allah (S.W.T) is sufficient for us. He will take care of all our worries. No worry or depression is mightier than Allah’s mercy. He loves us more than seventy times of our mother’s love.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

↓ 9 – Do your part:

Make dua intensively and work towards your betterment. Make yourself involved in any voluntary work that focuses on bringing positivity in society. Seek those people who need help, assistance and charity. Help them by all means. In this way, you will find inner peace.

↓ 8 – Remember that only Allah has control:

In various situations, you find yourself helpless because you cannot control everything. That is the time when you should call upon Allah (S.W.T) because He has control over everything. You must rely on the fact that Allah is the most merciful and He loves you when you ask Him. Don’t feel alone and stressed out as Allah is with you and he sees you. Ask Him, and He will provide you surely. You do not have control over what has happened to you but always remember that Allah has full control. He can change your sorrow into happiness.

↓ 7 – Make five daily prayers your weapon:

Pray five times regularly. You should not skip any prayer as it is a shield. It will protect you from shaitan. Make wudu  (ablution) and repeat shahadah (declaration of faith in Allah). Talk to Allah more and more in your prayers and ask Him to heal you.  When a person ask Allah (S.W.T), He surely listens to him and fulfils his desires. If you’re having trouble keeping up with your prayers, here are some simple tips to help you become a regular namazi:

  • Set your priorities. Try to plan your day around namaz, for example, take the first break of your day from work during zuhar time. If you’re planning to go out for dinner, make a point that you’ll go after praying maghrib or isha.
  • Set up an alarm on your phone for all prayers, you can also use apps that are designed for this purpose.
  • Listen to youtube lectures and videos on the importance of prayers.
  • Have a prayer accountability buddy. Ask a friend or family member to support you and remind you to pray or ask you about how many times you prayed today. You can even make a WhatsApp group with friends for this purpose in which all friends mess
  • Talk to Allah in your dua after every namaz and pray to Him to make you a regular namazi.
  • Try to be in a state of wuzu at all times, this way you won’t feel lazy about doing wudu when it’s time to pray. Every time you go to the washroom for instance, don’t leave without doing wudu so when it’s time to pray, you’ll be all ready to start.
  • If you’re just starting out, try with praying only farz namaz. Or if you find even that hard to manage, start with one namaz a day and then gradually increase the number. You’ll surely be praying 5 namaz a day InshaAllah as you’ll start to feel the healing affects.
  • Have a look at our earlier post on 50 Best Islamic Quotes About Namaz.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

↓ 6 – Have patience:

Allah (S.W.T) says in the Quran, “Seek help through sabr (patience) and salat (prayer). Al-Quran (2:45)

When you make supplications and have patience, Allah will surely give you the fruitful results. Allah (S.W.T) loves those who put their trust in Him and believe in His timings. Sabr and salat are the two most powerful stressbusters. Know that we’re all on different journeys of life and we all accomplish things at different times, stop comparing yourselves to others and have faith in Allah’s plan. He’s your well-wisher, He loves you 70 times more than your mother so wouldn’t he give you the best if you trust in Him?

O ye who believe! seek help with patient perseverance and prayer: for Allah is with those who patiently persevere. (Quran, 2: 153). You can find more quotes on patience from our earlier post on Sabr in Islam.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

↓ 5 – Make yourself familiar with 99 names of Allah.

If u know the 99 names of Allah (S.W.T) which are also called His Attributes, your stress and depression will go away. All the names are blessings, and each name has a different effect on us. Try to memorize and read these names daily. They will remind you of how merciful your Lord is! And will make you realize that this world and its problems are all temporary. You need to be more focused on building your relationship stronger with Allah (S.W.T).

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

↓ 4 – Do Zikr:

Allah (S.W.T) mentions in the Quran:

“Verily, in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find rest” Al-Quran (13:28)

Doing zikr reduces stress and depression. Do zikr when you are driving/commuting or in any free time instead of listening to music and reading newspaper. This habit will eventually result in getting closer to Allah (S.W.T). When you feel lonely or having a hard time, surround yourself in the remembrance of Allah. You will feel at peace.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

↓ 3 – Start your day on a positive note:

When you wake up, make ablution and thank Allah for another excellent opportunity to live. Thank Allah for all the things you have. Think that there are a lot of people who are sick, disable (can’t eat, walk, talk), starving, don’t have shelter/clothes and so on. In this way, You will realize that you have much more than half of the world have. Here are 25 Beautiful Thanking Allah Quotes that you might find inspiring for this purpose.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

↓ 2 – Avoid overexposure of media:

Media and social media, in particular, has brought in the limelight a lot of exposure to people. Seeing a lot of luxury and fake happiness on media on social media, we often think that we are not as happy as others are. We compare our lives to others. Apart from this, news of critical situations often made a person depress about life and made them feel powerless.

Also, when you are feeling upset, don’t listen to sad songs, instead start the recitation of the Quran or recite Darood sharif. It will make you feel at peace inside out. You can also go for music therapy as there are many great Muslim singers who have produced excellent hamds and naats that you can listen to for peace of mind, here are Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety  16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

↓ 1 – Make dua and be grateful to Allah (S.W.T):

Recite the duas mentioned above daily to avoid all the worries. Allah (S.W.T) stated in the Quran,” If you are thankful, I will give you more” Al-Quran (14:7). He is the Most Merciful. Whenever you make dua, He listens to you and provides you in many ways you can’t even imagine. We should be thankful to Allah for everything. Indeed, we are in much better condition than millions of others in terms of all the necessities.

16 Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

Here are some duas that you can recite in different situations:

May Allah (S.W.T) protect us from all grievances, worries, stress and depression and make us among those who walk on the right path and obey Allah (S.W.T), Ameen.


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