Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice

Top Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers. Hamd and naat structure a melodic classification that highlights religious Hamds and Naats adulating Allah (God) and the Prophet Muhammad separately. Generally, Islamic music has been restricted to the human voice and percussion (drum).

Be that as it may, inside these limitations, Muslim artists have been both modern and creative. Depending on the magnificence of their undeniable voices, Muslims use music to help individuals to remember Allah.

Who Are The Best Hamd-o-Naat Singers?

The accompanying rundown recognizes ten of the best known present-day Muslim Hamd veterans of today.

Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice


Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice  

Zain Bhikha is a South African artist lyricist who performs Islamic hamd tunes. He is mainly a permanent hamd artist, with music and verses firmly in the Islamic code. He has released more than ten collections in his profession traversing a quarter-century. A significant number of his collections up prevalence and Zain unpacked his first new collection under the mark entitled, “Confidence” (2001). The songs in this collection manage a wide range of feelings from hardships to bliss. Zain Bhikha released “Our World” in 2002.

This collection was a depiction of the standard variety of humankind and the dissipation, everything being equal. With the assistance of his new organization came the world-class collection to be created under the Zain Bhikha Studios mark, “Piles of Makkah” (2005). This collection was propelled by Zain’s journey to Makkah in 2004. Bhikha, a pioneer in the class of hamd songs (English tunes with an emphasis on Islamic substance). He is well-adored by fans young and old. You should also have a look at these Top 12 Islamic History Books Every Muslim Must Read.


Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice  

Yusuf Islam some time ago known as Cat Steven, is a British artist, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist. His beginning accounts had excluded any melodic instruments other than percussion and included verses about Islamic topics, some in spoken statement or hamd structure. In the late 1990s, he put resources into structure his recording studio which he named ‘Pile Of Light Studios’, and he was highlighted as a visiting artist on “God Is the Light,” music on a collection of hamds by the gathering Raihan.

In 2000 he released more collections in regards to kids enlightening about the Islamic religion, called ‘A Is For Allah.’ Yusuf came back to the chronicle studio to start making a sequence of collections about the Prophet Muhammad and other Islamic subjects. He has made three collections with Islamic topics.


Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice  

Native Deen is an Islamic Hamd band from the Washington D.C. area. Band individuals Joshua Salaam, Naeem Muhammad, and Abdul-Malik Ahmad have been performing together since 2000. They have three collections, ”Deen You Know” in 2005, ”Not Afraid To Stand Alone” in 2007 and ”The Remedy” in 2011. They have incorporated into driving Islamic Hamd gatherings and have launched a universal fan base. The collections of Native Deen wanted to tune in everywhere throughout the world. People have grasped their music and a constructive message.


Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice  

Ahmed Bukhatir is an Emirati hamd artist. He has sung in three distinct dialects Arabic, English what’s more, French. Ahmed created his first Hamd in 1993, called ”Ya Man Yara”, ”Hijab” and ”ummi” which got enough constructive reaction from the individuals around him. Following the year 2000, Ahmed went on to make five new collections with the last release “Hasanat” in 2007. His third collection “Samtan” which comprised of his first English Hamd “Final gasp” increased enormous predominance through the outskirts of Center East broadening Ahmed’s message outside the Arab World. It urged him to sing more English Hamds alongside a most recent French Hamd. His collection “Entasaf Al-Lail” turned into the top of the line collection in UAE and GCC nations and his “Al Quds Tunadeena,” “Fartaqi,” “Samtan,” were all significant blockbusters. His collection “Da’ani,” sold a massive number of duplicates over the globe.


Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice  Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice  

The Sabri Brothers were initially held and established by Ghulam Farid Sabri and his sibling Maqbool Ahmed Sabri. Sabri Brothers have given various hit collections internationally. There are not many prominent Hamds and Qawwalis including ”Bhar Do Jholi Meri Ya Muhammad”, ”Tajdar E Haram”, ”Allah Ho Allah” and numerous more. Coke studio furthermore paid tribute to the Sabri Brothers by Atif Aslam performing of Tajdar e Haram, the hit collection ever.


Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice  

Mesut Kurtis is a Turkish English artist who can perform in Turkish, English and Arabic. He is declaimed or signed by Awakening Records, a U.K. based media creation company and operated by Arousing Worldwide. Kurtis has an enthusiasm concerning Islamic hamds from an exceptionally young age. His deep voice previously picked up consideration which results in him to join numerous hamd bands in Macedonia.

Mesut has recorded four collections on the Awakening Music label, to be specific, ‘Salawat’ (2004), ‘Adored’ (2009) and ‘Tabassam’ (2014) and Balagal Ulah (2019). In his first collection ”Salawat” delivered by Arousing Records released, which highlights tunes that join three dialects English, Turkish and Arabic in all respects perfectly. Mesut Kurtis different collections turned out to be very popular in Muslim audience members. Here are Top Islamic Apps of 2019 That Every Muslim Should Have.


Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice  

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was a Pakistani artist. He isn’t just popular in Pakistan yet, also, a gigantic fan base in different nations. He got various national and universal privileged honors in his noble profession. His supreme energy, power, ability, and vocal range were remarkable. One of his Hamd ” Wohi Khuda Hai” Recounting God’s bounties and favors, this fantastic piece will leave you in the wonder of his quality and the excellence of the human’s voice. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s another Hamd ”Allah Hoo” Surely one of the unmatched top choices. This Hamd sparkles with the artist’s affection for God.

”Kamli Wale Muhammad” Recited in wonderful Punjabi, Kamli Wale Muhammad is a delicate version. His group was renowned in his area as well as around the globe.


Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice  

Abida Parveen is a Pakistani Muslim vocalist and writer. Abida Parveen sings in Sindhi, Urdu, Seraiki, Punjabi, and Persian, and today she is viewed as the best Sufi vocalists of the cutting edge period. There are not many famous Hamd including ”Balaghal Ula Be Kamalihi” and ”Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum” which individuals adored to tune in around the world. Abida performed on the universally acclaimed Pakistani show Coke Studio Season 3, on which she sang three albums, Ramooz-e-Ishq, Nigah-e-Darwaishaan, and Soz-e-Ishq.


Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice  

Junaid Jamshed was a Pakistani recording artist, T.V. personality, style originator, infrequent on-screen actor, composer, lyricist, and lecturer. He mainly obtained worldwide gratefulness and countrywide fame as a band ”Vital Signs”. It started in mid-2004 when he left the two, his engineering and music profession to concentrate on his religious exercises for Islam and recounted naats, hamds on television.

He announced that he has left the singing and will pursue the Islamic spiritual trail. Junaid Jamshed did not sing any song regardless of that he recorded and released naats and hamds. His famous naats including Mera dil badal dai, Mehboob e yazdaan, Mein to ummati hon, Mere Nabi pyaray Nabi and Muhammad ka roza qareeb araha hai are a few examples whom individuals wanted to tune in.


Top 10 Muslim Hamd & Naat Singers With Most Soulful Voice  

Sami Yusuf is a British vocalist, writer, lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist. He considered music as a creativity substitute. Yusuf unwrapped his debut collection, Al-Mu’allim, in 2003 that he composed, produce, perform, and achieved global attention. Al-Mualim, turned into a hit in the Middle East, North Africa also, South-East Asia striking the charts in Egypt and Turkey for twelve succeeding weeks. The last track of the collection, Supplication was utilized on the soundtrack for the 2007 film ”The Kite Runner” and selected for the Golden Globe Award.

Yusuf releases his succeeding collection ”My Ummah” with complete seven hit numbers. ”Spiritique” is the name Yusuf has given to his one of a kind melodic style. With the sold of more than 34 million collections, Yusuf has proved to be more notable. He is the youngest recipient of the Honorary Doctor of Letters Award for ”significant commitment to the field of music”. For Sami, music is an outflow of awesome love that is the reason a vast number of individuals love to hear him out.

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