6 Tips on How To Be a Productive Muslim Who Allah Loves

How to be a productive Muslim: When it comes to their Deen and Dunya, people frequently operate in extremes: some completely invest themselves in this worldly life, forgetting the impending akhirah, while others isolate themselves from society to focus on their spiritual and religious duties, neglecting their families and worldly responsibilities.

What they forget is that Islam is a religion of balance and comfort, not of extremes. In Allah’s sight (SWT), the key to becoming a good Muslim, in Allah’s sight (SWT), is achieving a balance between your religious obligations and your worldly obligation as they both go hand in hand. We were meant to have the finest of both worlds, according to Allah SWT. Allah SWT desires for you to be at peace.

6 Tips on How To Be a Productive Muslim Who Allah Loves

How To Be More Productive as a Muslim

In our last post, we talked about Qualities that Allah Loves but today we will look into how we can balance deen and dunia as a productive Muslim. Islam prevents you from cutting yourself off from the world and your worldly obligations and instead encourages you to engage and interact with society and reap the benefits it has to offer, but only within Allah’s set of parameters (SWT). Islam makes our jobs easier for us rather than making them more difficult, something we sometimes overlook.

So, how can we combine Dunya with akhirah, retaining our attention and energies on Paradise but not entirely denying ourselves of the pleasures Allah (Subhanahu WA Ta’ala) has placed on this earth?

6 Tips on How To Be a Productive Muslim Who Allah Loves

Here are a few approaches, as usual, with the guidance of The Noble Qur’an and Sunnah:

6.    Challenge Yourself Everyday

Set a goal for yourself to remain consistent every day. Making things, so simple that you can’t fail is the best approach to become consistent. Make your goals simple by completing them every day. Then, if you execute it daily, you will discover that you will become prolific or regular at performing these tasks after a 30, 60, or even 90-day challenge.

Join hands with a friend or family member invested in your success and race to the finish line. The most crucial measures are to take continuous activity.

6 Tips on How To Be a Productive Muslim Who Allah Loves

5.    Obstacles Can Come In Your Way

Look, everyone with a big goal in life is going to run across roadblocks. Even if you only want small things, you will come across hardships.

We’ll confront challenges in almost everything we care about; it’s all part of life’s path. So prepare for it, accept it, and then take the required actions and develop a plan so you’ll know what to do if issues arise.

Obstacles are a natural part of the road to building a great existence for both the Dunya and the Akhira; therefore, you must have the ability to take the next step despite mental or physical challenges. You must become resourceful to discover a way around. Once you’ve started moving, don’t stop; it’s much simpler to keep going. It’s harder to restart once you’ve stopped. To help you out, here are 7 Quotes That Prove Allah is The Best Planner of All Affairs.

6 Tips on How To Be a Productive Muslim Who Allah Loves

4. Take Small Steps At First

It’s time to take action, and if you have big dreams for your future, you’ll be frightened and afraid. It’s perfectly natural; we all do it. So, what’s the simplest method to get started and start making these goals a reality? The solution is basic and modest. Take modest steps toward any objective you have, and do it regularly.

If you make the action steps so little that they don’t feel like they’ll make a difference, you’ll be more inclined to take several steps toward your goals. But it’s critical that you do something about it.

Since you’ve already decided what you want, which elements of your life are most important to you, and how you may attain that balance, everything you do from now on will be based on action.

Finally, you’ve decided on the measures to take to achieve your Deen and life balance. Now it’s just a matter of taking those actions and making your balanced existence a reality.

6 Tips on How To Be a Productive Muslim Who Allah Loves

3.    Write Down Your Objectives In Each Area Of Your Life

You must write down your goals to achieve progress in all areas of your life. In addition, you must have a strategy, a sequence of action steps that will take you to your intended goals in the areas of your life where you wish to achieve balance.

It would be good if you took measures that are both clear and actionable. Please don’t waste time speculating about how or what the ideal approach is; trust me, I’ve done it. Instead, consider what practical measures you might be able to do right now.

2. Decide On Your Long-Term And Short-Term Goals

Your objectives will represent the essential aspects of your life. Therefore, your goal should be to focus on one or more of your main areas, as this will allow you to focus on them, develop them, and become more effective in them over time.

6 Tips on How To Be a Productive Muslim Who Allah Loves

1. Decide On The Most Important Aspects Of Your Life

You must identify what’s important to you and what’s not right from the start. And suppose you want to be a successful person. In that case, you must incorporate at least a couple of the following things in key areas of your life: spiritual health, physical health, relationships, financial health, business, and fun.

Because if you don’t have a solid relationship with your Creator, you won’t be successful in the Dunya or the Akhira, no matter how hard you try. Second, you must focus on your physical health, which is critical because it provides you with the energy to build the life you desire. You can have everything in the world, but you won’t be able to achieve any of your goals in Deen and Dunya until you have physical health and vitality.

6 Tips on How To Be a Productive Muslim Who Allah Loves

An essential component you must include in every stage of your journey to attaining your objective is to match your aims and aspirations with what Allah approves of since Allah will help and support you and you will not fail.

Remember that a balanced existence helps you both in this world, ensuring that you have all you desire, and in the Akhira, ensuring that you have an endless adobe of bliss in the hereafter.


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