Sabr Quotes in Islam-30 Beautiful Islamic Quotes on Patience

Sabr Quotes. We have often seen ourselves advising someone, to have patience and sabr when they are going through rough times. But we never think about what is Sabr?

Sabr in Islam is defined as to ‘restrain oneself from and ‘endure’ , the undesirable circumstances.  It is to abstain from what is prohibited by Allah SWT and endure what comes from Him.

In Islam, Sabr has been given immense importance, and Allah in the Holy Quran and Allah has mentioned having patience and perseverance when there are only rocks and thorns in the way of our life.

We as Muslims have been asked by Allah SWT to remain patient when facing any calamity or difficulty. As every hardship is given by Him as a test and we should remain Sabir to become among Allah’s favorite Sabirun.


islamic quotes on sabar

↓ 30- Sabr in Islam

Sabr in Islam is having control over one’s Nafs and accept everything as Allah’s will. It is having patience over what is disliked by you and what is liked by you as Allah tests us with hardships and ease.

When He gives us hardships, we should never utter complaining words to Him. We can come out of the dark pit by showing gratitude and holding the rope of Sabr or we can remain in the dark cell by being ungrateful and doubtful of Allah’s decisions and weaken our faith. I also recommend that you go through our last post on What is Tawakkul & Easy Ways to Increase Tawakkul in Allah.

Sabr in Islam (10)


↓ 29-Patience over Death of a Loved one

We live in this world and forget that we have to return to our Creator soon and when someone from our loved ones leaves for the final abode, our lives shatter.

We are so grief-stricken that we are not able to gather the courage to move on. But the death shouldn’t be mourned for more than three days. We should convince ourselves to stay patient and accept the decree of Allah SWT.

This does not mean that we don’t cry grief for the deceased, it means that one should not tear down clothes or beats face and chest or question Allah, as it is strictly forbidden in Islam. The reward for being patient over losing a loved one is promised by Allah.

↓ 28- Islamic Quotes about Patience in Love

When two people meet and tie the scared bond of Nikah, they promise to live with each other’s flaws and follies. The first few months are spent understanding each other.

No spouse should treat the other with disrespect. Living an entire life with someone who is in your nikah, will bring about many challenges. The other person will have different interests, different opinions, therefore, they should be open-minded to accept them and deal with all the problems patiently. Patience is the most important element in a successful marriage.


↓ 27- Ya Allah Give Me Sabr

Allah is the only Listener who listens to our silent prayers. When we are walking on a road that has obstacles, we bump into one of them and wound ourselves, our heart yearns for Allah and His mercy. We cry on the prayer mat and ask for the light in the name of Sabr.

Only He listens to our silent and loud cries and grants us Sabr if we accept what He has decided for us with complete Twakkul. He’s the only One who gives hardships and grants patience.

Sabr in Islam (10)


↓ 26- Dua to Get Sabr

Sabr is the highest virtue which is obtained by the one who has complete Twakkul in Allah SWT. But a person who cannot see any way of his misery can only look up to his Lord.

He can ask Him to teach him to live through the rough phase or grant him the courage to abstain from evil. Allah in the Quran Himself has taught the words to ask for Sabr.


↓ 25- Three Ingredients of Sabr

Sabr is not attained automatically, it takes continuous effort to come to the level of patience and bowing down in front of the decree of Allah SWT. The three ingredients that are very important to achieve the goal of sabr are;

  • Endurance: It is to preserve the Iman by directing yourself towards the obedience of Allah SWT by fulfilling His commands. Eg. To offer Salah even if it is very cold or to  incorporate the Ehkaam of Allah SWT in your life
  • Restraint: It is to hold back oneself from the things that are inhibited in the religion and anger Allah SWT even if it is relished and desired by you.
  • Acceptance: This is the final step towards the end of the road of attaining sabr. This means to accept wholeheartedly the decree of Allah and don’t complain even if you don’t understand the wisdom behind it yet.

Sabr in Islam

↓ 24- Patience of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s life is the perfect example of perseverance and patience. We cannot match his level of sabr. He went through countless hardships and lost his son as well but his tongue never uttered complaining words.

The people of Quraish disrespected him, the unbelievers used foul language against him, but he never let go of the rope of patience. He would only pray to Allah for their guidance.


↓23- Reward is Promised by Allah  for Sabr

Allah in the Quran has promised himself that the patient ones will receive great rewards for having Sabr upon inflicted by any hardship. A person who remains patient and doesn’t complain enters paradise.

↓ 22- Allah Loves the Patient One

To become Allah’s favorite is the wish of every Muslim. If any hardship hits a person, he remains patient, he becomes Allah’s favorite. As Allah, Himself says that He loves the patient ones.

Sabr in Islam (1)

21- Sabr is the Pillar of Iman

The person who loses hope in his fate and doubts Allah is on the verge of losing his Iman which will eventually make him fall in the well of anguish. But if we hold on to the rope of Allah and believe that He is all Wise and will never let us fall and remain among the Sabirun, our iman will become stronger and firmer. Here are Duas to Achieve Nearness to Allah.


20- Trust in Allah

Tawakkal is having complete trust in Allah which is the most important aspect of Iman as He’s the only one who gives us what we want and rewards our Sabr. Trusting Allah gives us hope and keeps us content with what we have.


↓ 19- Patience of Prophet Ayub (AS)

The story of Prophet Ayub AS is not some ordinary story, his Patience was unmatchable. The sickness struck him when he was seventy years old and before his illness, he was an extremely wealthy and healthy person.

He lost all his wealth and health but he never left thanking Allah even in the roughest times. His patience was rewarded by Allah in the most beautiful way.

Sabr in Islam



↓18- Sabr While Waiting

Waiting is the most difficult thing and one might lose patience and starts complaining but attaining the highest virtue which is Sabr stops us from complaining and let us put our trust in Allah SWT only.


↓ 17- Don’t Lose Hope

Losing hope is considered a sin in Islam. Because everybody knows that there’s Allah SWT who’s with us all the time and he would never let us fall. So losing hope and not trusting him completely doesn’t lessen our worries. We should have Sabr and trust Him that He will reward us for this Sabr.


↓ 16- Patience Absolves the Sins

we become the victim of hard times, our lives don’t go according to our plans, or when any calamity strikes our well-planned lives, our first reaction should be patience.

We should keep reminding ourselves that it is the decree of the Most Merciful. Allah then in return, wash away our sins and have mercy on us.

Sabr in Islam


↓ 15- Sabr and Shukr

Iman is comprised of two aspects

  • Sabr
  • Shukr

We should remain patient and be grateful for what we have and whatever He has given us. And never crave for more. We should always be thankful for every blessing that he has bestowed upon us. Sabr and shukr are the two important elements to lead a peaceful life.


↓ 14- Sabr Quotes Images


↓ 13- A Patient Heart doesn’t Complain

A person who remains patient, his heart doesn’t complain. His tongue remains moist with the Dhikr of Allah SWT and doesn’t build up grudges in his heart against anyone or anything. His lips are always busy in uttering the words of His gratefulness.


↓ 12- Sabr in Islam Images


↓ 11- Have Patience When Angry

Patience during heated moments or arguments saves us from many regrets. If we lose control, we would also lose control over our tongue and emotions and this only aggravates the situation.


↓ 10- Patience and Piety

Piety is the most important characteristic of a true Muslim. A pious person will remain firm on the true nature of being a Muslim. He spends his nights in the Dhikr of Allah SWT and his days will go staying strong on the path of truthfulness.

He would restrain himself from what is prohibited in the religion even if it is desired by him. Allah Himself says in the Quran that if someone remains patient and pious, Allah will protect him from every sort of harm.

Sabr in Islam

↓ 9- Seek Help through Patience

Allah in the Quran says that during any hard times we should only seek help from Allah SWT and be patient and we should never leave our prayers as His help will come through these means.

Sabr in Islam (5)


↓ 8- Sabr in Quran

Patience leads to paradise, this is mentioned in the Quran. A Muslim who remains patient will revive paradise as a reward for his patience.

↓ 7- Have Sabr and Forgive

In this Dunya, people hurt each other. People are wronged by others and it becomes difficult to forgive them. But In the Holy Quran which has been given to us as guidance, Allah says that if we remain patient and forgive who wrong us, we will be rewarded and it is recommended by Allah SWT Himself. Here are 12 Powerful Duas to Ask Allah for Forgiveness of Sins.

↓ 6- Allah is the Greatest Writer.

The fragments of our lives are perfectly sewed together by the Al-Mighty. The events and people are attached to the thread of this mortal life meticulously.

Only He knows what goodness lies for us behind His wisdom. Patience should be shown from our side Allah’s decisions and plans which in return opens the doors of Jannah for the patient ones.


↓ 5- Patience is Difficult

To achieve patience is difficult as it requires conscious effort and strong Iman. But to become impatient, complaining, waste the rewards of Sabr.

Sabr in Islam (11)


↓ 4- Patience of Maryam AS

The life of Maryam AS is the epitome of patience, perseverance, and truthfulness. She devoted her life to the worship of Allah SWT. Allah gave her the miracle in the name of Isa AS who was born without any father.

People slandered her and disrespected her but she never doubted Allah’s decree. She was all alone, bearing the pain of childbirth with patience. When she brought her son back, people called her names but she remained firm on the rock of patience.


↓ 3- Beautiful Patience

In Surah Yusuf, the beautiful patience of Yaqub AS has been discussed by Allah SWT. Prophet Yusuf was the light of his eyes and when the elder brother conspired against his most beloved Yusuf, his heart had been shattered with pain.

But he never complained to Allah SWT for losing his son. Instead, he kept asking Allah for Sabrun Jameel (beautiful Patience) which was granted to him. His patience brought him back to his beautiful son Yusuf AS after a few years.

Sabr in Islam

↓ 2- Don’t Lose Emotions

As brother Noman Ali Khan says, Sabr is not about being angry inside and not saying anything. It is about remaining calm even if it hurts you, be polite, and talk without losing any control over your emotions.


↓ 1-Lesson from Surah Yusuf

Surah Yusuf teaches us great lessons. One of them is that if one completely loses everything even family, he should never complain and should always trust Allah and have firm faith that He will never leave him. He will never let him fall. As Hazrat Yusuf was abandoned by his brothers but later after many hardships, Allah SWT raised his status. All of this happened because he never lost patience.

Sabr in Islam (1)



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