What is Tawakkul & 9 Easy Ways to Increase Tawakkul in Allah

How to increase tawakkul in Allah: Lately, we seem to be faced with an array of problems – from the global pandemic to economic uncertainties. Add to these personal challenges like unemployment, loss of a loved one, or declining health. Regardless of whether you’re facing a global crisis or a major personal tragedy, having trust in Allah (SWT) can help you overcome any adversity.

This dependence or reliance in Him serves as a reminder that Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful, is the best of Planners. Tawakkul is the light of our hearts; it is the belief that nothing can happen without His permission and that whatever He decides is the best for us. It is the belief that He is the Provider of mercy and blessings, and He is the One that wards off all evil. In Surah Al-Muzzamil of The Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) says, 

 “The Lord of the East and the West; there is no god but Him. So, assign to Him alone the power to determine your fate.”

Examples of Tawakkul

  • Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) Story

One of the most important stories that come to mind is of Prophet Ibrahim (AS). His life was full of trials and tribulations, yet he was unshakeable due to his sincere faith in the Almighty. When the King of Babylon, Nimrod, ordered Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to be burned alive, they dug a huge pit. The fire was the biggest that anyone had ever seen. The Prophet was chained and shackled to be thrown into the flames. Just then, Angel Jibrail (AS) visited him and asked for his wish. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) asked for Allah (SWT) to be pleased with him. Allah, The Most Beneficent and Merciful, ordered the fire to be cool and harmless for Prophet Ibrahim (AS), and he walked away from the flames without a bead of sweat.

Another trial that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) faced was when Almighty Allah instructed him to sacrifice his son Ismail. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) communicated this dream to Ismail, who agreed to Allah’s Will. Ismail (AS) bowed down on the ground with his forehead touching the ground, with Prophet Ibrahim (AS) blindfolded and holding a sharp knife on his neck. When he took the blindfold off, he saw a dead ram, with Ismail (AS) standing next to him, unharmed, by the Power of Allah. And like that, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and Ismail (AS) passed Allah’s test by trusting and obeying Him.

  • Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) Story

Another great demonstration of Tawakkul ala Allah is the Battle of Badr, when the leader of the Quraish tribe, Abu Jahl, insisted on waging war against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The soldiers camped at the site of Badr while the news spread to the Muslims in Medina. Despite being short-numbered, the Muslims marched towards Badr and fought their first battle in the 2nd year A.H. Although ill-equipped and less than half of the Meccan soldiers, Muslims were able to defeat their opponents. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked for Allah’s (SWT) assistance, and Allah said, “Remember, when you cried out to your Lord for help, He answered, “I will reinforce you with a thousand angels—followed by many others. And Allah made this a sign of victory and reassurance to your hearts. Victory comes only from Allah. Surely Allah is Almighty, All-Wise.”

What are some Prayers to Increase Tawakkul in Allah?

Multiple verses and ahadith talk about the significance of Tawakkul in Islam. The concept refers to reliance on God and the belief that we would not overcome challenges without His guidance and help. In the examples above, we can see the essence of Tawakkul and Allah’s marvelous blessings. Another example that signifies the importance of having trust in Allah is Prophet Musa’s story (AS). When Allah (SWT) revealed to him that it was time for him and his people to migrate, Firaun and his army followed them to the shores of the sea. Behind them was Firaun’s army and, in front of them, an open sea. Since Prophet Musa (AS) has complete faith in Allah, The Exalted, he said,

“My Lord is with me; He will certainly guide me.”

Allah (SWT) guided Prophet Musa (AS) to strike the sea. The water parted, revealing the sea bed for them to cross. When Firaun’s army attempted to follow them, the sea returned to normal, and they drowned. Prophet Musa’s steadfast faith is what we know as Tawakkul. Today, as we attempt to navigate the various challenges and difficulties of life, it helps us to know Allah is with us, guiding us at each step. No matter what you are facing, it is necessary to keep praying to Him to increase our trust and reliance in Him by utilizing the power of Dua. As you’ll see in this article, being thankful has a huge part in Tawakkul which is why I recommend that you go through these Beautiful Thanking Allah Quotes.

What is Tawakkul & 9 Easy Ways to Increase Tawakkul in Allah

Tawakkul Hadith

Umar ibn al-Khattab reported that Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “If you were to rely upon Allah with reliance due to him, he would provide for you just as he provides for the birds. They go out in the morning with empty stomachs and return full.” (Sunan al-Tirmidhi, 2344)

Another significant hadith, one that differentiates between Tawakkul and Tawaakul, is when a Bedouin man left his camel untied. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) asked, “Why don’t you tie down your camel?” The man replied, “I put my trust in Allah.” Prophet Muhammad (SAW) then said, “Tie your camel first, and then put your trust in Allah.”

What is Tawakkul & 9 Easy Ways to Increase Tawakkul in Allah

Tawakkul From Surah Baqarah

Having Tawakkul in Allah is just as important as having Tawakkul in Dua. When faced with a calamity, one must remain patient and use supplication to seek Allah’s help. Moreover, we should not see it as giving up control or efforts, but rather, work towards our target with the attitude that our Lord will handle our affairs with the utmost care and in the best manner possible.

What is Tawakkul & 9 Easy Ways to Increase Tawakkul in Allah

Quranic verses on trust in Allah

Allah, Al-Wakeel, takes care of all our matters in the most suitable ways. In Surah Al-Furqan, Allah says, “Put your trust in the Ever-Living who cannot die and proclaim His purity along with His praise. Enough is He to be aware of the sins of His servants.”

Submission to Allah is an act of obedience, which frees one from all doubts. Therefore, attaining eternal happiness is only possible when one places his trust in Allah’s Decree and submits it. It is only with a heart of faith that one can turn to the Lord.

What is Tawakkul & 9 Easy Ways to Increase Tawakkul in Allah

Tawakkul quotes

Prophet Yaqub (AS) dictated all humanly possible precautionary measures and relied on Allah (SWT) that He would avert any evil and would protect his sons from the unknown. In the end, our Lord overtook Prophet Yaqub’s (AS) precautions with His Divine Decree.

What is Tawakkul & 9 Easy Ways to Increase Tawakkul in Allah

Dua For Trust in Allah

To develop trust in Allah (SWT), one must instill the belief that God is Sufficient for us and that He alone is worthy of worship. He is the ultimate source of every blessing and bounty, and that no harm can reach us without Allah’s permission. A believer who places faith in God is saved from unnecessary anxiety and worry as God supports him and comes to his aid.

What is Tawakkul & 9 Easy Ways to Increase Tawakkul in Allah

Short Dua to increase Tawakkul

From the Ayah below, it is evident that Tawakkul is the path to His love and those that hold on to Him in difficult times are His beloved.

What is Tawakkul & 9 Easy Ways to Increase Tawakkul in Allah

Dua For reliance

How can we recite Ayahs from the Holy Quran without meaning them sincerely? For this reason, our faith must be accompanied by actions that demonstrate the Tawakkul of the believer. Allah (SWT), with His Hikmah, knows what is best for His servants. Therefore, when we consult Allah, The Exalted, in our affair, we must remember that He will only provide us with what is best for us.

“Tell them: “nothing can befall us except what God decrees. Our protector is He, and in God should the faithful place their trust.”

The prayer mentioned below is a powerful dua to recite when entrusting your affairs to Him.

What is Tawakkul & 9 Easy Ways to Increase Tawakkul in Allah

Prophet Sulaiman’s Story of Tawakal

One important lesson to remember from Prophet Sulaiman’s (AS) story is gratitude. We must not fall into the trap of arrogance, believing that we can only achieve our goals through personal effort. We cannot overcome hardships without relying on Allah (SWT) wholeheartedly. Moreover, one must not feel confused about their blessings and provisions and feel calm with whatever He plans, as He is the Best of Planners. Therefore, when making supplication for Tawakkul, one must not forget to pay gratitude to Allah (SWT).

What is Tawakkul & 9 Easy Ways to Increase Tawakkul in Allah

Trusting Allah in difficult times

The Holy Book mentions various stories talking about tests and tribulations, like the floods faced by Prophet Nuh’s (AS) people (AS) and Prophet Yunus (AS) surviving in the belly of a whale. Hearing the stories, many of us believe that such events cannot occur to us. However, Allah (SWT) said,

“Do people think that they will be let go merely by saying, “We believe,” and that they will not be tested?”

Our Lord tests us in unexpected ways, but the one thing we must do in such times is, maintain an unwavering reliance on Allah (SWT) and remember that He will guide us through. Although maintaining trust in testing times can be challenging, we must hold on to Allah’s promise that whoever places trust in Him, He will make a way out for him.

So how does one put their complete trust in Allah (SWT)? Ayah 286 of Surah Baqarah provides us with a comprehensive guide on how to pray for Tawakkul.

What is Tawakkul & 9 Easy Ways to Increase Tawakkul in Allah

Tawakkul dua Arabic

Al-Fatiha (The Opening) is the Holy Book’s first chapter. The fifth Ayah of this Surah emphasizes the firm belief in Allah’s Knowledge and His help that people seek. It affirms our faith in Him as the Sole Author of Causes and the One worthy of worship. He is the One to be relied on.

It is the first level of Tawakkul, which is Tawhid – the belief in Oneness of Allah (SWT). Surah Al-Fatiha is a major part of our daily prayers. To increase our reliance on Him, we must internalize the words by reciting them with sincerity and commit to relying exclusively on Him.

What is Tawakkul & 9 Easy Ways to Increase Tawakkul in Allah

How to Increase Tawakkul in Allah?

  1. When faced with a calamity, it is best to confide in Allah (SWT) and seek help from Him alone. In Surah Baqarah, Our Lord says, “So remember Me; I will remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me.” Make dua with utmost certainty that He will answer you. 
  2. Affirm Tawhid in your heart and recognize Allah’s (SWT) Attributes. 
  3. Perform your daily obligations to enhance your faith and Tawakkul. 
  4. Remember, even when all the doors were closed, Yusuf (AS) ran towards them because he had faith that Allah (SWT) would open them. Even if all the doors seem to be closed and you’re in a rut, keep running!
  5. Daily Zikr and recitation of the Quran greatly increase Taqwa and reliance on Allah. 
  6. To gain nearness to Allah, one must be at peace with His decisions. A great way is to practice gratitude daily: Ridaa Bil Qadha.
  7. When faced with guilt, repent with absolute sincerity, with the belief that you will be forgiven.
  8. When entrusting Allah (SWT) with your matters, you should remember that Tawakal requires faith and a certain level of effort on your part. Strive towards your goal with the attitude that He will help you through!
  9. Shaitan’s evil whisperings may try to distract you from believing in Allah’s Decree; however, you must make conscious efforts to dispel such thoughts and doubts.

Benefits of Having Tawakkal

  • Having a strong belief in Allah can relieve us from doubts, anxiety, and worry of any impending difficulty.
  • It helps you take on challenges with ease and enables you to get through trials and tribulations with absolute peace of mind.
  • Having Tawakkul in Dua is crucial as it is a power that can change our fate. It is a tool that Muslims must use to seek Allah’s guidance and help in times of grief.
  • It helps you view the “bigger picture,” that even if Allah (SWT) closes one door, He opens several others.
  • Most importantly, this reliance and firm belief can help bring one closer to Allah (SWT).

So entrust your affairs to Him with the belief that He will look after them in the best way possible!


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