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THANKING ALLAH QUOTES- Thanking Allah for his blessings quotes. What is shukar (thankfulness)? Thankfulness or Shukr In Islam holds a great value and highest virtue. As Muslims, we should always be grateful to our only God, Allah SWT for his blessings. For those who are looking for Alhamdulillah for what I have messages and thanking God messages, we have plenty of them for you.

When we breathe it’s a blessing. Our families, houses, work, wealth, health everything has been given to us by the Almighty Allah

Beautiful Subhanallah quotes

Shukr In Islam has been categorized into three types.

Shukr bil Qalb (heart): This means to be grateful from the core of our hearts and have Iman In our hearts.

Shukr bil’ lisan (tongue): This means to be grateful by praising the attributes of Allah SWT from our tongues.

Shukar bil jawarih ( limbs): This means to be grateful to Allah SWT through our physical faculties.

islamic quotes about thanking allah


Islamic Quotes on thanking Allah (31)

↓  25- Thanking Allah for Everything

Allah loves His creations. He blesses us with everything even though we are ungrateful beings. As Muslims, we should be thankful to him for each and everything. From walking on the ground to exhaling each breath. From good to bad. From what has gone to what we have.  For every experience for every breath. He’s the one who’s the provider of everything and we should say ‘Allahamdulillah’ for whatever he does for us. Here are 50 Best Allah Quotes and Sayings with Images.

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↓ 24- Dhikr to Thank Allah

We should always make dhikr of Allah SWT to prove how much grateful we are to Him for everything that He has given to us.

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↓ 23- Thanking Allah for His Blessings

Allah provides blessings to everyone. Sometimes we don’t recognize them as they can be in disguise. When we have food to eat, water to drink, a bed to sleep, house to rest, family to love, all of it has been granted by Allah SWT alone. We are surrounded by numerous blessings but we don’t realize it. Our tongues should always be engaged in thanking Allah SWT for his countless blessings.

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 ↓ 22 Dua to Thank Allah

Islamic Quotes on thanking Allah (28)


↓ 21- Thanking Allah for Success

Success is a major part of a person’s life. Everybody strives for it but only a few get to the point. Allah grant succes to those who have faith in Him. Who believe that He’s the only one who grants them success, wealth and well being. He thanks His Allah for making him successful on every walk of life. Have a look at these 50 Islamic Quotes about Success with Images.

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↓ 20- Being Grateful Increases Blessings

Allah has blessed us with countless favours and bounties. As His creations, we should be thankful to him at every step. If we remain ungrateful, we would lose our blessing and Allah will not be happy with us. Allah has promised us on Quran, that He will grant us more if we’re grateful to him for everything.

‘If you’re grateful to me, I’ll increase you in favours’ 


↓ 19- How to Thank Allah for Answering Your Dua

Allah SWT listens to all our prayers either silent or loud. When we desperately call upon him He answers her and accepts our supplications. He’s the most merciful and regardless of our ungrateful attitude, He grants us our wishes and accepts our duas. We should be thankful to Him only for accepting our duas by reciting Allahamdulillah and the following dua.

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 ↓ 18- Thanking Allah Quotes

Islamic Quotes on thanking Allah (18)


↓ 17- Surah Fatiha Thanking Allah

Surah Fatiha is the first surah of Quran and it opens with the word ‘Allahamdulillah’ which means ‘All praise due to Allah.’ The reciter of this surah praises Allah firstly which shows the importance of  thankfulness and Shukr In Islam. Allah loves those who are grateful to him.

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↓ 16- Shukr In Quran

In Quran, Shukr/ being grateful to Allah SWT has been mentioned a few times. Allah has asked us to be grateful to Him at every step and He will shower His blessings more and more. Allah loves those who remain grateful and whose tongues are moist with the remembrance of Allah.

Islamic Quotes on thanking Allah (23)


↓ 15- Thanking Allah for Life

The life that we all are living has been granted to us as a gift from Allah SWT. Many people lose their lives to some tragic incidents. We should always be thankful to Allah for every breath we take, for every step we take, for every minute we spend. This life is a blessing from Allah and we are bound to live it in a peaceful way.

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↓ 14- Hadith About Thanking Allah

Prophet Muhammad PBUH has also considered Shukr the highest virtue. He defines Shukr as a way to please Allah SWT.

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↓ 13- Thanking Allah from Our Tongues

Shukr bil lisan or thanking from our tongues is a type of shukar which means thanking Allah from our tongues. Our tongue should be moist with the dhikr of Allah SWT and we should keep reciting duas and keep mentioning His greatness and how grateful we are for his blessings.

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↓ 12- Thanking Allah is a Blessing

Blessed are those who are able to recognize their blessings granted by Allah SWT and be grateful for them. This is also a blessing and a gift from Allah to be able to realize that how blessed we are.

Islamic Quotes on thanking Allah (26)


↓ 11- Thanking Allah and Iman

Iman and shukr are connected to each other. One who has faith in Allah and Iman in his heart, his heart will be grateful to him. He will never be ungrateful and endure hardships with patience. Here are 30 Best Islamic Quotes On Wealth.

Islamic Quotes on thanking Allah (13)

↓ 10- Thanking Allah for Being a Muslim

Islam is the religion of love. Muslims are loved by Allah SWT. Allah has blessed Muslims in every way but the biggest blessing is that he made us a Muslim. He guided us to the right path and chose us to be the people of Islam and Ummah of Prophet Muhammed PBUH. Islamic Quotes on thanking Allah (24)


↓ 9- Shukr for Countless Favors

Allah in the Quran has mentioned that He has bestowed numerous favors upon us and if we are to count them, we won’t be able to do it. Allah in the Quran says

Islamic Quotes on thanking Allah (22)


↓ 8- Thanking Allah for Sustenance

Allah is the provider of everything including rizk or sustenance. If we eat all three meals, have water to drink, work to support our family, we should consider ourselves blessed and should be thankful to Him for providing us.

Islamic Quotes on thanking Allah (9)

↓ 7- Shukr of Eyes and Ears

It is important for us to be grateful with our hearts, tongues as well as with our eyes and ears. Shukr of eyes means to see things with our eyes and praise them and if we see something which isn’t good, we should not mention it. Shukr of ears to hear something good and memorise it, whereas upon hearing something bad, we should forget it. Islamic Quotes on thanking Allah (4)

↓ 6- Thanking Allah with Physical Faculties

Thanking Allah with our physical faculties means to thank Allah with our body parts ie to stop them from going towards sin and do acts that Allah likes.

Islamic Quotes on thanking Allah (6)

↓ 5- Being Thankful During Hard Times

Muslims face good times as well as hard times. But the key is to be patient and thankful during every difficulty. Hardships are a test from Allah SWT and are given to those who are loved by Allah. One should be patient and does Shukr for what he has so that Allah will give him more.

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↓ 4- Sujood as’shukr

When we get any good news, it is mentioned in Hadith that we should immediately thank Allah in sujood and be grateful to him.

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↓ 3- Shukr according to scholars

Many scholars In Islam has also talked about shukr considering it an important part of faith and Iman.

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↓ 2- Thankful to Allah to Attain Tauheed

It is said that when one is thankful to Allah SWT, praise Him and be grateful to Him with his heart for each and every blessing, He will attain the highest of Iman and tauheed.

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↓ 1- Allah’s Favourite Attributes

Shukr and thankfulness are the attributes that are loved by Allah SWT. He has mentioned countless times in Quran to be grateful and not come near ungratefulness. One who’s shakir and sabir (patient and grateful) Allah will reward him for these attributes.

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