10 Tips to Prepare for Ramadan 2024

Ramadan is just around the corner. Muslims all around the globe try their best to make the best of this spiritual month. However, due to the fast-paced life – people often fail to comprehend the blessings of this month. It is because things cannot be turned around on their own when Ramadan arrives. This is why it is important to take small steps that will gradually boost such habits on Ramadan’s arrival. It is best to start early!

Here are 10 tips to prepare for Ramadan and make the best out of it!

10 Tips to Prepare for Ramadan 2024

1. Shift your Mindset

Ramadan is like a booster month to take on good habits in life. This is why a change of mindset is important to manifest these habits. One should consciously cut out habits that are toxic and forbidden by Allah. Although you can start any time but the ambiance during the month of Ramadan can act as a catalyst to adapt quickly.
A week before Ramadan – plan a schedule for yourself, incorporating habits that you would want to adopt and retain during the month of Ramadan.

2. Seek Forgiveness

It is quoted by the scholars that heaven is made for sinners who repent rather than people who do not sin. Therefore, the habit of reciting “Astaghfar” should be incorporated into one’s daily life. Ramadan is a month of blessings and forgiveness where Allah cages Satan.
It is a great time to repent and seek forgiveness from Allah. Starting before the start of Ramadan will give you a head start, so when Ramadan starts, you are already used to reciting Astaghfar daily.

10 Tips to Prepare for Ramadan 2024  

3. Make Your Charity Plan

Ramadan is filled with a variety of delicious dishes that people prepare for both – Suhoor and Aftaar. However, it is not true for everyone due to financial constraints. This is why it is important to take care of people around you during Ramadan.
Sit down and make a charity plan for people in need. It is better to start from your neighborhood. Make sure that people enter Ramadan with everything they need so they can enjoy the bounties of Suhoor and Aftaar like the privileged ones.

4. Learn to Balance Work and Deen

Yes, we have all been in a situation where it’s either deen or the world. But it does not have to be like that. Balance is important and appreciated by Allah. Before Ramadan starts, chalk out a timetable that will cover your ibadah and work together.

A Tip: Notice the hours you feel the most energetic in and try to be productive in those hours to maximize efficiency.

10 Tips to Prepare for Ramadan 2024

5. Be Regular with your Prayers

Fasting and NOT praying is like an oxymoron. It does not sit right. Everyone struggles with completing all five prayers all year round. But, Ramadan is not the month that you would want to struggle with completing your five Prayers.
So, before Ramadan begins – take a conscious decision to be regular with your prayers. Start slow – one, two, three, four, and five. Every day add one prayer to your list and then try to maintain it.

10 Tips to Prepare for Ramadan 2024

On top of this, create a corner dedicated to Salah in your house and encourage your family (especially the kids) to pray with the rest of the family. This will motivate everyone to pray and you will have a positive habit to share with the rest of the family.

6. Get Done with Shopping

Yes, you heard that right! Everyone has a huge list of groceries to shop for Ramadan. Do not wait until Ramadan starts. You have limited time to make the best out of the month. It is ideal that these tasks are taken care of before the first of Ramadan. So, your focus can be on Ramadan rather than being outside grocery stores.

Tip: Ensure that you take care of the needy ones. A lot of people struggle during Ramadan and the pandemic has only made it worse. When you get your grocery, buy something for the ones who need it most.

10 Tips to Prepare for Ramadan 2024

7. Set A Routine to Read the Quran

Reading the Quran has a lot of benefits, but during Ramadan, these benefits increase by ten folds. This Ramadan, make sure you read a few pages after every prayer.
On top of this, focus on the meaning of the verses. Try to read the translation and reflect on their meaning. You can also make a journal of your notes and reflect on your thoughts.
Starting before Ramadan will give you a head start and when it arrives. You will already be inflow. Here are 10 Tips To Complete Recitation Of The Quran in Ramadan.

10 Tips to Prepare for Ramadan 2024

8. Make A Menu or Meal Plan

Ramadan encompasses a lot of cooking and it can be overwhelming at times. Therefore, carving out a menu before Ramadan starts is important. Make different columns for Suhoor and Aftaar. Try to create a balanced diet that will ensure good health because getting sick during Ramadan will mean that you might miss some fasts. Here’s a beautiful meal planner by mirchitales that will help it easier for you to decide what to cook for sehri and iftar. You can also make some meals or snacks before Ramadan and freeze them so most of your time is spent in ibadat instead of the kitchen. I particularly enjoyed these make-ahead foods for Ramadan by Afelia’s kitchen as she has given a very diverse list with recipes.

10 Tips to Prepare for Ramadan 2024
10 Tips to Prepare for Ramadan 2024

9. Focus on The Bigger Picture

Ramadan is linked to fasting. But often people take it in literal aspects and do not understand the bigger picture. Sure, one needs to abstain from food and water. However, fasting applies to other parts too. For example, making sure you do not backbite or listen to people backbiting. Staying away from watching things that are haram (might invalidate your fast) etc.
One should fast from each limb of his body rather than just the mouth. Before, Ramadan starts. It’s vital that you understand the bigger picture of fasting so it’s easy to adapt to it during fasting.

10. Make lots of Dua

Keep in mind the force of Dua. At the point when you lift your hands to Allah, you are having a balanced individual and passionate discussion with your Lord. Make sure you make sincere Dua for yourself (and others) before the arrival of Ramadan.
Request that Allah enables you to improve (with your Ibadaah and Akhlaq) and permits you to utilize Ramadan in the most ideal manner conceivable, so you become closer to Him. Here’s our complete collection of Daily Ramadan Duas.

10 Tips to Prepare for Ramadan 2024

11. Start Fasting a Few Days Before Ramadan

If you want to prepare yourself for Ramadan beforehand then fasting a few days before is a good idea, especially if you missed some fasts last year. Women often tend to miss some rozas due to menstruation and they can make up for it anytime before the next Ramadan starts. So it would be a good idea to do this before Ramadan to get in the habit of fasting. Even if you haven’t missed any fasts, you can still start fasting beforehand or follow these Sunnah Fasts.

12. Start Working on Your Character & Habits

Ramadan is not just about fasting but also about improving your character. If there’s something you feel you want to work on then start focusing on it beforehand. For instance, make it a goal to not lie or not backbite and you’ll see how this will soon become a habit for you. Similarly, if you feel like you spend a lot of time listening to music or watching Netflix then start cutting down on it before Ramadan and engaging in other activities instead such as listening to Islamic lectures or you could go for one of these Halal Activities & Fun Islamic Hobbies for Adult Muslims.

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