10 Tips To Complete Recitation Of The Quran in Ramadan 2021

The Quran and Ramadan: Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic schedule is additionally the month during which Muslims around the globe fast from dawn to dusk. They abstain from eating, smoking, drinking, and forgo any pleasurable exercises.

Ramadan is the month that intends to clean the spirit and bring us closer to Allah (SWT). There are volumes upon volumes worth of data accessible on Ramadan.  For Ramadan, it is said that it adores the Quran. Our Holy book was revealed to the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) during Ramadan. For the span of this current month, Muslims overall respect Ramadan’s cherished and seek to finish the recitation of the Quran. Finishing the Quran during Ramadan can bless us bountifully. We as Muslims should not limit the recitation for the Taraweeh only but rather try and understand and practice it during our entire day. In this post, we will discuss how you can complete the Quran during this revered month.

How to Finish Reciting Quran In Ramadan?

It is ideal if each Muslim makes up his/her mind to begin and finish the whole Quran inside this month, as we are about to approach this most blessed month. Reciting and completion will bring Allah’s blessings to us, as discussed in our article on Ahadith To Instill The Love Of Quran.

how to complete quran in ramadan

What Is The Reward For Completing The Quran In Ramadan?

For every letter of the Quran that you recite, you get 70 times the reward. The month of Ramzan is when the Quran was revealed so it is a special month for Allah, His prophet and every Muslim which is why Muslims try to complete the recitation of Quran as many times as possible this month for maximum reward.

Can You Finish Quran Fast?

Everyone has their own pace of recitation. Most individuals can complete one para or juz in 1 to 2 hours at most. My personal suggestion to you is to not go after fast reading as we’re not in any sort of competition. When you’re reciting for the sake of Allah and His pleasure, do it at your own pace and it’s okay if you can’t finish the whole Quran in the month, as long as you try your best. When you try to read the Quran at a faster pace than possible for you, you may end up pronouncing words in a wrong way which can be sinful rather than rewarding.

how to complete quran in ramzan

↓ 10 – Start With Niyat

Our Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) guided us and showed us through his actions and words the importance of setting up a goal, making niyat, and working towards it. Having this guidance should be sufficient for us. Always make up your mind by having the purest of intention and making sure that is followed through. When your aim has been built up, make sure to restore it regularly. Recite and discuss the Quran, review your aim, and restore it, consequently guaranteeing that it is continually worked on; that you are looking for His Heavenly Acknowledgment. Make niyat or supplication and start with the right ‘Expectation’. Reciting Quran will bring us closer to Allah and we will find the meaning of comfort in it.

↓ 9– Don’t Be Intimidated

For a few, as much as they try to finish the recitation of the Quran during Ramadan, they are overpowered by the number of pages or the length of some Surahs. Remove this concept of not being able to do it from your minds. Negative thinking will not take you towards the completion of your goal. Place your trust in Allah and keep making an effort. Believe that you are completely equipped for accomplishing your Quranic desires, regardless of whether it be finishing Quran 1 or multiple times. You should look towards the rewards of recitation during Ramadan. Do have a look at these 10 Most Beautiful Life Lessons from the Quran.


↓ 8 – Set Objectives

Be explicit in the targets that are being set by you for they will serve as the cornerstone in completing the most sacred book. Say this mantra to yourself “I will recite and complete the Quran once during the month”. Know your stamina. Reachable goals are a must. You plan on reciting two Paras in one day but all you can do is one, in this event set up a standard limit for yourself. Our religion, our Prophet (P.B.U.H) have always been against exaggeration; be it with the setting up of goals.  Keep in mind your environment, your approach, and your understanding of the Holy book.


↓ 7 – Read At Regular Timings

Islam has taught us well about punctuality through our five prayers. Be particular about the timings this Ramadan and complete your targets by being punctual. Instead of reading the Quran at any random time, try to set a particular hour or two every day for it. In this way, you’ll be in a natural cycle and it will become a routine. But it’s not possible for everyone to recite at a fixed time every day as many of us have busy routines because of office work, kids or household chores. In such scenarios, you can be more punctual by reading a few chapters of the Quran after every namaz. And if you’re struggling with praying regularly, do see our post on How To Perform Salah (Prayer) Step by Step Guide.


↓ 6 – Make A Plan

Before beginning with your recitation it is imperative to design it around your daily schedule and set a time for your Quran, for example, your work hours, rest hours, and any different duties which you may have.

Structure a sensible arrangement of how to finish the recitation of the Quran inside the month by isolating each Juz’ (part) every day. A normal Quran has approximately 600 pages. In the event that you divide 600 with 30 days, at that point that is 20 pages for each day. What’s more, divide 20 with (5 Times of prayers), which gets 4 pages after each prayer. So it’s very natural and easy for you to complete it.

how to complete quran

You can also make a Quran recitation chart for yourself like the one shown below:

completing quran in ramadan


↓ 5 – Comprehend the Quran

The Quran was revealed by our Creator so that it can serve as a guidance for all humanity and not just Muslims. Recitation of the Holy book is highly acknowledged by Allah Taala but what more significant is that one tries to comprehend the meaning especially for non-Arabic.  Try and understand the interpretation of the Juz’ you will discuss day by day. Having fundamental information on the topic, theme, message, and meaning of what you are discussing makes the recitation of the Quran an extraordinarily inspiring experience and will help us in living our life according to the rules established by Allah Almighty.


↓ 4–Instruct Yourself On The Significance Of The Quran

Presently, it is the ideal time to stock up all the data one gets after reciting the Quran. Make notes and stick them on your mirror or someplace noticeable for a steady update. It is Allah’s promise that whatever deed is performed by a Muslim in the month of Ramadan will be rewarded and the reward is multiplied by 10-700 times. So this Ramadan make time. Watch recordings online on the Tafseer of the Quran. The additional time you devote towards Quran the less time you will have for different things that distant you from Allah.


↓ 3 – Make Quran Buddies

Connect with a Quran buddy – it can be your parent, friend, sibling, or partner, anyone who will remind you to reach your objectives. Be in constant touch with that particular person; for they will help you understand the Quran, remind you about the Holy month of Ramadan, its rewards, and the significance of recitation during this month.  Grow close bonds with siblings/sisters who are known for their connection to the Quran. This particular companionship brings back the faith and closeness to our creator and the religion.


↓ 2 –The Quran and Women

Women in Islam have been exalted to a position like never before. We have been given the most important of tasks that is of rearing children. Many women will go through their periods during this month for a time of one-week minimum which may take you away from the spiritual journey. Then there may also be women who going through postnatal bleeding or are feeding an infant. These are breaks given to women. Don’t worry about losing your bounties. These female matters are given to us by Allah Taa’ala so don’t think that you will not be able to earn the same rewards as men or more.  You can listen to the videos/audios available, recite online.

And in case of your monthly cycles, plan ahead by either starting the recitation a few days before Ramadan or doubling up your recitation on certain days to make up for the missed days.




↓ 1 – Eliminate Interference

We may be able to attain the goal of securing Paradise this Ramadan. So put your cell on silent. Sit in a room where you will not be distracted by kids or any other person. Distance yourself from social media so you can give attention to the recitation. This is not just a recommendation but rather an important part of fulfilling your wish. These distractions keep one hooked to the idea that these worldly matters are more important than the task at hand, so fix a prayer room or prayer corner especially for this purpose before Ramadan.


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