13 Halal Activities & Fun Islamic Hobbies for Adult Muslims

Halal Activities and Hobbies for The Family: The household is the most basic and significant structure in Islam: “And Worship God and join none with Him in worship, and do good to parents, kinsfolk.” (4:36). In this verse, Allah has stated the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with members of your family and showing them kindness right after He mentions His own name.

Throughout the Quran, Allah has reiterated the need to practice this value, highlighting the gravity of the topic.

What Are Some Fun Islamic Activities?

In order to nourish the beautiful bond Allah has created us with, it is crucial we make an effort to strengthen it. Taking into account the busy schedules each of us has, we must make time for our family. Listed below are ideas for some halal activities and hobbies a practicing family can engage in.

13 Halal Activities & Fun Islamic Hobbies for Adult Muslims

↓ 13 – Work Out

Islam lays great stress on living a healthy life and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) would also advise his companions to stay fit. Most of us have women-only and men-only gyms in our communities. So it’s highly recommended that you go and work out. You only need to make sure that you wear modest clothes and that you’re not missing any prayers during your workout sessions.

13 Halal Activities & Fun Islamic Hobbies for Adult Muslims

↓ 12 – Play Board Games

According to Muslim scholars, you can play games as long as they don’t interrupt your obligatory prayers and don’t involve gambling. Most scholars also advice against playing board games that involve the use of dice, based on the following ahadith:

Narrated by Muslim (2260), Abu Dawood (4939), Ibn Maajah (3763) and Ahmad, from Buraydah (may Allah be pleased with him), that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever plays with dice, it is as if he were dipping his hand in the flesh and blood of a pig.”

Narrated by Abu Dawood (4938), Ibn Maajah (3762), Ahmad (19027), and al-Bayhaqi (21478) from Abu Moosa al-Ash‘ari that the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever plays with dice has disobeyed Allah and His Messenger.”

There are nonetheless many other fun games that you can play, such as scrabble or Jenga.

13 Halal Activities & Fun Islamic Hobbies for Adult Muslims

↓ 11 – Have an Islamic Trivia Competition

You can arrange an Islamic trivia competition which is a good way to pass the time while improving on your Islamic knowledge. You can make it more fun by adding some surprise gifts for the winners.

↓ 10 – Disconnect the World to Connect with Home

Every fortnight, make sure to switch off your mobile, disconnect from your commitments, and tune in to family time. In this day and age, it is getting increasingly hard to have a proper conversation without at least one person scrolling through the phone rather than making eye contact. Open communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Sitting together, talking, and sharing your views on absolutely anything and everything brings you together. Make family time a hobby.

13 Halal Activities & Fun Islamic Hobbies for Adult Muslims


↓ 9 – Prepare a Meal Together

Food without a doubt brings people together, while cooking is largely therapeutic. Combine the two with some family time and you’ve got yourself a hearty recipe. Preparing a meal together from start to finish builds companionship and trust and amalgamates it with fun. Not only does this reduce the pressure of household chores from mothers but also helps develop a key skill.

13 Halal Activities & Fun Islamic Hobbies for Adult Muslims

↓ 8 – Discover Nature Together

Spend some time together as a family in Allah’s nature. Go for picnics, game days, hikes, and anything that involves the fresh air. The open-air refreshes you while the games and activities bring you closer to your family. There are many outdoor activities that you can participate in and they are also encouraged in Islam because unlike board games, with these activities you’re improving your health and skills. Some of these activities are:

  • Racing
  • Riding bikes
  • Swimming
  • Archery
  • Horseriding
  • Exercise
  • Arrange a Picnic

Traveling is also a great hobby for Muslims and if you’re thinking of where to travel next, you’ll find the best tips from our post on Top Muslim Countries You Should Visit.

13 Halal Activities & Fun Islamic Hobbies for Adult Muslims

↓ 7 – Create Family Artwork

Art is a beautiful form of expression. On the weekends, get together, bring a canvas, collect all your supplies, and get creative. Spread a huge sheet on the ground in an open area in your house, sit down and get to drawing. This will provide a talking point for your family while deciding on what to create. The process of creation requires trust for each individual has a specific and unique quality that they bring to the artwork. Once made, the satisfaction of finishing a task together is unmatched. Display this beautiful artwork in your house. It serves as a memory of the good times spent together as a family. If you’re unsure about the acceptable Islamic art forms, here’s our detailed post on Islamic Views on Art & Drawing in the Light of Islamic Quotes.

13 Halal Activities & Fun Islamic Hobbies for Adult Muslims

↓ 6 – Host Friends & Relatives

Prophet (PBUH) has time and time again laid importance on showing kindness to your family and your extended family. The Holy Prophet said, “Join your relationship even if it is with a drink of water.” Hosting your extended family, organized by the efforts of your immediate family, is essentially a combined effort to spread harmony, peace, and love amongst each other. You learn to work together as a team, to trust each other’s judgments, and let the individual qualities of each member be showcased. Not only do you unite your entire family but also collect countless memories together. This bond that you create with your loved ones sustains you. It also bestows the blessings of Allah upon you and your family.

Islam has put great significance on not just blood relations but also on friendship, as you can note from these Islamic Quotes on Friendship.

13 Halal Activities & Fun Islamic Hobbies for Adult Muslims

↓ 5 – Celebrate the Little Things

In a household actively practicing Islam, recitation of the Quran by the children is an activity widely celebrated. Children are encouraged to read the Quran from a young age. Celebrate the time when your child finishes each new chapter in the Quran. Throw a party, invite your relatives when they finish the entire Quran.

This celebration of little accomplishments keeps the child motivated to read the Quran and brings the family closer, for no effort put in by the children is overlooked. Also celebrate accomplishments each family member achieves in their life: good grades, winning a sports event, baking their first cake, or a promotion. If you’re looking for ideas on celebrating a special occasion, you can get ideas from our post on Eid Activities.

↓ 4 – Garden Together

Get your hands dirty and garden together. Gardening is an extensively therapeutic activity for adults and extremely fun for the children. Digging up the mud, sowing seeds, impatiently waiting for the plants to grow while you water them every day is a consuming activity. It brings you closer to nature and even closer to your family.

You spend time together towards a common goal, nourishing and building the garden of your home. We love this Muslim community’s idea of getting together to build a community garden with their mosque. Such activities bring everyone together for a good cause that is not just rewarding in this world but also for the hereafter as according to a hadith, planting a tree is continuous charity.

13 Halal Activities & Fun Islamic Hobbies for Adult Muslims


↓ 3 – Quran Lessons

Sit together with your family and narrate the Quran. Dive into its translation and Tafsir. Open up a space for a healthy discussion. This will promote the interest of your children in the Quran, remove misconceptions in their minds, teach them effective communication skills, and most importantly bring Allah’s blessings to your full house. To further motivate you, here are Tips To Complete Recitation Of The Quran.

↓ 2 – Listen to Islamic Lectures Together

When discussing Islam together as a family becomes a hobby, it only elevates you in the eyes of Allah. Listening to lectures on Islam together with your children summons their interest in their religion and keeps them away from the Haram desires of the world. It also gives you a topic to bond over with family. Some of our personal favourite Islamic lectures are by Mufti Menk, The Daily Reminder, One Islam Productions, Practical Islam and Battle Ignorance.

↓ 1 – Family Congregational Prayers

The status of congregational prayers is immense. When the elders of the household regularly perform Salah, that too in a congregation, it encourages the children to follow suit. It’s natural to follow what you witness. Coming together and praying as a family, even twice if not five times a day, enforces the habit of praying. It serves to unite the family. A home that is ignited with prayer is a home that is blessed. But if you’re having trouble concentrating on prayers or praying regularly, do read our earlier post on Tips To Get In Habit Of Praying Namaz Regularly.

13 Halal Activities & Fun Islamic Hobbies for Adult Muslims

Concluding the topic at hand, in Islam, the importance of maintaining family relations is paramount. The Holy Quran says, “And be careful of [your duty to] God in whose name you demand [your rights] from one another, and [to] the ties of relationship; surely God is ever watchful over you!” (4:1). That can be achieved by taking time out of our daily lives to give time to those who share our blood, our family. Implement the suggested activities


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