Kindness In Islam – 10 Best Islamic Quotes on Kindness

Islamic Quotes on Kindness. Kindness is a pearl of the heart; without it, the heart is just an empty shell. Kindness is considered as one of the most adored and idolized qualities of a good character.

Since love, kindness, care, and affection are some characters which were constantly flowing in the ocean of our Prophet’s (SAW) existence. Therefore every Muslim is preached to be kind, humble, and gentle to fellow human beings as well as animals and other living creatures. We have defined and elaborated kindness in the light of Islamic hadiths and quotes to clarify the point. Read on to find out more.

What Does Islam Teach About Kindness?

Here is how kindness impacts your life and others. Read on.

  • Mark Twain said kindness is a language which a deaf can hear a blind can see. This clarifies that encouraging kindness helps in promoting peace, care, love, and humbleness.
  • It promotes happiness and positive emotions in an individual.
  • Kindness induces satisfaction and gratitude and creates a friendly social environment.
  • It also reduces mental health issues like anxiety and depression as well as physical problems like cardiovascular diseases and several other diseases.

Kindness In Islam - 10 Best Islamic Quotes on Kindness

↓ 10 – Be Kind to Animals, Birds, and Environment:

Acts of kindness can be as small as droplets of water, or as massive as the rocks on the mountain. A famous quotes states;

“Simple acts of kindness are the seeds we plant to change the world.” 

Our beautiful religion Islam teaches us to be merciful and show kindness not only towards human beings but also towards animals, birds, jinn, and our environment.

There are numerous hadiths and Quranic verses clarifying how important kindness to animals and nature is. Our Prophet (SAW) stated;

“Fear Allah (SWT) in your treatment of animals.” 

Moreover, Ayah number 107 of Surah Al-Anbya states that;

“And We have sent you O Muhammad (SAW) not, but as a mercy for all of humankind, jinn and all that exists.”

Islam has emphasized kindness through different stories as well. A story narrated by Abu Huraira states;

A prostitute had once been forgiven. She passed by a dog panting near a well. Thirst had nearly killed him, so she took off her sock, tied it to her veil, and drew up some water. Allah forgave her for that.”

Therefore it’s quite evident that according to Islam, mercy, and kindness is that ethereal characteristic that exemplifies calmness, piety, carefulness, thoughtfulness, adoration, and forgiveness. You should also have a look at these 20 Islamic Quotes On Kindness To Animals.

Kindness In Islam - 10 Best Islamic Quotes on Kindness


↓ 9 – Punishment and Reward of Kindness in Islam: 

According to numerous inimitable Islamic references, stories, hadiths, and Quranic quotations, we can find multiple pieces of evidence regarding both the punishment and reward of kindness, humbleness, and mercy.

The two different stories clarifying the reward and the punishment are as follows;

“A prostitute was forgiven by Allah, because while passing by a panting dog near a well and seeing that the dog was about to die of thirst, she took off her shoe, and tying it with her head-cover she drew out some for it. So, Allah forgave her that.” (Narrated by Prophet (PBUH) – Bukhari 59/127). This indicates how merciful Allah is and how He (SWT) forgives people on kindness no matter how many sins a person has committed.

Just as Allah rewards His people for showing kindness and submissiveness to other living creatures, there is punishment for those who are cruel and barbaric. A story of a woman as narrated by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) states;

“A woman was tortured and was put in Hell because of the cat which she locked up and tied until it died of hunger.”

This elucidates that Islam focuses on showing kindness, acquiescence, and compliance to all living creatures.

Kindness In Islam - 10 Best Islamic Quotes on Kindness


↓ 8 – Kindness with Parents: 

Allah has predestined the virtuous and respectable conduct of parents and advises us to show good and modest behavior towards them. There are multiple verses in our Holy Book Quran where Allah preaches us to show compassion to our parents and be merciful towards them.

According to a hadith (Sahih Muslim);

“The best of the deeds or deed is the (observance of) prayer at its proper time and kindness to parents.” 

Moreover, according to a Quranic verse;

“And lower unto them the wing of submission and humility through mercy, and say: ‘My Lord!  Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was small.’” (Quran 17:24)

Here are 50 Islamic Quotes on Parents with Images.

Kindness In Islam - 10 Best Islamic Quotes on Kindness


↓ 7 – Most Beautiful Hadith On Kindness:

Our Prophet (SAW) said, “Every act of kindness is charity.” This indicates that giving charity doesn’t depend on your socio-economical status. It doesn’t depend on how rich or poor you are. Every little act of humbleness, kindness, thoughtfulness, and benevolence is equal to giving charity.

Our Prophet (SAW) said (Sahih Muslim);

“Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes a part of something, it beautifies it. Whenever it is taken from something, it leaves it tarnished.”

Kindness In Islam - 10 Best Islamic Quotes on Kindness


↓ 6 – Do Kind to People who do Evil:

Islam teaches equality. Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s life was a living proof for us to learn from. No matter how harsh or evil the other person does, Our Prophet (SAW) teaches us to forgive and show kindness.

A hadith mentioned in Sahih Bukhari;

“You do not do evil to those who do evil to you, but you deal with them with forgiveness and kindness.”

Furthermore, Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) stated;

The most merciful person is the one who forgives when he is able to take revenge.” 

Kindness In Islam - 10 Best Islamic Quotes on Kindness


↓ 5 – Kindness Marks One’s Faith:

Prophet (SAW) personified the essence of thoughtfulness and compassion in almost every action. The Quran says:

“O Messenger of Allah! It is a great Mercy of God that you are gentle and kind towards them; for, had you been harsh and hard-hearted, they would all have broken away from you”. (3:159)

Moreover, a hadith narrated in Sahih Muslim states;

Kindness is the mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith.”

Kindness In Islam - 10 Best Islamic Quotes on Kindness


↓ 4 – Forgiveness and Kindness:

Islam merely focuses on two things, forgiveness and kindness. A Quranic verse number 263 from Surah Al-Baqarah preached about compassion and mercy. The verse states;

“Kind speech and forgiveness are better than charity, followed by injury. And Allah is Free of need and Forbearing.” Also, have a look at these Best Islamic Quotes on Forgiveness

Kindness In Islam - 10 Best Islamic Quotes on Kindness


↓ 3 – Be Kind and Reply with Politeness:

Islam teaches us to be kind, reply humbly and politely, and care for the feelings of others. For everyone who does that, there is a reward in Akhirah.

Kindness In Islam - 10 Best Islamic Quotes on Kindness


↓ 2 – Do Good without any Expectations:

Never do good to expect something in return. Be honest about your inner feelings. Islam teaches us to be kind, not to expect back from others and always keep your deeds between yourself and Allah. According to a Hadith;

“Keep your good deeds between you and Allah; people aren’t going to provide you with Jannah only He can.” 

Kindness In Islam - 10 Best Islamic Quotes on Kindness


↓ 1 – Allah is Kind and Teaches Kindness:

Allah is the most merciful and kind. Therefore, he also teaches his people to be compassionate, forgiving, and loving. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) says:

“Allah is kind, and He loves kindness in all matters.”

Kindness In Islam - 10 Best Islamic Quotes on Kindness



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