20 Islamic Quotes On Kindness To Animals

Islamic Quotes On Animals. An animal is also the creation of Al-Mighty Allah; we depend on them for the food we eat and the milk we drink.  Islam is a religion that encourages respect, peace, mercy and justice towards every living creature and not just towards mankind.

It teaches Muslims to treat animals with care and compassion as they also have feelings and emotions. The Quran and Sunnah also describe that mistreating animals is completely forbidden in Islam. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) often scolded his followers and companions who treated an animal with cruelty. Following are some of the Islamic quotes that explain the importance of treating animals with kindness.

Rights Of Animals In Islam

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↓1 – Kindness Towards Living Things

Animals too have sentiments, and they must be treated justly because there is a reward for every act of kindness in Islam. Here are 30 Beautiful Islamic Quotes on Sabr & Patience.

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↓2 – Prophet (PBUH) Hadith About Cats

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↓3 – Reward For Every Kind Act

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↓4 – Severe Punishment

In Islam, cruelty towards animals is a tremendous punishable sin that can take you to Hell.

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↓5 – Allah (SWT) Loves Goodness

It is every Muslim’s dream to be loved by Allah (SWT). When we show love and compassion towards His creation, He will surely see that we are doing good and verily as the Quran says ‘Allah loves the doers of good.’

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↓6 – Islamic Quotes On Animal Cruelty

All the living creature were put on this earth by Allah (SWT) for a purpose. Mankind should strike a balance in their treatment of animals. They are not human beings, but that does not mean that they are treated cruelly.

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↓7 – Be Merciful

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↓8 – Be Gentle

Here are 30 Islamic Inspirational Quotes For Difficult Times.

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↓9 – Allah (SWT) Is The Most Merciful

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↓10 – Reward Equals To Charity

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↓11 – Gain Allah (SWT)’s Kindness

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↓12 – Be Compassionate

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↓13 – Quranic Teachings About Animals

Allah (SWT) explains the importance of animals through different verses of the Holy Quran. In the following verses, He explains that animals belong to different communities as we do. Hence, they deserve the same level of respect as us.

“There is not a moving (living) creature on earth, nor a bird that flies with its two wings but are communities like you. We have neglected nothing in the Book, then unto their Lord, they all shall be gathered.” (Quran 6:38)

islamic quotes on animals

↓14 – Hadith About Animals

It is important that we understand the importance of not hurting animals in Islam, not just physically but mentally as well. Abu Masud (RA) said: “During our journey with the Messanger of Allah (saws), we were confronted with a bird and its two offsprings. At that moment the Prophet (peace be upon him) was absent for a while. We took the two chicks. When  Prophet Muhammad came back, he saw the mother bird flapping around us and said, Who has upset this bird by taking away her children? Give them back to her.”

↓15 – Animal Rights In Islam Hadith

Abu Dawood (RA) and Ahmed (RA) reported that Abu Masood said: “The Prophet (SAW) saw a colony of ants which we’ve burned. He asked, “Who is responsible for this act?” We answered, “We are”. The Prophet replied, “No one is allowed to punish with fire except the Creator who made it.”  

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↓16 – Importance Of Animal In Islam

A spider holds immense importance in the history of Islam as it saved our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA). When Prophet (SAW) and Hazrat Abu Bakr were being chased by the persecutors, they hid inside a cave whose entrance was blocked by a spider who quickly span a web before the persecutors came. Because of the web even when the persecutors came close to the cave they did not check inside thinking it would be empty or otherwise, there would not have been a web. Therefore, killing a spider is strictly prohibited in Islam and is considered a great sin.

↓17 – Hadith About Being Kind To Animals

Abu Dawood reported that once Prophet Muhammad (SAW) passed by a camel who seemed very weak due to lack of food and said “Fear God in regards to these animals who can not speak their will.  If you ride them, treat them accordingly (by making them strong and fit for that), and if you [plan to] eat them, treat them accordingly (by making them fat and healthy).”

↓18 – Islam And Animal Rights

Islam completely forbids any sort of cruelty towards the animals which means it stops us from killing them without any reason. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “‘Whoever kills a bird or anything else without its due right, God would ask him about it.’  It was said: ‘O Messenger of God!  What is its due right?’  He said: ‘To kill it for food…and do not sever its head, and throw it!’” (Targheeb)

↓19 – Quranic Verses About Animals

Islam is a religion that teaches us to be merciful towards all the living creatures and not just human beings. As Muslims, we must follow the teachings of the Quran, and this is what the Quran says about the animals and why we should be merciful and kind towards them.

“And the cattle, He has created them for you.  You have in them warm clothing and (other) advantages, and of them, you eat.  And therein is a beauty for you, when you drive them back (home) and when you send them out (to pasture).  And they carry your heavy loads to regions which you could not reach but with great distress to yourselves.  Surely your Lord is Compassionate, Merciful.  And (He made) horses and mules and asses that you might ride upon them and as an ornament.  And He creates what you know not.” (Quran 16:5-8)

↓20 – Islamic Teachings About Hunting

In Islam hunting for sport is completely forbidden. We can hunt but only how Allah (SWT) wishes us to, and that is to hunt only for food. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) banned eating mujaththama animals (animals that have been shot with arrows and the ones that have been tied. It was reported by one of his companions that once he saw some people practising archery using a hen as a target and cursed anyone who made a living thing into a target (for practice).

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