16 Tips For Single Muslim Women To Live A Happy Life

Happiness is a state of mind that elevates you. It is a feeling that is contagious. Islam promotes the idea of spreading happiness. It is essential to realize that once a person is content with themselves, their energy radiates to those around them.

Often being in a relationship, especially the now so commonly found Haram relationships amongst the younger generation in hopes of short term companionship, are sought to be a source of happiness. It is essential to understand the frail and immodest nature of such a relationship. Hence, we must find comfort in being a single happy Muslim woman.

How To Be A Single & Happy Muslim Woman

Due to the different needs and surroundings of every woman, there is no definite way that leads to happiness. If you’re a single Muslim woman, the following 15 ways might help you in understanding what will be the starting point of your happiness.

16 Tips For Single Muslim Women To Live A Happy Life

↓ 16 – Believe that your own company is enough for you

It is imperative for you to trust yourself and have a firm belief that you are enough for yourself which will make it easier for you to rely on Allah alone. In order to have a strong relationship with someone else in the future, you need to first learn how to love yourself and your life the way it is while you are all by yourself otherwise, it might take a toll on your future. If you’re stuck in a haram relationship, here are 8 Proven Ways To Quit Haram Relationships As Per Islam.

↓  15 – Trust Allah’s plan

In order to stay content, you have to fulfill your duty to live. Instead of wondering and longing about why you are unable to do certain things, you should learn to have the utmost trust in God’s plan for He is surely the best of planners. Your strong faith in God’s plan for you will not only help you in becoming satisfied with yourself but also contribute to your growth as a person. Understanding the concept of Qadr is a good step towards building this trust so here are Things You Should Know About Destiny & Fate In Islam.

16 Tips For Single Muslim Women To Live A Happy Life

↓  14 – Focus on your health: Exercise

Health is a less considered blessing. Being healthy gives us not only physical strength but also promotes mental peace. Islam has laid great importance on living a healthy life with consistent physical exercise. Taking into consideration the performance of the main tenants of Islam, including the 5 obligatory prayers, fasting in the month of Ramadan, and the performance of Hajj include spiritual and physical benefits. The hand movement, prostration and bowing are an exercise for the whole body. The Tawaf ritual in Hajj promotes physical excretion. Hence, focusing on your health, fitness, and body will keep your mind concentrated on your goals, away from sin while making you stronger.

↓ 13 – Pursue your educational goals

Education is a priority in Islam for both men and women as we’ve already discussed in our post on Inspiring Islamic Quotes on Education/Knowledge/Study. These days, it has become even easier as there are a number of national and international institutes that you can apply. If for any reason you’re unable to travel to these institutes, there are a number of virtual courses that you can sign up for.

16 Tips For Single Muslim Women To Live A Happy Life

↓  12 – Fasting

For maintaining the spiritual health of your heart, fasting is the most effective way. The holy month of Ramadan brings along an immense amount of blessings which you should definitely make use of. Fasting from dawn till dusk will bring the sense of the ultimate reward to your mind which will help you in not feeling deprived of marital relations. This will not only help your entire focus to be on the joy Ramadan brings but all sorts of negative thoughts will be eliminated from your mind. For your motivation, here are some Islamic Quotes on Sunnah Fasting & Its Benefits.

↓  11 – Do not make marriage your ultimate goal

Remember to trust God and his plan as He has already penned down the name of your partner. You should also realize that marriage is not the solution to your happiness. Hence, there is no point in rushing fate and making yourself paranoid about being a single woman because God has a plan for you.

↓  10 – Goodness

To give yourself more positive energy and self-appreciation, a good way is to participate in charity groups or organizations. This will give you a sense of being helpful and useful to society.

16 Tips For Single Muslim Women To Live A Happy Life

↓  9 – Choose the right circle

You are never completely alone as a Muslim woman hence, it is important for you to choose the right company for yourself as this definitely influences the way you think.

16 Tips For Single Muslim Women To Live A Happy Life

↓  8 -Pay attention to your spiritual needs

Remembering God is vital for your spiritual enlightenment. The easiest way to do this is by motivating yourself to offer your daily prayers. In addition to this, recitation of the Quran on a daily basis will also help in purifying your heart and provide you with sheer satisfaction. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are the 10 Most Influential Women in Islamic History.

↓  7 – Find happiness in your surroundings

Being a single woman allows you to be spontaneous and seek pleasure in the things around you such as observing the sunset or just a road trip/picnic with your friends. You should definitely make use of your freedom to pursue some exciting activities which will contribute to your happiness.

↓  6 – Be patient and consistent

You should be self-aware to the extent where you know what the most consistent activity in your life is as it will have a positive effect on your mind and soul. Activities such as yoga, gym, or practicing any sport will give you a sense of control in your life and bring you great joy. Here are some Beautiful Islamic Quotes on Sabr & Patience.

16 Tips For Single Muslim Women To Live A Happy Life

↓  5 – Realise your self-worth

Give yourself time to figure out the person you want to be. This will give you a sense of empowerment and also help you achieve things you never thought you could. Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things will help in boosting your confidence and make you happy.

16 Tips For Single Muslim Women To Live A Happy Life

↓  4 – Do not compare yourself with others

If you compare your life with another’s you will be responsible for sabotaging your own happiness. You should instead count the blessings around you and work on yourself to nourish the positive aspects of your journey.

16 Tips For Single Muslim Women To Live A Happy Life

↓  3 – Discover yourself

Take the time to reflect on your actual self. Know your worth, assess your capabilities, dreams, goals, and every day take one step towards them. By discovering yourself and realising how blessed you are, you’ll also become more grateful. Here are some beautiful Islamic Quotes About Being Grateful.

16 Tips For Single Muslim Women To Live A Happy Life

↓  2 – Expand your social circle

Diversity in your social circle will help you in gaining a better understanding of life. If you have friends who have different backgrounds and beliefs, it will add prosperity to your life.

↓  1 – Be at peace with your spiritual side

We are constantly noticing how far along our companions are. More often than not we tend to focus on those who are ahead of us, in this case, more religious than us. It is essential to realize that religion is a private matter and each person grows and understands more at their own pace. There is no reason to pull yourself down or criticize your effort for it is the most you are comfortable with at that point in time. In short, be accepting of where you lie in the religious spectrum amongst your friends.

Once we woman understand these crucial points, we’ll be on our way to leading a healthy, happy, and full life as single Muslim women, who live their life in the way Allah has prescribed. That in itself provides a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

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