20 Sunnahs of Eating and Drinking That All Muslims Should Follow.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is deemed as the last messenger and the Prophet of Islam. As a result, his teachings and conduct of life serve as an example for generations until the day of judgment. Prophet Muhammad was a man of great dignity, purity, and humbleness, who laid out characteristics of a perfect role model in all spheres of life and the afterlife.

The characteristics and actions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are coined as Sunnah, and they serve as a complete guide for a successful, peaceful, and productive life. In addition, following the Sunnah’s also increases the bonds between Muslim individuals and their creator- Allah. As Muslims follow the footsteps of Allah’s beloved final prophet.

What are the Sunnah of Eating and Drinking?

The conduct of eating and drinking tells a lot about a person. Their way of eating describes their level of cleanliness and organization, while what they eat elaborates on their health and well-being. Whilst following in line with Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah on eating drinking, Muslims can present themselves as clean, organized, and healthy.

20 Sunnahs of Eating and Drinking That Muslims Must Follow

20 – Say the name of Allah before eating and drinking

Prophet Muhammad always recalled the name of his creator before eating or drinking, and his followers should follow along the same lines. This is because, if an individual does not undertake this conduct, his/her food will lose the barakah of their food because Satan will become a part of the meal. Hence, saying the name of Allah is critical before eating and drinking according to Sunnah. I would also suggest that you go through these Most Beautiful Sunnah To Follow In Daily Life.

19 – Eat and drink with right hand

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) always ate and drank with his right hand. This is because, negative radiations are emitted from the left hand, and Satan eats and drinks from the left hand as well.

18 – Drink while sitting and in three gulps

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) always drank water whilst sitting, and in three gulps. The reason for this is that sitting down and drinking in three gulps prevents choking. Adding on, it is proven that science that drinking water in three gulps increases the health of individuals, whilst single breath drinking leads to choking.

17 – Cover the glass of drinking water

The last messenger of Allah made it a habit to cover up the glass or water storage after drinking. Similarly, Muslims across the world are advised to follow along those lines, since following this step will prevent water contamination. As a result, people will not get diseases associated with unhygienic water.

16 – Pass the dish to individuals sitting on the right

This was a practice adopted by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and it ensures table etiquette. During large gatherings with family members and friends, rotating between the dishes can become a confusing and difficult task. Hence, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) passed the precedent that, people should hand over dishes to the person towards their right in order to smoothly rotate the dishes.

15 – Drink the water of ZamZam

The water of ZamZam has a strong affiliation with Islam and is a state of having several health benefits. Hence, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to drink ZamZam, but he conducted this action while standing up. Accordingly, Muslims are devised to do the same.

14 – Eating on the floor

It is narrated that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to eat on the floor. In this manner, the class difference was sidestepped, as everyone ate on the floor including slaves. Hence, this Sunnah promotes equality and should be adopted by all Muslims.

20 Sunnahs of Eating and Drinking That Muslims Must Follow

13 – Avoiding overeating

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) avoided overeating and encouraged his followers to do the same. Overeating increases health issues, leads to laziness, and decreases the amount of food consumed by poor individuals. Hence, this Sunnah should be employed by Muslim individuals across the world.

20 Sunnahs of Eating and Drinking That Muslims Must Follow

12 – Avoid wasting food

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did not waste or discard food. Instead, he only purchased the required amount and donated the rest to his poor followers. Wasting food not only discredits Allah’s blessings but also decreases the amount of food available for poor people.

20 Sunnahs of Eating and Drinking That Muslims Must Follow

11 – Licking your fingers

The last messenger of Allah always licked his fingers after eating to gain all the blessings and nutrients from the food. Cleaning fingers with a cloth would remove those benefits.

20 Sunnahs of Eating and Drinking That Muslims Must Follow

10 – Wiping of dishes

The last messenger of Allah made it a habit to wipe his dishes after eating. In this manner, all the blessings and nutrients from the food could be obtained.

9 – Praise Allah after eating

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) always praised Allah after eating his food. In this manner, the provider of the food was thanked, and his followers were advised to follow in his footsteps.

8 – Don’t criticize food

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) never criticizes the food. If he did not like it, he would just leave it. Since criticism challenged the creator or was hurtful for the individuals bringing the food.     

7 – Compliment tasty food

The last messenger of Allah would always compliment tasty food. In this manner, the creator was praised, and the individuals that brought it would become happy too. 

6 – Accept meal invitations

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) would never reject meal invitations, as they increase harmony and strengthen relationships. Similarly, his followers were devised to do the same. Inarguably, sharing meals strengthens relationships and friendships.

5 – Eating from the front

The last messenger of Allah would always eat from his front, in order to illustrate table manners and prevent creating a mess. Eating from the front allows for eating with manners, hence, Muslims should follow along the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

4 – Sharing food

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) always shared his food with his companions and urged his Ummah to do the same. This concept increases harmony between people.

20 Sunnahs of Eating and Drinking That Muslims Must Follow

3 – Prohibition of drinking water in gold of silver vessel

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) drank water from all vessels other than gold and silver, it symbolized oppression and luxury.

2 – Eating dates

Dates were actively consumed by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) due to their health benefits. Hence, his followers should consume dates as well.

1 – Eating lentils

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) actively consumed lentils as well. They are low in cholesterol and increase digestive health. Hence, they should be consumed by all members of the Ummah.

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