Eid Activities- 13 Ideas On How To Make Kids Excited For Eid

Eid is always an event that remains extraordinary due to its vivid nature and religious noteworthiness. In any case, kids search for excitement inside each occasion. It is alright if a family observes Eid in a similar predictable way, however children would consistently need fun additions.

Along with these words, to restore the on-going energy inside the kids in the house, you would need to put more funky plans with activities.

How To Make Eid Fun For The Children?

Although these tips would work best for Eid-ul-Fitr, however, Eid will be Eid! Henceforth, you can utilize these Eid activities for kids, during the festival of Eid-ul-Adha. Other than putting on new clothes and perfumes, there are a lot more approaches to prepare the kids for Eid, so here are 12 different ways to make Eid more fun!

eid activities for kids

↓ 1 – Decorate Your House Like A French Artist!

How can your family see Eid as a special day? Through brilliant and vivid improvements in the house. These days, Eid themed enhancements are accessible all over the place. On the off chance, that you would prefer not to burn through cash, you can be creative with your imagination. Make pennants and banners yourself by cutting vivid paper in the structure you need and draw ‘Cheerful Eid!’ or ‘Eid Mubarak’ on it. Or in the case of Eid-ul-Adha, you could go for “Eid-Moo-Barak” Banners (wink wink).

We also recommend that you have a look at our earlier post regarding useful Tips On How To Become A Better Muslim.

Also the same sort of balloons available in the market.  Trust me; your kids will be going to be your biggest fan. Other than balloons, fairy lights are also a great way to light up some Eid vibes.

eid activities

↓ 2 – Involve Your Kids As Much As You Can!

What did you want to do when you were a kid? Mess around and play games, right? Set them away from the telephones and iPads, turn off the TV and snatch those tabletop games secured by a deposit. Make an Islam test with fun prizes to win. Or perhaps a treasure hunt that keeps them busy with solving riddles and finding clues around the house.

↓ 3 – Be Creative While Giving The Eidi

Have you at any point seen towards the kids as they check their Eidi? In the event, if not,  you’re passing up a notable event! Eid accompanies heaps of loving moments alongside Eidi warmth. Relatives and family display their generosity by dispersing the cash among the kids.

There are many trendy craft ideas to make Eidi exciting for kids. Several cute and catchy envelops available in the market. If you are creative, you can make some of them by yourself.

Also, Others have Secret Santa, and we have Secret Eidia. As Eid approaches, the time has come to get each other gifts. All names of the members will be added in a box, and each member draws an individual’s name out of place. A short time later, you purchase a present for that individual. On Eid, every member puts the gift on the table. The gifts are set apart with the name of the receiver just, and not the provider. So the recipient needs to think about who the supplier is. Regardless of whether you have a little or enormous family, this is a fun method to give each other gifts.

↓ 4 – Set Up An “Eid Treat Trolley”

Desserts, chocolates, candies, these are some of the things that excite kids the most so why not lure them in with these! Set up a nice eid trolley with all the food and desserts that your kids love, and if you’re lucky enough to have been blessed with helpful kids, make them a part of preparing the trolley too. For example, they can help you with baking a cake or at least with setting the trolley up. Check out this beautiful setup for some inspiration:

↓ 5 – Book A Farmhouse For Family Picnic.

Rather than having the entire family showing your house to come and eat, eat and eat after Eid prayers, you could likewise have a day out. Along with these words, all relatives can enjoy Eid likewise, so nobody needs to remain in the kitchen throughout the day.

Kids love going to farms and that too with cousins. Invite your family or book a mutually agreed farmhouse that has fun attractions for kids. As a private zoo, Gaming zone, rides, swimming pools, etc.

↓ 6 – Go To Amusement Parks

Since Eid is currently happening in months of scorching heat for most countries. Going to have a fun day out at an amusement park would be a great idea. Kids are always fond of water and water-related activities. Plan to go at amusement parks, preferably on weekdays to avoid the massive crowd. Take some water balloons to add extra fun for the kids.

↓ 7 – Plan A Food + Eid Games Night!

Eid is incomplete without food. Cater your Kid’s friends at the food and games night. Your kids will be going to enjoy it the most. Plan some games that include gifts as a prize like Quiz, passing the pillow, Musical chairs, Dumb charades, and many other games as per your child area of interest. To make the activities for educational, you can design quizzes with Islamic questions in them so the kids don’t just have fun but also learn some new things about their religion.

↓ 8 – Visit Orphanage and Old Age Houses

Eid is the best occasion to promote love and kindness among kids. Eid is all not only about sharing Eidi, encourage your children to share affection not only with their friends or cousins but also with the people who need it most. Visit an orphanage or old age homes with your kids. Get some gifts and encourage your kids to share some of their Eidi with the orphans. The kids will be delightfull by holding a thought that they help someone smile.

↓ 9 – Watch Some Good Movies

Schools are off during Eid holidays so try to make most of these holidays for kids by involving them in fun activities. Several animated movies have released recently. Plan a movie day out with your kids and watch them get excited and happy. These animated movies often have great lessons for kids. Discuss the film afterward and try to make your child more opinionated by encouraging their thoughts.

↓ 10 – Who doesn’t love food? Try Some Famous Cafés

Mainly, family gatherings are quite boring for kids. Save the day out with only you and your kids to spend a dinner out at their favorite restaurants. Several restaurants cater to kids with their fun environment, which often includes rides and games for kids. The kids will not only have their favorite meal but also enjoy the atmosphere at its most.

↓ 11 – Vlog Eid Day Events

From the time everybody gets up in the first part of the day till everybody conks out joyfully by the day’s end, record this Eid on camera or phone to make it meaningful. It will presumably make a silly bit of family lineage also. Give the responsibility regarding recording to one of the dependable, individuals from the family. These memories will be cherished by your kids forever.

↓ 12 – Dress Up For An Eid Photoshoot

We all design new clothes for ourselves and/or the kids for Eid. So why waste all the dressing up! Why not use the occasion rightly and have a nice family photoshoot. However, this is something which will work for more grown-up kids as we all know how hard it is to get some decent pictures with the little ones. kids eid activities

And if you’re blessed with a daughter, you obviously know that Eid is the best time for some twinning goals!

eid activities for kdiskids eid activities

↓ 13 – Make Eid Cards For Friends & Family

This activity is also a great way to improve your kids artistic and social kids. A few days before Eid, sit down with your kids and their art supplies and help them make some cute Eid cards for their best friends and/or relatives that you will be visiting on Eid. There are also many great tutorials online that you can follow to come up with some creative ideas like cut-out cards. You might find our earlier post on Eid-ul-Fitr Islamic Wishes, Messages & Quotes helpful for this activity.

eid activities for kids eid activities for kids

Do give these ideas a try and we’re sure that they’ll make Eid much more fun for your kids. Are there any special activities that you do with your kids for Eid? Let us know in the comments!


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