Asr Prayer Benefits, Importance & 3 Reasons to Never Miss It

Asr prayer benefits: Salah is one of Islam’s Five Pillars and an important guiding concept that all Muslims must adhere to. Muslims should strive never to miss a prayer (Namaz), but if one is missed due to circumstances beyond their control, they must make up the prayer as soon as possible or say it in their next scheduled Salah.

What is the Importance of Asr Prayer?

There are five times to pray according to Quran. Fajr is the first prayer, followed by Zuhr, ASR, Maghrib, and lastly, Isha. We discussed all these prayers briefly in our previous article on 50 Best Islamic Quotes About Namaz Prayers with Images. Furthermore, several hadiths from Prophet Muhammad (SAW) demonstrate and explain the significance of prayers in Islam. Therefore, though all prayers are important, we shall explore the relevance and significance of giving ASR prayer in light of the Quran and Prophet Muhammad’s hadiths in this article (PBUH).

asr prayer benefits

Which Prayer Is Asr?

The Holy Quran emphasizes the importance of safeguarding and caring for the Salat-ul-Wusta (the middle prayer).

Asr Prayer Benefits, Importance & 3 Reasons to Never Miss It

There is much disagreement among jurists and Hadith experts over which prayer is the Salat-ul-Wusta (the middle prayer). Any of the five obligatory prayers can be stated as the middle prayer rationally. However, the ASR (afternoon) prayer is based on sound and accurate narrations and sayings.

Asr Prayer Benefits, Importance & 3 Reasons to Never Miss It

As a result, the ASR prayer is more important than other daily prayers.

What Is The Timing Of Asr?

The third daily prayer is known as ASR Salah. It’s time for prayer in the afternoon. It is impossible to pray before the appointed hour. As a result, it is critical to understand its precise timing. When the shadow of any item is the same length as the thing itself, ASR Salah begins. It is important to pray at that time, as it is the practice of our beloved Prophet. When the sun turns yellow, the ASR prayer’s salvation limit is reached.

Several hadiths emphasize the significance of ASR hour and prayer.

Asr Prayer Benefits, Importance & 3 Reasons to Never Miss It

However, if you have any emergency work, then it is permissible to conduct the prayer later. That is when the shadow becomes twice as long as the matching object.

Benefits Of Asr Prayers:

  • The major advantage of ASR’s prayer is that it develops a human mentality that is only true Lord, only Merciful, only Rescuer, and only Bestower for all of us.
Asr Prayer Benefits, Importance & 3 Reasons to Never Miss It
  • The angels descend in two shifts, one for the night and the other for the day.

“A group of angels will accompany you at night, while another group will accompany you throughout the day, and both groups meet at the time of the ‘Asr and Fajr prayers,” Allah’s Messenger (SAW) stated. The angels with you overnight ascend (to Heaven), and Allah questions them (about you) —- and Allah knows all there is to know about you. ‘In what condition did you abandon my slaves?’ ‘They were praying when we left them, and they were praying when we arrived,’ the angels respond.

Consider what occurs if we forget to say the ASR prayer. What do the angels say to Allah about us on such a day? What condition did they abandon us in?

  • The person who does the ASR prayer will be allowed to Jannah. According to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW),
Asr Prayer Benefits, Importance & 3 Reasons to Never Miss It
  • The ASR prayer provides a chance for Muslims to repent and return to Allah SWT’s path. When a man is in a lot of trouble, he will almost always find a way out. Performing the ASR prayer is the most effective approach to conquer it. Likewise, praying is the most effective way to deal with the many issues we face.
  • Another advantage for any Muslim who does the ASR prayers on time is that on the Day of Judgment, he would be able to view the essence of God in Heaven without having to compete with others. The hadith reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslims is shown below.
  • If you have trouble concentrating on your as prayer, do go through these Tips to Increase Focus in Namaz.
Asr Prayer Benefits, Importance & 3 Reasons to Never Miss It

Reasons To Never Miss Asr Prayer:

3. It’s A Huge Loss:

The ASR prayer should be performed at the appointed hour. The importance of ASR prayer is underscores that not praying or praying later than the specified hour is a huge loss.

Asr Prayer Benefits, Importance & 3 Reasons to Never Miss It

Consider what happens to someone who has recently gone bankrupt. Not only that, but he has also lost his home, and his family has abandoned him. What would his emotional condition be?

2. All Your Good Deeds Will Be Annulled:

Asr Prayer Benefits, Importance & 3 Reasons to Never Miss It

You awoke, prayed, assisted your mother in the kitchen, smiled at your brother, carried someone’s luggage for them, provided excellent advice to a friend, suppressed your wrath for Allah’s sake, and skipped the ‘Asr prayer because you were too preoccupied with playing/working. Guess what? All those nice actions were a waste of time. As though you’d never done them before. And ‘all good acts’ most likely refers to the excellent actions you’ve done throughout your life.

1. You Will Face The Wrath Of Allah

Allah’s Messenger stated on the day of Khandaq (also known as the Trench Battle):

Asr Prayer Benefits, Importance & 3 Reasons to Never Miss It

When the events of the fight of the Confederates (the battle of Trench) prevented the believers from offering the ASR prayer on time, the very tongue that had kept mute during the trials and difficulties of Taif was obliged to invoke Allah’s vengeance upon the invading polytheists.

Certainly, it provides sufficient food for thought for those who completely neglect their prayers due to laziness or their involvement in sports or other activities. What a horrific act they have committed against Allah and His Messengers (PBUH). May Allah (SWT) protect us all from His wrath and curse.

In the Quran, there are valuable benefits for performing the Fard ASR prayers on time. However, there are also penalties from Allah Almighty for those who do not say prayers on time.

At mosques, all males are taught to offer Salah alongside the congregation in the presence of the Imaam. On the other side, women are instructed to pray at home.

Every Muslim should give the ASR prayer on time as the Fard prayer among the five daily prayers. It offers several blessings from Allah Almighty for Muslims who offer it.

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