19 Best Things To Do on Jummah (Friday) For Muslims

Best things to do on Jummah: Jummah is the Arabic terminology used for Friday. In Islam, the say of Jummah holds special significance, as it is regarded as the day of worship for Muslims across the world. Since Jummah is a blessed day, Muslims should spend it according to the guidance of Allah, and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

What Should You Do on Jummah Day?

Considering the significance of Jummah – there are some acts that are advised to perform by Allah.

19 Best Things To Do on Jummah (Friday) For Muslims  

19 – Perform Friday Prayer

The Friday prayer has been deemed obligatory for all the followers of Allah, and men in specific. The prayer is conducted in a congregation and is stated to lead to many awards for individuals. Hence, on the day of Jummah, Muslims should leave their everyday activities and focus on their prayer. Here are 40+ Jumma Mubarak Quotes with Images and Wishes.

19 Best Things To Do on Jummah (Friday) For Muslims

18 – Listen to Friday sermon

After the Friday prayer, Muslims are guided to listen to the Friday sermon or Khutbah. In this manner, Muslims are guided towards righteousness and purity.

17 – Recite Surah Kahf

It is Sunnah for Muslims to recite Surah Al-Kahfi from the Quran, as it carries the capability of protecting Muslims from harm until the next Jummah. In addition, it also puts Allah’s blessings on individuals and protects them from the influence of Dajal. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stated that “Whoever reads Soorat al-Kahf on Friday, he will be illuminated with light between the two Fridays.” Here are all the Reasons to Read Surah Kahf Every Friday.

16 – Make dua

It is stated that all duaas made on Friday are accepted by Allah. This is because Jummah is an extremely sacred day of the week, and has the special blessings of Allah. Hence, Muslims should seek forgiveness, along with duaa for the well-being, success, and health of those around them.

15 – Take a bath

Since Jummah is a sacred day of the week with special blessings from Allah, his followers should remain in their purest form. Hence, Muslims are guided to wash themselves with a bath or ghusl. This conduct should be taken before the Jummah prayer. In this manner, Muslims are clean and pure while praying to their lord.

14 – Send blessings to Prophet Mohammad

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the last messenger and prophet of Allah, and he made countless sacrifices for the spread of Islam and his Ummah. Hence, on Jummah all Muslims should send their blessings to Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

13 – Cleanse yourself

Furthermore, Muslims are also guided to cut their nails after taking a bath or Ghusal on Friday. After which, they are recommended to wear perfume. In this manner, Muslim men will smell good on the purest day of the week.

12 – Wear your best clothes

Since Friday is the most blessed day of the week, Muslims are asked to get dressed in their best and neatest clothes. In this manner, they will look their best while standing in front of Allah for the Friday prayer and sermon. It is important to also understand that, best clothes do not equate to expensive clothes, instead the emphasis is laid on wearing neat and tidy clothes for a special day.

11 – Go to the mosques early

The followers of Islam and Allah’s teachings are guided to come to the mosque as early as possible on Friday. This is because it is stated that individuals coming early and praying in the front row will get the most rewards. This will prove to Allah that the individual took out time in his day to stand in front of Allah. Here are some of the Most Beautiful Mosques In The World (with photos).

19 Best Things To Do on Jummah (Friday) For Muslims  

10 – Perform sunnah prayers after the Jummah prayer

Subsequent to performing Friday prayer, individuals should perform the Sunnah prayer as well. This will increase their level of Iman, and improve their position in front of Allah.

9 – Give Sadqah to the needy

During Friday, Muslims around the world are guided to give sadaqah to the needy and poor individuals around them. Giving sadaqah on a Friday increases its level of reward, and the person receives blessings from Allah as well. Here are some of the best Islamic Quotes on Charity.

8 – Greet everyone with a smile

Muslims are guided to greet their loved ones and other individuals with a smile during Jummah. This will reward individuals in the life plus hereafter, while also increasing the level of the bond among people, relatives, and friends.

7 – Visit the sick

Adding on, the followers of Islam and the teachings of Allah are guided to visit sick people on Friday. They can be their relatives, friends, or simply known people. This is beneficial because it will make sick and lonely individuals feel better. In this manner, individuals get Allah’s blessings and are rewarded for their good deeds.

6 – Listen to sermon quitely

During the Friday Sermon, Muslims are guided to listen quietly, and avoiding talking is promoted. Individuals are not allowed to talk to their friends or people around them. This is because listening to the sermon carefully can help them in their life and also aid in overcoming their problems.

5 – Promote Istighfar and Zikr

Istighfar and Dhikr bring individuals closer to Allah, and leads them to perform good deeds. Henceforth, conducting these actions on Friday leaders to double rewards by Allah.

4 – Avoid holding the knees during Jummah sermon

Muslims are guided to avoid holding their knee while the sermon is being conducted, as it symbolizes laziness and impoliteness. Hence, it is forbidden in Islam and is considered equal to sin. Instead, Muslims should listen to the sermon with full awareness and attention, while avoiding talking to those around them too.

3 – Socialise with fellow Muslims after the Jummah prayer

Moreover, Muslims are also guided to communicate with other fellows Muslims after the Friday prayer. This strengthens brotherhood and relations in society.  

2 – Repent sins

Jummah is a perfect time to repent sins as well. Since Friday is the most blessed day of the week, it is an ideal time to repent sins and seek forgiveness from Allah. This can include actions like smoking, anger, substance abuse, and earning an unlawful living. Here are the most Powerful Duas to Ask Allah for Forgiveness of Sins.

1 – Bring families to the mosque

Muslims are also guided to bring families along with them to the mosques. Through this, all family members will obtain the blessings of the Friday prayer and sermon.

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