Complete Islamic Facts And Quotes About The Holy Ka’aba

Islamic Quotes on Ka’aba. Ka’aba is known as the House of Allah ( the sacred house.) Ka’aba has been built by the Prophet Ibrahim AS and his son Isma’il AS on the instructions of Allah SWT himself. It was revealed to Prophet Ibrahim that he should make a house for Allah SWT for worshipping Him.

In today’s times, Muslims all over the world come and gather under one roof that is called Ka’aba and worship Allah SWT. Hajj and Umrah are performed at Makkah where Ka’aba is situated. Muslims have a deep connection and love for the House of Allah.


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↓ 17 – Why Muslims Bow To The Ka’aba?

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↓ 16 – Meaning of Ka’ba

The word Ka’ba is an Arabic word which means ‘cube’ as Ka’ba is a cubical shaped building. Ka’ba in Quran is referred as ‘Bait ul Allah’ which means the House of Allah SWT. It is the Holy place for the Muslims who come together to worship Allah SWT. Here are 50 Best Allah Quotes and Sayings with Images.

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↓ 15 – History And Building Of Ka’aba

Ka’ba has been the house of worship for the Muslims for centuries. This house had been built by Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and his son Hazrat Ismail (AS) on the instructions of Allah SWT. It’s said that before Ka’ba was only a rectangular structure without a roof. Later, Quresh rebuilt it and the door was raised above the ground level in order to prevent it from floods. During the times of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), disbelievers had put their pagan Gods idols inside the Ka’ba when prophet Muhammad PBUH was driven out of Makkah. When he came back, he had thrown away all the idols and claimed it to be for the worship for Allah SWT only. Go through this short video to further understand the story about the building of Ka’aba.

14- Foundations of Ka’ba

The Quran says itself that the foundations of Ka’ba have been laid by Hazrat Ibrahim AS and his son Ismail AS. Ibrahim AS came to Islmail AS saying that Allah had asked him to build a house for Him. In the words of prophet Muhammad PBUH Ibrahim AS said to his son.

“O Isma’il! Allah has given me an order.” Isma’il said: “Do what your Lord has ordered you to do.” Ibrahim asked: “Will you help me?” Isma’il said: “I will help you.” Ibrahim said: “Allah has ordered me to build a house here,” pointing to a hillock higher than the land.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH then said that they raised the foundations of the house of Allah SWT.

As Allah says in the Quran

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13- Modifications of Ka’ba

Hazrat Ibrahim AS and his son Isma’il AS built the Ka’ba in a rectangular shape. History says it didn’t have a roof before and it was just a rectangular structure. It has been modified a number of times. During the times of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, people of the Makkah came together to complete its construction and thus it was constructed in a cubical shape. Since then it had been modified by a number of people. It is said that the color of the cloth of Ka’ba had also changed during modifications and was changed to black.

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12- Size of Ka’ba

Ka’ba has been rebuilt and modified many times by the Muslims. It had also been affected by the floods and fire but Allah SWT helped Muslims to rebuild it. Today, Ka’ba is 15 meters tall and the total size is 627 square feet. The inside room of this holy place is 13*9 meters and the walls are 1 meter wide. The floor is 2.2 meters higher than the ground of Masjid al-haram where people perform Tawaf.

11- Position of Ka’ba

The holy Ka’ba is present in the city of Makkah. Allah SWT had commanded Ibrahim AS to build a House of worship, Ka’ba, at a place directly under Baitul Mamoor, which is present on the seventh heaven where every day 70,000 angels worship Allah SWT and perform Salah and they never return.

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10- Quranic Ayat on Ka’aba

Qibla is known as the direction of namaz in Islam. The Qiblah for the Muslims before was towards ‘Baitul Muqadis’ (Jerusalem) which was also Jews’ direction of prayers. Later Allah ordered to change the Qiblah and it was made towards the holy Ka’ba. Here are 30 Islamic Inspirational Quotes For Difficult Times.

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9- The First House Of Worship

Ka’ba is known as the house of Allah SWT and it gathers all Muslims from all over the world just to worship Allah SWT alone. Allah himself in the Quran mentions His house as the first house of worship for the Muslims.

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8- Kiswa

Kiswah is known as the cloth that drapes the Holy Ka’ba and is changed annually on the 9th of Dhul-Hajj. During the times of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, kiswah was draped over Kaba by the holy prophet himself. Since then, it is maintained that Kaba should be covered with kiswah. It was made in Egypt but later, King Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia established the worship solely for the purpose of making kiswah in the country. Since then, it is made in Saudi Arabia. It is black in cover and has verses written from the Quran. Every year, two kiswahs are made, one to cover Ka’ba and the other to be used as a spare.

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7- Hajj and Umrah

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. If a Muslim can afford, it’s fardh on him to go to Makkah to perform Hajj. While Umrah isn’t fardh but it is necessary to perform Umrah before Hajj. During Hajj and Umrah, Muslims gather at Masjid al-Haram to worship Allah SWT around Ka’ba. It’s necessary to perform tawaf around The house of Allah SWT. This worship nourishes Iman and a person realize the true essence of Ibadat. Here’s a complete guide on How To Perform Hajj.

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6- Tawaf Around Ka’ba

Tawaf means walking around the Ka’ba seven times in anticlockwise direction starting from Hajar Al Aswad. Tawaf or circumambulation around the Ka’ba symbolizes the unity of all Muslims. This proves a believer’s submission to Allah Almighty alone. It is necessary to do tawaf during hajj and umrah. The reason for seven rounds might that there are seven skies and seven human souls. Each round represents a phase or stage of the soul, rising from the lowest to highest stage i-e Nafs Al Ammarah to Nafs Al Mutmainnah.

5- Quran about Ka’ba

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4- The Black Stone

The black stone or Hajr Al Aswad is situated on the eastern corner of the Ka’ba. It was given to Hazrat Ibrahim AS by Hazrat Jibrael AS. It was brought from Jannah and was white in color. Ibn Abbas RA narrated that the Prophet PBUH said:

“The Black Stone came down from Paradise and it was whiter than milk, but the sins of the sons of Adam turned it black.” [Tirmidhi]

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facts and quotes on kaaba

3- Names of Ka’ba

Ka’aba is also known as ‘Bayt al Allah’ (the house of Allah). In the Quran, it has also been referred as ‘Al Bayt Al Atiq’ (the old house), ‘Al Bayt’ (the house), ‘Al Bayt Al Haram’ (the sacred house).

2- Guardianship of Ka’aba

The caretaking responsibility of Kaaba belongs to the Shaibi Family for centuries. At first, it belonged to Hazrat Ibrahim AS then to Ismail AS. It was then forcibly taken from them by the different tribes. Later, it came back to the descendants of Ismail AS. During the times of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Usman Ibn Talha had it. When the prophet came back to Makkah, the doors of Ka’aba were locked and the Ely’s were with Usman. Hazrat Ali RA took the keys from him and thus they entered Ka’aba. Later on, the matter of the guardianship of the Ka’aba was put forward, Hazrat Jibrail AS came down with the verse from Allah SWT and the keys were returned to the Shaybah successors. Here’s a short video that shoes you a 360 View inside the ka’aba:

1- Love for Ka’ba

The love for Ka’ba is present in the heart of every Muslim. It is the house of Allah and the house of worship for all the Muslims. It symbolizes the oneness of Allah and Muslims have a deep love for this sacred of Allah SWT.

facts and quotes on kaaba

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