30 Best Islamic Quotes On Wealth – Quran on Money Matters

BEST ISLAMIC VERSES ON WEALTH. Quran is a complete code of life for Muslims and Allah has commanded to live our lives according to it. In Islam the issue of wealth has been taken seriously and many verses and hadith talk about it and how one should spend it.
Wealth in Quran has been considered as a blessing and a trial too. The Holy book emphasises on giving charity from one’s wealth which has been granted by Allah to him.

What does Islam say about wealth?

Wealth according to Islam (8)

30- Concept of wealth In Islam

Islam is the religion for the whole of mankind. In Islam, wealth has two elements; material and spiritual. The material element refers to worldly possessions and the spiritual element refers to having faith in Allah (SWT). Islam emphasizes having a balanced relationship between the two elements. It doesn’t deny the desire of having worldly possessions but it forbids to transgress. It encourages to spend money on poor and needy and earn through fair means and prohibits to unlawfully confiscate other people’s wealth. Here are 20+ Islamic Quotes on Charity, Aayahs and hadiths on Sadqah.

islamic quotes on wealth

islamic quotes on wealth

29- Islamic perspective of wealth

In Islam, worldly possessions are considered as blessing and trial. Quran states that everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to Almighty Allah alone so any kind of wealth belongs to Him alone. According to Islam, wealth has been entrusted to mankind by Allah to help people in need. And it is considered as their right.

islamic perspective of money (8)



28- Importance of wealth In Islam

In Islam, wealth has been given so much importance and it is compulsory for Muslims to strive for wealth through hard work and fair means. Allah in the Quran discourages people who only pray for having wealth without doing anything to earn.

islamic perspective of money (11)


27- How to increase wealth In Islam

Wealth In Islam can be increased by giving Sadaqah and charity to the needy and poor. Charity is said to wash our wealth and increase it more.

Wealth according to islam (21)


26- Wealth through fair means

Wealth, as stated in the Quran, should only be attained through fair means. Muslims should never try to earn unlawfully.

Wealth according to islam (8)


25- Zakat on wealth

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam. It comes from the word cleanse or purification. It is given to the people who are not financially stable and it’s obligatory on those who are able to pay it. Zakat is given on wealth that has reached the Nisab and one year has passed. The Zakat to be paid is 2.5% of the wealth. Zakat saves Muslims from greediness.

Wealth according to Islam (8)

24- Prohibition of Riba (interest) on wealth

Interest is strictly forbidden In Islam and is considered as a great sin. Interest is the amount above the loan received by the person who lends money.

Wealth according to Islam (16)

23 – Saving money In Islam

Saving money in Islam isn’t forbidden. In fact, one should save for his future or children to spend. Money or assets on which Zakat isn’t paid, or those who don’t spend in the way of Allah and hoard their money, are disliked by Allah swt. Hoarding gold and silver is strictly prohibited in the Quran.

Wealth according to Islam (3)

22- Dua for wealth In Islam

Wealth according to Islam (1)


21 Distribution of wealth

Wealth In Islam has to be distributed among the relatives after one’s death.

Wealth according to Islam (11)


 20- Attainment of piety

Islam refers to wealth as an attainment of piety. Quran tells us to spend on poor and needy from what we love to help them in order to become pious in His eyes. Here are 35 Islamic Quotes About Greed.

19- Hadith about spending

Prophet Muhammad encouraged spending as much as one can in the way of Allah so that Allah in return will reward him.

Wealth according to Islam (21)


18- Guarding wealth

Charity that is given from our wealth to the needy people guards our wealth. Therefore In Islam, it is prescribed to give charity as much as one can

Wealth according to Islam (5)


17- Unjustly earned wealth

Muslims shouldn’t earn wealth unlawfully or unjustly as it’s a great sin and decreases one’s wealth. Allah punishes the ones who doesn’t earn by fair means.

16-Allah isn’t against wealth

Allah isn’t against any kind of wealth. He only commands us not to transgress.

Wealth according to Islam (30)


15- Wealth as a blessing

Wealth in the Quran has considered al Khair means a blessing from Allah alone. According to or ayah

Wealth according to Islam (19)


14- Wealth as a trial

Wealth in the Quran has also been considered a trial for Muslims and they should not love wealth more than Allah and His Prophet

Wealth according to Islam (26)


13- Spending in the path of Allah

Spending in the path of Allah is loved by Him. As everything including our wealth belongs to Allah alone so we should spend it in His path. Allah also rewards for spending money in His cause.

12- Wealth according to Qur’an

Allah in the Quran says that he blesses people with wealth but this wealth shouldn’t come in between Allah and his beings. Money shouldn’t make men forget Allah.

Wealth according to Islam (20)


11- What does Quran say about money?

Allah in the Quran mentions that wealth belongs to Him only. But whoever is blessed he should spend in the way of Allah and on his family and the ones who are in need.

Wealth according to Islam (6)

10- Hadith on spending money on the family

Spending money on ones family is also considered as ibadah. It is highly encouraged In Islam to spend on one’s family. Prophet Muhammad said

Wealth according to Islam (5)


9- Hadith on Haram money

Wealth according to Islam (2)


8- Dua for halal money and wealth

Prophet Mohammad PBUH has taught us a dua for halal wealth/money

Wealth according to Islam (12)


7- Greediness of wealth

In Islam, greediness of wealth is discouraged. Prophet Muhammad says that when a person attains wealth with greed it will never satisfy him or being him good. Greediness and selfishness are the traits disliked by the almighty Allah.

Wealth according to Islam (7)

6- Wealth to cloth the poor

When we give wealth, Allah help and reward us more. It was said by a Sufi saint that when we clothe a poor from our wealth, Allah will clothe us in His presence.

Wealth according to Islam (4)


5- Question about wealth

One the day of judgment, Muslims will be asked about his wealth that how did he acquire wealth, from where did he acquire it and where did he spend it

4- Allah the provider of wealth

Allah swt is Al- Mannan, the provider of provisions and wealth. He provides to those who are ungrateful and grateful to him. He’s the only provider of sustenance.

3- Don’t be an extravagant

Quran discourages spending wealth extravagantly. Allah doesn’t like those who spend foolishly or stingily. There should always be a balance between the two extremes for spending money.

2- Wealth as a means to attain purity

wealth in the Quran has been considered as a means to attain purity. When we give charity from our wealth, it purifies our heart and our wealth.

1- Wealth according to one’s needs

Quran encourages to spend only according to one’s needs.

According to this ayah

spend) whatever is in surplus to your needs.”, thus does Allah make His commandments clear to you so that you may meditate.”
Qur’an (2:219).

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