30 Islamic Quotes on Qurbani/Sacrifice and Eid ul Adha

Islamic quotes on Sacrifice and Eid ul Adha. Eid ul Adha is celebrated on the 10th of Dhul- Hajj, in the remembrance of Hazrat Ibrahim AS sacrifice. He was asked my Allah SWT in a dream to slaughter his own son, Hazrat Isma’il AS.

Ibrahim AS bow down in front of Allah’s command and prepared himself to slaughter his son. Allah SWT helped him and replaced his son with a sheep at the time of slaughtering. Sacrificing animals is the essence of Eid ul Adha. But sacrificing doesn’t only mean to cut the animal and eat the meat, but it basically means to sacrifice what we love in the path of Allah. In abstract sense, it means to let go of your attachments and love for dunya for the sake of Allah SWT. And that is the true meaning of sacrifice in Islam.


islamic quotes on eid ul adha

↓ 30- What is Eid ul Adha

Eid al Adha is celebrated in remembrance of Hazrat Ibrahim AS who willingly went to sacrifice his son on Allah’s command but as He’s the most merciful, He replaced Ismail AS with a sheep. Also have a look at these 30+ Eid Wishes, Messages & Quotes.

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↓ 29- What is Sacrifice in Islam

When we read about sacrifice means sacrificing animals in the path of Allah in the remembrance of Hazrat Ibrahim AS, who was asked by Allah SWT to slaughter his son Hazrat Isma’il AS. But in the abstract sense, sacrifice in Islam basically means is to let go of what you love and tie attachment for the sake of Allah SWT.

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↓ 28- The Purpose Behind the Sacrifice

On Eid ul Adha, we sacrifice animals in the remembrance of Hazrat Ibrahim AS. But we should know the purpose behind it. Allah SWT had asked him to slaughter his own son from his own hands. Ibrahim AS didn’t protest over this command of Allah SWT. Allah SWT replaced his son with a ram. It is not that the animal that we sacrifice, the purpose is to make sure that we sacrifice ou attachments and love for materialistic things for the sake of One and Only true God, Allah SWT.

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↓ 27- Eid ul Adha in Quran

Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid ul Adha with great joy. It is farz on people who can afford to slaught animals in the path of Allah SWT. Allah in the Quran himself talks about sacrifice and Eid ul Adha.

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↓ 26- Hadith on Eid ul Adha

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↓ 25-  Sacrifice for Allah

We sacrifice animals in the name of Allah SWT so that means our sacrifices should only be for Him. We slaughter our animals only for the sake of Allah and according to his commands. It shouldn’t be for anyone else. Here are 50 Best Jumma Mubarak SMS, Messages and Wallpapers.

Eid ul Adha (22)


↓ 24- Precautions Before Sacrificing Animals

When performing Qurbani, one has to take precautions before the Eid day. Prophet Muhammad has taught his ummah that one who is offering Qurbani shouldn’t cut his nails and hair before slaughtering the animals. We should make all the hygienic preparations before the moon of Dhul- Hajj is sighted. Before Eid prayers one shouldn’t eat anything. After Qurbani, nails and hair be cut and one should eat from the meat of the sacrificing animals.

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↓ 23- What Animals Should be Sacrificed

In Surah hajj, Allah says

‘And for all religion We have appointed a rite [of sacrifice] that they may mention the name of Allah over what He has provided for them of [sacrificial] animals. For your god is one God, so to Him submit. And, [O Muhammad], give good tidings to the humble [before their Lord]’

The sacrificing animals include, cattle, camels, sheep and goat.

Eid ul Adha (35)

↓ 22- Eid ul Adha Sunnah

Eid ul Adha is a sacred festival for the Muslims all over the world. To slaughter animals after the Eid prayers is the Sunnah. We should follow Sunnah on every step on this day.

Eid ul Adha (23)


↓ 21- Recitation of Takbeer

Allah has given us this joyous occasion of Eid ul Adha and all the Muslims offer Eid prayers. The takbeer should be recited on the Eid day and all Tashreeq days.

Eid ul Adha (5)


↓ 20- Characteristics of a Sacrificing Animal

When we are sacrificing animals, we should sacrifice the best of best. Animals should be in decent shape and healthy. The sacrifice of an injured animal isn’t accepted at any cost. Prophet Muhammad has asked to avoid four defects in animals that are bought for sacrifice

1) obvious defect in one eye

2) obvious sickness

3) One that cannot walk properly or that is lame.

4) An emaciated animal that doesn’t have marrow in bones

Eid ul Adha (37)

↓ 19- Sacrifice Nourishes Iman

Sacrifice for the sake of Allah SWT nourishes our Iman and increases our faith in Allah SWT. It is mentioned in the Quran that sacrifice is that key without which closer doors do not unblock. (Surah Al Baqarah)

Sacrifice is the nourishment without which the tiny seeds of Iman will not grow into mighty, leafy trees, providing shade and fruit to the countless caravans of mankind (Ibrahim 14:24-5).

Eid ul Adha (31)

↓ 18- Islamic Method of Slaughtering Animals

There is an Islamic way of method of slaughtering animals without which the sacrifice isn’t accepted.

1) The slaughtering should be done by sane adult Muslim

2) The animal should be slaughtered with a sharp knife

3) The windpipe and two jugular veins should be cut

4) The knife shouldn’t be lifted and the animal should be slaughtered in one stroke

5) The name of Allah should be mentioned while slaughtering the animal.

Eid ul Adha (17)


↓ 17- Facts about Eid ul Adha

Eid ul Adha (8)


↓ 16- Fast isn’t for Eid ul Adha

Prophet Muhammad has said in a clear manner that Muslims shouldn’t fast on Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha. We can fast on any day except for these two occasions. He says that Eid ul Adha is for drinking, eating and praising Allah SWT.

↓ 15-Sacrifice After the Prayers

The sacrifice of animals should only take place after the Eid prayers. Those who slaughter before Eid prayers, their sacrifice isn’t accepted. Do have a look at these 30 Inspirational Islamic Quotes On Gossiping & Backbiting.

Eid ul Adha (39)

↓ 14- Qurbani while Traveling

According to Fataawa Hindiyyah:

traveling on eid ul adha

↓ 13- The Spirit of Eid ul Adha

Eid ul Adha (26)

↓ 12- The Abilities to Sacrifice for Allah

There should be certain abilities and characteristics that are needed to sacrifice in the path of Allah and for the sake Him only.

1) Love for Allah

2) Faith in Him

3) Faith in meeting him on the day of judgment

4) Gratefulness and humility

↓ 11- The Sacrifice Shouldn’t be for People

The sacrifice that we make for Allah SWT should only be for Him and not for the people. One shouldn’t show their animals off to people and brag about the price they paid for an animal. The sacrifice should only for the sake of Allah.

↓ 10- Sacrificing in a Halal Way

Sacrificing in a halal way should be the only way to slaughter an animal. It should be slaughtered in an Islamic way by cutting the windpipe and two jugular veins. The name of Allah should be mentioned before slaughtering to make the Qurbani halal. If the name of Allah isn’t invoked intentionally, the sacrifice isn’t considered halal. If it’s not invoked unintentionally then the sacrifice isn’t considered haram.

↓ 9- Eid ul Adha is a form of Worship

Eid ul Adha is way to worship Allah SWT. On this day we sacrifice animals in the path of Allah SWT and according to prophet Muhammad, this day is only for the worship of Allah.

Eid ul Adha (34)

↓ 8- Thanking Allah for this day

Muslims should thank Allah SWT to be able to celebrate this day of joy. We should thank Him that He has given us the opportunity to afford the sacrifice and also thank Him to make us Muslims.

↓ 7- Give Sadqah

Muslims should offer Qurbani and sacrifice animals and give lots of sadqah. We should spend for the sake of Allah SWT and help the poor by giving sadqah. Here are 20+ Islamic Quotes on Charity-Aayahs and hadiths on Sadqah.

↓ 6- Sacrifice after Hajj

During Hajj, the hujjaj perform the rituals that are required and farz for the completion of hajj . On the 10th of Dhul hajj, the hujjaj perform Qurbani and slaughter the animals. Their sacrifice take place after hajj.

↓ 5- Share of meat for the poor

The meat should be divided between the relatives, poor and people who slaughter the animal.

According to one Hadith

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith

‘(Of the Sacrifice) eat of it, and feed of it to others, and store of it.’’

↓ 4- Taking care of sacrificing animals

The animals that are under the care of people for sacrifice, should be taken care of properly. They should be loved and fed in a proper manner as they are sacrificed in the path of Allah SWT.

↓ 3- Spreading Love on the day of Eid

The Muslims should clean their heart from any resentment and hatred and spread only love. They should come forward with open arms and speak the language of love as Eid ul Adha is all about love and joy.

↓ 2- Dua on Eid ul Adha

Eid ul Adha (42)


↓ 1- Greeting people with a Clean Heart

Muslimsd should greet people by hugging three times. It is the ritual that has been a part of both Eid. Muslims should open up their hearts with love and greet everyone with joy.

Eid ul Adha (10)


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