10 Islamic Quotes on Nature & The Concept of Nature in Islam

Islamic Quotes on nature: Following Judaism and Christianity as the last Abrahamic religions, Islam views the creation of the universe as the proof of the existence of one and only Creator. Allah gives meaning and life to everything.

Allah (God) is the one God, the absolute Creator of the universe. His laws are according to Islamic theology. He is the beginning and end of all things, and thus Islam’s teachings are built on this foundation.

What Does Islam Teach About Nature?

Both the Quran and hadith are full of beautiful quotes about nature and its importance in Islam. Here are some of our favorite ones that define the concept of nature in Islam:

10 Islamic Quotes on Nature & The Concept of Nature in Islam

10 – Everything in Nature Works by Allah’s Permission

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10 Islamic Quotes on Nature & The Concept of Nature in Islam

9 – Nature is a Sign of Allah

10 Islamic Quotes on Nature & The Concept of Nature in Islam

8 – Do Not Waste The Earth’s Natural Resources

We can see examples in both the Quran and Hadith where we have been instructed to never waste any of the earth’s natural resources, be it food or water.

10 Islamic Quotes on Nature & The Concept of Nature in Islam
10 Islamic Quotes on Nature & The Concept of Nature in Islam

7 – Planting Trees is a Form of Charity

10 Islamic Quotes on Nature & The Concept of Nature in Islam

6 – Nature in Quran

The Qur’an is Allah’s message as it was passed down to Muslims through the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The fact that there is only one version of the Qur’an (no differences between any two copies) attests to Muslims’ veneration for it. 

The Qur’an, which contains Allah’s word, is unmistakable proof of His existence for Muslims. Nature, in addition to the Qur’an, is a source of proof of Allah’s existence. The phrase ayat, which refers to indications of Allah’s existence in nature and also refers to verses in the Qur’an. Hence, It demonstrates this close tie between the Qur’an and nature.

10 Islamic Quotes on Nature & The Concept of Nature in Islam

5 – The Entire World Is a Mosque

One of the peculiar characteristics of those who reject “organized religion” in favor of bizarre cults is how easily they replace the profound with the superficial. The great faiths have a breadth and depth that could never be investigated in a lifetime. Whereas cults are empty and narrow when their surface dazzle is peeled away. 

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This has been the case with the majority of Muslims, who have tended to disregard what the Quran says about our environment and our responsibilities to the animal world.

●      Islam and Environmentalists

It’s been claimed that we leave our fingerprints on everything we touch and that they stay there long after we’ve moved on. However, this is merely one facet of our reciprocal relationship with everything in our environment. We are not shielded from the world around us. We harm ourselves when we treat the natural world solely as a resource to be exploited and dominated.

Environmentalists warn that our mistreatment of the environment will have catastrophic effects on humanity as a whole. Yet unfortunately that may be the least of our concerns. There are many levels of consequences; the higher the level, the more devastating the consequences are likely to be.

10 Islamic Quotes on Nature & The Concept of Nature in Islam

●      A Universal Prayer

The Muslim is assured that the entire world is his mosque. The fortified structures to which he is summoned for worship are merely for his convenience. Fields, forests, and deserts are all suitable locations for prayer. They should be treated with the same reverence as a traditional mosque.

 It is a component of faith to respect all that God has made, for everything bears the imprint of His hand. In the middle of nature, a man or woman who stands bends, and prostrates is a member of a universal congregation, participating in a universal prayer.

3 – Mankind & Nature

Since man was made of clay, he is a part of nature rather than separate from it. This connection to nature manifests itself in Islamic life in a variety of ways. The most significant and obvious of which is death.

Muslim burials have the requirement that the corpse is to be washed, stripped of any personal belongings, and buried within three days. Hence, this is done to make an easier return to the earth. 

10 Islamic Quotes on Nature & The Concept of Nature in Islam

The man was granted a specific place in Allah’s cosmos. In contrast to Christian teachings, Islam teaches that man was not created in God’s image. Rather, Allah differentiated man from the rest of His creations by infusing him with His own spirit.

This special treatment of God’s creation afforded man two advantages that the rest of creation did not have: 

  • Freedom of choice.
  • Creative knowledge

2 – God’s Signs in Nature: A Re-Discovery

The importance that the Quran places on the environment, or the natural world, as a “reminder” that helps us keep God in our minds at all times. 

However, even a hazy perception of these unavoidable “signs of God” necessitates the preservation of a child’s sight throughout adulthood. “Lord, enhance my marveling!” the Prophet is said to have prayed. This is how a youngster sees the world as if it were fresh from God’s hand and full of wonders. However, as time passes, the vision fades.

10 Islamic Quotes on Nature & The Concept of Nature in Islam

1 – Animal Creation Deserves Respect

Many Muslims appear to have overlooked the ramifications of what the Quran says about the natural world and the value of animal creation. However, it’s not just the Quran. These characteristics of the Faith are repeatedly mentioned in the Prophet’s recorded sayings, the hadith literature.

The life of a good Muslim is lived in imitation of the Prophet Muhammad’s example, and the most rigorous references to animal welfare may be found in the ahadith. They have serious consequences for anyone who fails to provide adequate care for the animals in their hands.

10 Islamic Quotes on Nature & The Concept of Nature in Islam

There are a number of small episodes in the record that emphasize the same point, such as the woman sentenced to hell for shutting up a cat until it died of starvation. Then there is an incident about the prostitute. She was pardoned for all her sins because she offered water to a dog that was dying of thirst.

An Open Invitation to Knowledge and Learning

According to Islamic traditions, the first exhibition of creative knowledge occurred when Allah challenged the angels and Adam. Allah asked them to name items after they questioned Allah about why he had created man in the form of Adam. The angels couldn’t give things names. However, Adam could, giving him an advantage over the objects he named and exhibiting his Creator’s power.

Islam, through the Qur’an, urges man to discover the laws of nature and the ways in which the cosmos exists as part of man’s privilege. In this sense, there is no challenge to Allah’s dominance. If Allah wants something to remain a mystery (such as Himself), then man has no possibility of learning what Allah wants to keep concealed.

On the contrary, man’s enormous wisdom becomes obvious when he witnesses for himself how methodically the cosmos has been created and prepared for. Therefore, man is encouraged to inquire about, learn, explore, and influence the world around him in order to benefit from it.

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