8 Greatest Blessings of Allah That We Need To Be Grateful For

There are numerous blessings of Allah that He has bestowed a Muslim with, for which he should be thankful every day.  To name a few, the gift of five senses, food, health, wealth, family, and above all being a Muslim cannot be denied. Allah has blessed all his creation with an abundance of blessings. It’s just a matter of realization that leads to gratitude. 

Amid the hustle-bustle of life, Muslims should take out a portion of their time to thank Allah verbally and through actions. Saying “Alhamdulillah” when one sees and feels something to be grateful for, be it a breath-taking view or merely a cold glass of water in the sweltering weather. Practically we should help others by taking care of their needs, the way Allah has generously showered his blessings on us.

8 Greatest Blessings of Allah That We Need To Be Grateful For

Can you count Allah’s blessings?

Even if you try to compute, you’d never be able to figure out how much you’ve been blessed till now. Little things and favors that Allah bestows upon us, adds meaning to our lives. 

Allah is abundantly blessing you in major chapters of your life. Be it your financial stability, your ability to think and respond, your good deeds, the guilt you have in your heart after doing any sin, being apologetic, being thankful and the list goes on. 

Here are the best Islamic Quotes About Being Grateful.

8 Greatest Blessings of Allah That We Need To Be Grateful For  

These are some of the minute examples we go through in our daily lives without realizing their importance. 

Many times, we take all these Allah’s blessings for granted but, we should always be thankful for them. 

What is Shaitan’s primary mission?

Muslims remain ungrateful to Allah is what Shaitan’s primary mission sounds like.No matter how blessed you are, Shaitan would always make room in your heart for being ungrateful. 

Comparing your status, well-being, ranks and positions with others is what makes Satan happy. This way, not only do you become ungrateful but also don’t realize the blessings you already have. 

However, there are some more of Allah’s greatest blessings that we need to be more grateful for before we return to him. 

What Are The Greatest Blessings of Allah?

8 – Allah is the creator of all things

You should be thankful to Allah that you are blessed beyond measure since you are a Muslim. Allah has created you and Allah’s creation is err free. 

Allah is the King of this and all universes. He has made everything for our ease so we can thank him. 

The sun, moon, mighty mountains and lakes, stars and trees, they all worship Allah. They all are Allah’s creation and are helpful to us in numerous ways. 

8 Greatest Blessings of Allah That We Need To Be Grateful For  

7 – Allah forgives us

Even if our sins touch the sky, one sincere repentance call can wash our sins away. That’s how forgiving The Almighty is. 

If we are treated as per our sins, the punishment would be severe. However, Allah has always been kind to his creation. 

He forgives the major and minor sins if the person calls out to him sincerely. If our sins are not forgiven, no one of us would enter Paradise because only angels are err-free but not the humans. 

6 – Allah saves us from calamities 

After every pain, there is ease. That’s how kind our Lord is. Life is unpredictable, some days are joyous while others are not. 

Even if your life has been through rough days, there will be days that bring you sunshine. There will be days you’d no longer remember the pain. That’s how Allah saves us from calamities, trials and danger. 

Allah is the most powerful and he has everything in his control. Your failures, trials and calamities happen on his orders. 

Similarly, your good days come by his order. You need to trust in Allah’s plans, as we discussed in our post on Quotes That Prove Allah is The Best Planner of All Affairs

5 – Allah is faithful to us

Even when we turn away from Allah, he is always there for us. He doesn’t take away his blessings from us. Allah is faithful to us even when we are faithless. 

We can always count on Allah as HE is always there in our happy and darkest hours. There might be days without repentance and dua, but there are no days when our tables are not filled with food and feasts.

Allah has always been kind to each one of us. He is the exalted, the most faithful. 

4 – Allah doesn’t break his promises

8 Greatest Blessings of Allah That We Need To Be Grateful For  

Since Allah is the greatest of all, HE doesn’t break his promises. He’s always there protecting and guiding us. 

He doesn’t lie. There are times when humans break their promises and take their words back but, it is Allah who never lies to his creations and never breaks his promises too. 

There are several promises that Allah has made as mentioned in the Holy Quran and everything that happens, happens by the will of Allah. 

3 – Allah deals with the matters of a disobedient person patiently

When a person is disobedient, he is not punished then and there. Allah has always been kind to his creation. He gives them time to repent. 

Allah never closes his doors of mercy to the hands that make dua. Soon as the person asks for forgiveness, Allah is all there for the rescue. 

Similarly, if there’s a person who is disobedient to Allah; he doesn’t pray, doesn’t repent and doesn’t follow the path of Islam, Allah waits for such a soul to get back to the righteous path. 

He doesn’t take revenge from his creatures. He waits patiently for the soul to repent. That’s such a great blessing for Muslims. 

2 – Allah sent Muhammad (p.b.u.h) for us 

Allah fulfilled one of his promises by sending Muhammad (p.b.u.h) to us. He is a source of guidance for many of us. Muhammad(p.b.u.h) has shown us ways to live a great life which is adored by Allah. 

He has made rules and has given us clear instructions so that we lead a life as per Allah’s order. Muhammad(p.b.u.h) is one of the biggest blessings for the religion of Islam. Following his teachings, we can make our life and hereafter beautiful. 

Islam revolves around his teachings and he is a great leader of the Muslim ummah. There are unlimited things to learn from his life, his nature, his habits and his ahadith and we talked about some of them in our previous post on Great Manners of Prophet Muhammad That We Need to Adopt.

1 – The Holy Quran

8 Greatest Blessings of Allah That We Need To Be Grateful For  

The Holy Quran is the blessed book of Allah and it holds all the knowledge and Allah’s orders to live a righteous life. The Holy book of Allah spreads love, positivity and brings sustenance in life. 

It shares a great message with people, related to stories and rewards that happened with the prophets so that you may take notice. 

Reciting it removes your sins and adds blessings to your life. The Holy book of Allah has guidance in it for those who understand. Here are Short Surahs of Quran That You Can Easily Learn for these rewards.

Hence, we see Allah has bestowed uncountable blessings on us both spiritually, physically and for the material world. His blessings will be reflected on Day of Judgement too when he will do justice amongst all his creation.


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