50 Inspirational Mufti Menk Quotes and Sayings with Images

Mufti Menk Quotes. Ismail ibn Musa Menk, born in Harare, is a renowned Islamic preacher and Mufti of Zimbabwe. He memorized the verses of Sura Tauba when he was 3 years old. Then he completed the whole Quran (Hifz) at the age of 12. He started studying Shariah under his father supervision later he attained a degree in Shariah from the University of Madinah, and then he went for specialization in Iftaa at Darul Uloom Kantharia in Gujarat.

He is the Head of the Fatwa Department of Majlisul Ulama Zimbabwe (The Council of Islamic Scholars of Zimbabwe). He is also an Imam at Masjid Al Falaah in Harare. He is a great inspirational speaker and lecturer around the globe. He is working is solely for the Pleasure of the Allah Almighty without any financial reward. We can not find or hear copyrights, charges, royalties, patents, and cost to invite him.

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1. Who is Mufti Menk?

2. His Educational Background

3. His Style & Approach

5. Mufti Menk on Love

6. Mufti Menk on Marriage

7. Mufti Menk on Friendship

8. Mufti Menk on Hijab & Modesty

9. Mufti Menk on trust in Allah

10. Mufti Menk on Women & Mothers

11. Mufti Menk on Good Character

12. Mufti Menk on Seeking Forgiveness

13. Mufti Menk on Pain & Sadness

14. Mufti Menk on Respecting Others

15. Mufti Menk on Being Humble

16. Mufti Menk on Repentance

17. Mufti Menk on Overcoming Weakness

18. Mufti Menk on Sincere Acts

19. Mufti Menk on Jealousy

20. Mufti Menk on Bearing Grudges

21. Mufti Menk on Calm Under Adversity

22. Mufti Menk on Patience & Perseverance

23. Mufti Menk on Fairness

24. Mufti Menk on Happiness

25. Mufti Menk on Life, Success & Death

26. Mufti Menk on Negativity

27. Mufti Menk on Faith In Yourself

28. Mufti Menk on Importance Of Prayers

29. Mufti Menk on Self-Control

30. Mufti Menk on Taking Responsibility

31. Mufti Menk on Being Appreciative

32. Mufti Menk on Self-Improvement

33. Mufti Menk on Parenting/Husband & Wife

Best Motivational  Sayings by Mufti Menk

Mufti Menk Quotes (2)

  • When giving advice, do so kindly. Do it sincerely with patience. Don’t do it to show that you are more intelligent or better than others.
  • There’s no need to be popular & win the approval of others. The Almighty did not create you for this purpose. Stay true to yourself.
  • No matter how angry, never use harsh words on others; for those could be the last words you’ll ever say to them. Choose to be kind always.
  • Be wary of people who stab you in the back repeatedly & then behave like they’re the ones who have been wronged. It’s best to avoid them.
  • You can search the world for happiness but you won’t find it until you start being content with what the Almighty has already given you.
  • We love ourselves after so many mistakes, so why do we hate others for one or two mistakes they’ve made.
  • When someone tries to offend you, remember you can’t control your response. Save yourself and don’t react.
  • When you learn to discipline your tongue, you’ll stop scrutinizing, judging and condemning others. You’ll then focus on your own weaknesses.
  • If it doesn’t involve you, don’t get involved.
  • Clothing yourself with the best character is more appealing than clothing yourself with expensive labels.
  • Find it in your heart to fully forgive the one who’s wronged you. It’s difficult but the rewards are great and given by the almighty himself.
  • If you want peace to prevail in your heart, remove anger, resentment, blame and worry.
  • When a matter has been resolved, we should not keep bringing up the past.
  • Why do we keep holding grudges? Is it really worth wasting that mental energy? Shouldn’t we just forgive and reap the rewards for letting go?
  • We want to make the world a better place but we are not prepared to improve ourselves.
  • If your heart is always content, then you are the same as or even better than he who has everything in this world.
  • Don’t be busybodies, meddling into affairs of others. Avoid prying into things which are of no concern to you. Focus on your own life.
  • When you keep looking for flaws in others, that’s all you’ll see. You won’t see their beauty. Start focusing on what’s good in people.
  • Arrogance creates a mental block preventing you from taking good advice. Humility allows you to open up, seek advice and imbibe knowledge.
  • A negative mind will interpret the most positive messages negatively but a positive mind extracts the best, even from a negative message.
  • Your brain and your heart are the two most powerful organs in your body. Do not give control of them to anybody.
  • Tonight before you get into bed, say a prayer for those without a bed, without a roof above their head, clothing or a morsel with which to be fed.
  • Do good deeds purely for the Almighty. Don’t expect recognition, congratulations or gratitude from anyone. Seek your rewards from Him alone.
  • Never utter mean words out of anger. Your anger will pass. But your mean words can scar a person for life. So use kind words or be silent.
  • It’s never about material stuff, wealth, fame. It’s always about the heart. The Almighty looks not at how you look but what’s in your heart.
  • No matter how detached you feel when you pray, don’t let go of the link. It’s your path back to the Almighty. Keep at it.
  • My heart is too valuable to allow hatred and jealousy to rent a spot.
  • When the sun’s up, there’ll many ‘friends’ around. Try counting how many remain when clouds gather and a storm breaks. Know a true friend.
  • Your faith is your tree of life. The deeper the roots, the stronger the faith. Water the tree with good deeds; or it’ll wither and die.
  • If a human being closes one door upon you, trust the Almighty to open another ten doors for you.

Mufti Menk Quotes with Pictures


↓ 50- Problems Mean a Good End


Mufti Menk Quotes (1)

↓ 49- Women Deserve PolitenessMufti Menk Quotes (3)

↓ 48- Pray for Parents Life

Mufti Menk Quotes (4)

↓ 47- Lose Everything for Almighty

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↓ 46- Trials are Blessings

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↓ 45- Get up in the dark and lit up the life

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↓ 44- Goodbye with polite words

Mufti Menk Quotes (8)

↓ 43- Never Respond with Hate

Mufti Menk Quotes (9)

↓ 42- Put your matters on Allah

Mufti Menk Quotes (10)

↓ 41- Help Peoples

Mufti Menk Quotes (11)

↓ 40- Clear Heart

Mufti Menk Quotes (12)

↓ 39- Allah is always with us

Mufti Menk Quotes (13)

↓ 38- Don’t Envy

Mufti Menk Quotes (14)

↓ 37- Put All trust on Almighty

Mufti Menk Quotes (15)

↓ 36- Recognization

Mufti Menk Quotes (17)

↓ 35- Search the right thingMufti Menk Quotes (18)

↓ 34- Not be judgementalMufti Menk Quotes (19)

↓ 33- Enjoy the small joysMufti Menk Quotes (22)

↓ 32- Do not drop your characterMufti Menk Quotes (23)

↓ 31- PraiseMufti Menk Quotes (24)

↓ 30- Avoid the wrong peoples

Mufti Menk Quotes (25)

↓ 29- Don’t DespairMufti Menk Quotes (26)

↓ 28- Try to improve the relationship with AlmightyMufti Menk Quotes (27)

↓ 27- Avoid hurtful wordsMufti Menk Quotes (29)

↓ 26- The best ResponderMufti Menk Quotes (30)

↓ 25- Do not let your dreams to lose HopeMufti Menk Quotes (31)

↓ 24- Pain and successMufti Menk Quotes (32)

↓ 23- Pray for othersMufti Menk Quotes (33)

↓ 22- Pose an excellent character to everyoneMufti Menk Quotes (34)

↓ 21- A rich personMufti Menk Quotes (35)

↓ 20- Beauty lies within your heartMufti Menk Quotes (36)

↓ 19- Allah afflicts us with trialsMufti Menk Quotes (37)

↓ 18- Invest for good deedsMufti Menk Quotes (38)

↓ 17- Choice is yours

Mufti Menk Quotes (28)

↓ 16- Do not compare your life with others

Mufti Menk Quotes (39)

↓ 15- Objection is good

Mufti Menk Quotes (40)

↓ 14- Be Patient with your children

Mufti Menk Quotes (41)

↓ 13- Be kind in every situation

Mufti Menk Quotes (43)

↓ 12- Beautiful Heart

Mufti Menk Quotes (44)

↓ 11- Beautiful words for a beautiful path

Mufti Menk Quotes (45)

↓ 10- Always remember Allah

Mufti Menk Quotes (46)

↓ 9- Nudity is not a liberation

Mufti Menk Quotes (47)

↓ 8- Every Trial has a purpose

↓ 7- Think before you act

Mufti Menk Quotes (48)

↓ 6- Talk

Mufti Menk Quotes (49)

↓5- Choose a religious partner

Mufti Menk Quotes (50)

↓ 4- Never underestimate the power of prayer with conviction

Mufti Menk Quotes (51)

↓ 3- Be Careful for Today

Mufti Menk Quotes (52)

↓ 2- let them spend life together

Mufti Menk Quotes (53)

↓ 1- Smile and move on

Mufti Menk Quotes (54)

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