9 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

Lessons from the story of Prophet Yusuf: Quran is a book unique in every way, the stories mentioned in the Quran are not only for the purpose of being told and retold. There are many lessons that can be drawn that actually apply to our lives today.

There isn’t a single human being on earth who doesn’t go through his share of hardships destined for him. These stories are meant to guide and help us overcome any hardships we face. Even the prophets were tested with the loss of loved ones, wealth, and health.

9 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

What Can We Learn From Prophet Yusuf’s Story?

Quran is full of stories of Prophets from the previous nations, what challenges they faced. The story of Prophet Yusuf is unique as it tells one complete story from beginning till the end, also one of the people’s favorite stories as well. This story as well as other stories in the Quran reinforces the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. Many of the issues faced in this story are probably what we face in our daily lives.

9 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

Story Of Prophet Yusuf In Brief

Prophet Yusuf was a descendant of a lineage of Prophets. He was the son of Prophet Yaqub, grandson of Prophet Ishaq, and the great-grandson of Prophet Ibrahim (May Allah‘s blessing be with them all). Prophet Yusuf spent most of his life enduring schemes by the people closest to him. His jealous brothers plotted to kill him but instead left him in a well, he was then picked up by a traveling caravan and sold in the slave market. He was bought by a man who raised him like his own son. His faith was tested yet again when the King’s wife tried to seduce him but her plan was foiled and he was sent to prison for many years. Later released and was designated on an important position, working alongside the King.

9 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

9 – Jealousy Is A Dangerous Emotion

Yusuf said to his father,

‘Father, I dreamed of eleven stars and the sun and the moon: I saw them all bow down before me,’ and he replied, ‘My son, tell your brothers nothing of this dream, or they may plot to harm you––Shaytan is man’s sworn enemy.”

YUSUF 12:8-9

Prophet Yusuf’s brothers hated him because Allah SWT chooses him, they were not among his good wishers and wished to harm him. We have dreams or big goals in our lives, or we may have been blessed with a lot by the Grace of Allah SWT, it is better and recommended to keep those dreams and blessings to yourself. In today’s time social media an added evil, we post everything there. Everyone might not be fortunate enough to have everything in abundance, jealousy is a disease of the soul that can manifest into evil actions. And vice versa if we see someone flourishing try not to feel low because you don’t have it, it won’t take Shaitan long to turn that into jealousy. Be thankful for what you have. If something good is destined for you, nothing can stop it from happening. Here are some Powerful Duas to Control Anger, Jealousy & Other Negative Emotions.

9 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

8 – Never Give into Worldly Desires.

Prophet Yusuf was the most handsome of men. The king’s wife tried to seduce him, but Prophet Yusuf held steadfast on his morals and beliefs. But all Prophet Yusuf said:

“[I seek] the refuge of Allah. Indeed, he is my master, who has made good my residence. Indeed, wrongdoers will not succeed.” YUSUF 12:23

A believer should never try to cross the line which can push him into eternal darkness in the hereafter, no matter how tempting it may seem in the heat of the moment. Whenever we are tempted to sin by any ongoing phase in our lives, even for a little bit, we should always remember that:

9 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

The life of Prophet Yusuf also gives insight into parenting, what should be done and what all has to be avoided.

7- No Child Should be A Favorite

Prophet Yaqub, the father of Prophet Yusuf, was an ideal parent, he never showed favoritism to Prophet Yusuf over his other sons, since he was at a tender age he required a little more attention than the rest. This was unacceptable to Yusuf’s brothers, jealousy drove them into plotting to harm him.

“Yusuf and his brother are more beloved to our father than we.”

YUSUF 12:8

We tend to play favoritism intentionally or unintentionally, parents are a little more inclined towards a certain child either he is weak and needs more time and affection or is bright thus he gets all the praise, this leaves out the other children feeling alone and empty. Parents are so caught up in that particular child, that they forget other children deserve their attention as well. Being biased leads to no good and the outcome is a nightmare. Kids tend to lose confidence, thinking they aren’t worthy of their parent’s time, which in turn scars their personality, the children begin to doubt themselves and start to fall back in every aspect of life.

This may not seem such a big problem when they are young, but when they step into real life it can create havoc. Thus every child deserves motivation and support. If they don’t get it from their parents they might look elsewhere and no one can be as sincere with them as their parents. Here are the Everyday Duas That Muslim Parents Should Teach Their Kids.

9 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

6 – Children Make Mistakes, Forgive Them

When Prophet Yusuf’s brothers returned with his blood-soaked shirt, Prophet Yaqub instantly knew they had done something wrong and were lying about the Yusuf being eaten by a wolf. Prophet Yaqub did not rage and punish his sons instead he forgave them, knowing that they had done something terrible. As parents, we need to take this in and remember not to demand perfection from our children and accept the fact that no one is perfect. Our children will make mistakes, it is our job to be patient and direct them supporting them all the way, eventually, they will realize their mistakes and try their level best to rectify them. Here are the Best Islamic Quotes on Forgiveness.

9 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

5 – Teach Your Child Any Skill

Allah SWT had blessed Prophet Yusuf with the skill to interpret dreams, but in addition to that when he was sold as a slave, the person who bought him raised him as his own son and taught him well. Prophet Yusuf was an avid learner. The sole reason for Prophet Yusuf’s release from jail was his knowledge and education and not his noble lineage, nor his stepfather’s wealth, nor because of his handsomeness.

9 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

4 – Everyone Deserves To Be Treated Kindly

When Prophet Yusuf was in prison, he dealt with the prisoners with the utmost kindness. He spoke to them about Allah SWT. Always believe in the good in a person, his sins are bad it doesn’t make the human being bad overall. Learn to hate the sin not the sinner. Because if Allah wills he can be guided to the right path. Shaitan is on a constant mission to misguide people, today we hate a person because of a particular bad deed, maybe tomorrow Allah forbids that sin can become a part of our life too.

9 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

3 – Forgive

When Prophet Yusuf given the position of Treasurer, he came face to face with his brothers. His brothers were very embarrassed and felt remorse. Instead of gloating, he forgave them. He said to them

“No blame will there be upon you today. May Allah forgive you; and He is the most merciful of the merciful.”

Yusuf 12: 92

Learn to forgive, yes our faith isn’t that strong, it hurts terribly when someone closest to us is the cause of our pain. We feel like taking revenge, but remember that Allah SWT does the best justice, leave it to him, and better yet forgive and let go. It will only elevate and make us more honorable in front of Allah.

9 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

2 – Have Patience

When Prophet Yusuf’s brothers returned without him, Prophet Yaqub was distraught but he was patient and said:

“So patience is most fitting. And Allah is the one sought for help against that which you describe.”

Yusuf 12:18

Whenever life presents any obstacles patience and faith in Allah SWT is the only thing that can get us through. Obstacles are a part of life, it is to see how we react whether we are thankful or complain. Here are the Best Islamic Quotes About Patience.

9 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

1 – Allah Is the Best Of Planners

When incidents unfold in our lives, they might seem difficult but what is to come no one knows, and for better or for worse that is what is destined and best for us. This is what the story of Prophet Yusuf teaches us, even if the people closest to you go against you, as long as your trust in Allah is strong, He will open doors for you in your darkest moments. Do go through these Quotes That Prove Allah is The Best Planner of All Affairs.

9 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

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