6 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Solaiman

As a Muslim, when we are growing up, our parents narrate different Islamic stories to us. Stories about the fall of Prophet Adam and Eve, the hardships of Prophet Yunus, and about the Prophet Solaiman Kingdom have been part of every Muslim’s life These are not just stories for us, but they are the lessons and code of life we Muslims hold dear and near to ourselves. 

Early Life of Prophet Solaiman

The Prophet Solaiman Story is known to every Muslim brother and sister. He was the son of Prophet Dawud and was bestowed as the Prophet on the famous Bani Israel. Prophet Solaiman was gifted with many abilities by the Almighty Allah;  two of them included his abilities to converse with animals and the supernatural beings called jinn. He is regarded as one of the greatest rulers in the whole world due to his kindness and wise decisions during his reign.

6 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Solaiman

What Can We Learn From Story of Prophet Sulayman?

6 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Solaiman

6 – Always be Humble

The Prophet Solaiman Story is mentioned in the holy scripture, Quran. Allah talks about the Prophet Solaiman Kingdom in the surah Alanbiya which is the 21st surah of the Holy Book. There are several references to Prophet Solaiman throughout the Book in which Allah has told the story of his ruling on the people of Israel. The wisdom of Prophet Solaiman is shown multiple times in Quran and Ahadith. He was not only the ruler of humans but birds and jinns, and that is why his army was full of them. He had given each species a rank and the respect that they deserved. 

We also see, that despite being the ruler of all species, Prophet Solaiman was the epitome of humility. Even though he was a king, and Allah bestowed special mercy on him, he was never arrogant. He no way degraded the bird when it conveyed the information to him about the queen. Instead, he was humble to add to his knowledge from the creature as small as the bird. For a person to spread the word of Allah, humility is the key.  

5 – Respect for Women

The Prophet Solaiman Story also tells about Queen of Sheba. She was a ruler of a distant kingdom who was identified by one of Prophet Solaiman’s birds. He asked her to submit to Allah, but the queen sent him glorious gifts instead, which he rejected quickly. Because he knew that the gifts that Allah had bestowed him with were enough for him and his kingdom.  The queen was asked to visit Prophet  Solaiman to submit to Allah, and when she did, Prophet Solaiman took a test of her to see if she can pass it. He disguised her throne and asked if the throne is hers, to which she said that yes, it was indeed her throne, and Allah guided her in this regard. The queen afterward accepted Islam due to Prophet Solaiman. 

We learn how keen Prophet Solaiman was firm on the principle of Oneness of Allah. He invited the people to Worship one Allah who were worshipping the sun. Also we learn how respectfully a man should address a woman, irrespective of her back ground. You can learn more on this topic from our previous post on Best Islamic Quotes on Women and Status in Islam.

4 – Prayers Should Be The First Priority

The lives of Prophets are full of messages and lessons for the Muslim nation. It is narrated that one day Prophet Solaiman was presented with a beautiful and fine breed of horses. He had deep regard and love for the horses, and in praising their beauty, he missed his prayer. It was to give a message to the Muslims to never occupy your heart with anything that stops you from coming towards Allah. Prophet Solaiman realized his mistake and repented immediately.

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6 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Solaiman

3 – Wealth is a Trial

Wealth is one of the most significant trials that humans have to give. History has been evident with Nimrod and Pharaoh, who claimed themselves as Gods due to a lot of power and wealth. But the Prophet Solaiman remained humbled even when he had an army full of birds and jinns. He had a large kingdom with wealth and troops but stayed steadfast on the path of one Almighty and preached His words and scriptures to his entire nation for as long as he lived. This again reflects on the quality of a person who spreads the word of Allah.

2 – Leadership is a Trial 

Leadership often brings trial with it. When a person is subjected to such a high rank by the Almighty, he violates the laws and uses them for his benefit, but the Prophet Solaiman was a just and honest man. The wisdom of Prophet Solaiman was what made him one of the best rulers in the whole world. 

Prophet Solaiman expected compliance to rules and regulations from all his staff. For example, when he did not see the hoopoe, he warned to punish it if the bird did not give a convincing reason. For Dawah, one must adopt discipline in the organization, not only for himself but also for the team members. Here are some beautiful Islamic Quotes About Leadership.

6 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Solaiman

1 – Pay Attention to Animal Rights and Welfare

Not only humans, but he kept a close eye on the fundamental rights of the animals as well. One day as he was passing with his troops of humans, birds, and jinns, Prophet Solaiman heard the conversation of an ant who was addressing her reign. The ant advised her nation to stay indie their homes as the troop was likely to crush them because of their small appearance. Prophet  Solaiman showed his gratitude towards Allah when he heard the plea of the ant. This again reflects Prophet Solaiman’s humbleness. Instead of being boastful and proud for his exceptional blessings, he immediately thanked Allah. He addressed the appreciation in the following manner. The pleas of a small ant were listened to by the Prophet, and he changed his direction. 

Thus we see there are many lessons that the lives of our Prophets teach us. From the Prophet Solaiman Story, we are taught to be kind and just to humans and animals. He taught us to be humble and generous no matter how much wealth we have in our homes and how much power we have over people. 

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