6 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Lut (AS)

Lessons from the story of Prophet Lut (AS): When I recall my childhood, stories of Prophets always made me fascinated. For example, I remember how the people of Prophet Lut’s city were tormented because they were disbelievers. 

Let’s learn about who Prophet Lut was, what challenges he faced while preaching Islam, and most importantly, what lessons we learn from his life.

What Can We Learn From The Story of Prophet Lut?

Prophet Lut (A.S) was the eighth prophet out of 124000 prophets. He was the nephew of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) and was sent to the city of Sodom near the Dead Sea by the order of Allah. Sodom is also known as “The overturned city”.

Since the people of Sodom were disbelievers, Prophet Lut was sent as guidance to stop the wrongdoings and choose the righteous path. 

Let’s get into the depth and see what the story of Prophet Lut (AS) holds for us. 

What wrongdoings were observed in the city of Sodom?

  • They were attracted to the same genders, that is they practiced homosexuality which was against nature. 
  • It was a piece of cake to murder anyone including the travelers.
  • Dacoity, looting travelers and stealing properties was a common act and was considered quite normal.
  • No law and order or governance was in the city to stop the wrongdoers.
6 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Lut (AS)

What was the most common act performed by the people of Sodom among all those wrongdoings?

These wrong habits and degenerated lifestyles were carried by the nation of Sodom. However, in stories and movies what they used to be famous for or in the history of Islam, the nation of Prophet Lut (A.S) is remembered as Homosexuals. 

6 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Lut (AS)  

What is homosexuality?

In Homosexuality, a person falls for sexual activities with the same gender. A man with a man and a woman with a woman. 

A common adjective for female attraction is called lesbian and gay for male attraction. 

What difficulties and challenges did Prophet Lut (A.S) faced in his life after he came to the city of Sodom?

Since they were disbelievers, they gave him a tough time, didn’t believe him or his teachings, and started a campaign against Prophet Lut to prove him wrong. 

The people used to threaten him of his life and that if he didn’t stop preaching Islam, he would be thrown away from the city. 

Prophet Lut, with a heavy heart, continued his mission for years and kept spreading the light of Islam and its teachings. Only a few members from his family stood by him, rest, the whole nation including his wife, betrayed him and didn’t put an ear to his sayings.

6 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Lut (AS)  

What punishments were given to the people of Sodom for their evil acts?

Just when Prophet Lut left the city with the members, Allah sent the horrendous torment. First, their land was lifted up in the sky and was forcefully thrown from the top to the ground 400 meters below. Next, Allah showered their land with the rain of stones which made them badly injured and lastly, when Jibrael (A.S) pointed to their eyes, they all were made blind. 

To date, Allah has kept the city of Sodom as a symbol of destruction as no animal or plant has ever been found alive after the torment so that the disbelievers take guidance.

6 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Lut (AS)  

After going through the whole story of Prophet Lut (A.S), what did it teach you?

The lessons are as follows:

6 – Fear Allah & The Day of Judgement

Have a firm belief in this quote “Every soul shall taste death.” The people of Sodom never believed in the righteous teachings and Allah’s power. They always made fun and ignored the signs. 

They used to say to Prophet Lut, “If you are true and there exists any God, show us any sign or bring Allah’s torment to us?” Allah sent beautiful angels to his nation to testify to them. Since the people of Sodom were involved in homosexuality, they didn’t even spare the angels of Allah and ran towards them to perform the evil act. Prophet Lut despite telling them that Allah sends these angels, they didn’t believe him and kept on looking for ways to get to those angels to perform wrong deeds with them.

5 – Be Wise & Polite When Conveying the Message of Religion

If you want a nonbeliever to accept Islam, be patient and gently answer all his perceptions and disbeliefs. On the other hand, if you are harsh and arrogant with whatever concept and teachings you know, you are already misleading them.

6 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Lut (AS)  

4 – Beware of Hypocrites

Just as Prophet Nuh’s wife, Prophet Lut’s wife also remained with the disbelievers and tasted the torment. Prophet Lut’s wife was a hypocrite and she was the one who told the nation of Sodom about those beautiful angels that Allah sent. Just when the nation got to know them, they were after those angels.

So, this teaches us that even the wife of Prophet Lut was against him and brought him in a state of turmoil which made hurdles for him to continue his journey. Here are some authentic Islamic Quotes On Hypocrisy, Its Types, Signs & Dangers.

3 – Condemn the Wrong Acts

All those crimes and sins that were practiced by the nation of Prophet Lut are practiced by today’s nation. Therefore, it’s high time we should condemn such heinous acts like homosexuality, child pornography, human trafficking, adultery, robbery and murders otherwise, Allah’s torment is near and the disbelievers should take notes. 

2 – You Don’t Have to go with the Majority’s Decision

Even if everyone is doing it, it might not be right. Don’t go with what the majority believes. That’s what Prophet Lut’s people did. Some of his family members didn’t believe what the whole nation said and left them and came with prophet Lut.

1 – Homosexuality is Prohibited in Islam

Near Allah, homosexuality is one of the biggest sins and he has prohibited it in Islam. To fulfill your sexual desires, Allah has ordered you to get married to the opposite gender. 

Hence we see that the people of Lut denied the true essence of slam and disagreed with the teachings of Prophet Lut (A.S). As a result, they were given several warnings and severe punishments by Allah. There is a valuable lesson in the story of Prophet Lut for all times, especially in today’s world where homosexuality is unfortunately widespread.


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