4 Most Important Lessons from the Life of Prophet Dawood (AS)

Lessons from the life of Prophet Dawood: Allah Almighty sent Prophets for the guidance of mankind, to show us the right way. Some of them came with the holy books, and the others showed us guidance through their preaching. Thus, from Adam (A.S) to Muhammad (P.B.U.H), every Prophet came to take out humanity from the pit of destruction.

Who was Hazrat Dawud?

Hazrat Dawood was the next Prophet after Hazrat Musa. In the time of Hazrat Musa, Banu Israel escaped from Egypt and fled to the deserts of Palestine. He was among those many people of Bani Israel. He was famous for the bravery and wisdom Allah Almighty bestowed him with. He was the second Prophet who was allotted the Holy Book. He showed the teachings of Zabur to the people of Bani Israel. Zabur is also known as  the Book of Psalms.

Main Events from the Life of Hazrat Dawood

Hazrat Dawood’s life has been the epitome of wise judgments, bravery, and perseverance. He remained close to Almighty Allah throughout his life and never for once turned himself away from him. Some of the main events from his life are as follows:

4 Most Important Lessons from the Life of Prophet Dawood (AS)  

The bravery of Hazrat Dawud

Prophet Dawood, the messenger of Allah,was not only gifted with a holy book, but he was a brave man too. Once, he was sent by his father to accompany the army of King Saul when it went to fight the people of Jerusalem to have access to their holy land again. The enemy side had a powerful soldier who was called Jalut or Goliath. Because of Jalut, people feared fighting the army, and no one stepped forwards even when the King claimed that he would marry his daughter to anyone who would kill Jalut. 

Prophet Dawood, the messenger of Allah,was just a lean boy at that time who stepped forward and received laughter from everyone, but with the help of Allah Prophet, Dawood killed Jalut with just a pebble hurled towards him. 

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4 Most Important Lessons from the Life of Prophet Dawood (AS)

Prophet Dawood’s Faith on the Almighty

It was narrated by the Last Prophet of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad(pbuh), that the best prayer with Allah is that of Prophet Dawood. He was sent with the Holy book Zabur upon the famous nation Bani Israel. Prophet Dawood persevered on the path of one God. He slept half the night and stood for prayer for the third part of the night, and then he would sleep for the sixth part of it. He used to observe fast one day and leave it the other day. He would never run away after seeing an enemy.  

He had a staunch belief in the Almighty Allah, that he came forward to confront Jalut, even when he knew that he was lean and not that strong. But still, he put all his faith in Allah and stood up for what was right. And he got the reward for it, as he was succeeded before the King that was considered “powerful.” 

The Matter of Judgements

The Almighty Allah often tests prophets in many forms to see their reaction to a particular situation or towards certain people. Prophet Dawood, the messenger of Allah, was also tested similarly.Two brothers came to Prophet Dawood one day and asked for his judgment. 

4 Most Important Lessons from the Life of Prophet Dawood (AS)

Right after his judgment was passed, the two brothers disappeared, and it was at that time, he realized he committed a mistake as the brothers were two angels sent by Almighty Allah. Prophet Dawood  prostrated and asked for Allah’s forgiveness, and Allah forgave him as mentioned in the Quran. 

Revelations and Kingdom

Prophet Dawood was bestowed with the holy Book Zabur. The book of psalms had many messages and warnings for the people of Bani Israel. The kingdom of Prophet Dawood was vast, and he ruled over the Bani Israel for a very long time with his wise judgments and kind heart.

Prophet Dawood was also bestowed with the ability to make birds and sparrows praise for Allah Almighty and his melodious voice whenever it reached the ears of animals; they started to praise the creator of the universe with him as well. 

4 Most Important Lessons from the Life of Prophet Dawood (AS)

Death of Hazrat Dawud

When Prophet Dawood reached the end of his life on earth, he started rebuilding Al-Aqsa, the first Kaaba for the Muslims. It is said that Prophet Dawood passed away during the rebuilding of the masjid and it was later on carried out by his son and also the Prophet of Allah, Prophet Soloman. No one knows the whereabouts of Prophet Dawood’s grave, the only known thing is that is buried somewhere in Jerusalem. 

Lesson Learned from Story of Prophet Dawood

There are many lessons that we get to learn from the lives of Prophets as Allah chose them to be our guidance in every field and step of life. Some of the lessons that Prophet Dawood taught us in his life are:

4. Keep your faith strong

Throughout his life, Prophet Dawood prayed to Almighty Allah and he prayed so much that he was praised by the last messenger of Allah too. Whenever there was any problem that he countered, he always turned towards Almighty Allah for help. He kept fast one day, skipping the other, and stayed up for prayers when everyone was asleep. Through his life, we get to learn how even when the Almighty destines you to be in a sacred position, even then, you don’t stop praying to him. He was given the status of the king, yet he bowed only in front of Allah, the King of the worlds. Here are some Tips to Keep Your Faith Strong.

3. Make Wise Judgements

From the story of two men who came to Prophet Dawood regarding the judgment of sheep, we learn that even though he made a wrong judgment. But immediately after the men left, he realized that he should have made fair decision and repented. That’s what our Prophets have taught us; we should always be fair in our judgments no matter what. 

2. Earning money with hard work

Like every other Prophet of Allah, Prophet Dawood worked with his hands and earned money for a living. Another important lesson that we learn from his life is always working hard to earn a living no matter what high position you are in. No one can be above the Prophets, and if they lived while earning money, then so should us. Here are some Duas to Increase Rizq & Wealth from the Quran & Sunnah.

1. Good deeds count even after death  

Many people attended Prophet Dawood’s funeral, and they prayed for him, and through him prayed for themselves. Thus in this way, Allah gave the message that the good deeds of a man are counted by Almighty even after he passes away in the form of people praying for him. And his action of rebuilding the Al-Aqsa mosque will surely keep on adding to his good deeds. So, we should engage in acts to help humanity; it can be even a small thing like planting a tree, that deed won’t ever go in vain, and we will get the reward for it even after our death. 

Concluding Remarks

Thus, we see Prophet Dawood’s life is a model for Muslims today. We should incorporate Prophets’ stories in our everyday lives. This can be done by telling our children about these great personalities. We should make our Ibadah as sincere as the way Prophet Dawood beautifully praised Allah. What amazes me about Prophet Dawood’s life is that he was never arrogant and always humble despite being blessed with a kingdom.

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