Duas of the Prophets – 10 Duas for all Situations in Life

In Ayah 2 of Surah Al-Ankabut (The Spider), Allah says,

“Do people think once they say, “We believe,” that they will be left without being put to the test?” 

As humans, we are to face several hardships throughout our lives. Even the Messengers of Islam faced many difficulties in the form of losses of loved ones, wealth, and even health. The Holy Quran mentions various lesson-filled stories of the messengers of Islam. These narrations teach us lessons about the hardships faced by the Prophets and how they overcame these stressful times with utmost perseverance. During such testing times, the Prophets remained steadfast by seeking refuge in Allah (SWT) and praying to Him for guidance.

What are Some Duas of the Messengers of Islam?

The Messengers of Islam are the best examples of humans for Muslims to emulate. Following their example, we make duas during testing times to achieve peace in our lives. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) also regards Dua as the best form of worship. It is a powerful weapon that can strengthen the Imaan and can also be used to seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. Allah (SWT) has narrated the Prophets’ stories in the Holy Quran to reiterate the power of prayer.

According to Prophet Muhammad (SAW),

“Nothing is more honorable to Allah, the Most High, than Dua.” (Sahih al-Jami- 5268)

Allah Almighty answers prayers that are made sincerely and with utmost faith. Allah alone is to be worshipped and is the only One He alone that can lift our sufferings. Thus, we should incorporate Prophets’ supplications when making dua to Allah Almighty to ease our difficulties.

Duas of the Prophets - 10 Duas for all Situations in Life

↓ 10. Prophet Ayub’s (AS) Dua to Overcome Challenges

Duas of the Prophets - 10 Duas for all Situations in Life

There is so much to take away from Prophet Ayub’s story; he is the perfect example of remaining faithful to Allah Almighty while overcoming challenges. The trial that Prophet Ayub (AS) faced was in terms of loss of health. Of all his limbs, only his tongue and heart remained free from illness; such was his disease.

During such testing times of ill-health, Prophet Ayub never lamented and instead praised Allah (SWT). However, when he saw his wife suffering physically because of his illness, he prayed to Allah for help, without complaining or displaying an ounce of dissatisfaction. Allah (SWT) answered Prophet Ayub (AS) by providing him the cure to his illness. Not only did Prophet Ayub (AS) recover, but Allah also blessed his wife by restoring her youth.

From his story, we learn that regardless of the calamity or hardship we face, we must exhibit patience and seek refuge in Allah (SWT).

↓ 9. Dua of Prophet Adam (AS) for Forgiveness

Duas of the Prophets - 10 Duas for all Situations in Life

When Allah (SWT) married Prophet Adam (AS) and Hawwa in Paradise, they were permitted to eat freely with delight. However, He created a trial for them and forbade them from eating a specific tree’s fruit. Although both Prophet Adam (AS) and Hawwa understood that the tree was forbidden, they forgot Allah’s (SWT) warnings because of Satan’s evil whisperings. As they ate the forbidden fruit, Prophet Adam (AS) discovered that he and Hawwa were naked. To conceal themselves, they cut out tree leaves and covered themselves.

After Prophet Adam (AS) realized his mistake, he sought Allah’s forgiveness and repented with this Dua. It is the first-ever supplication made by humankind.

↓ 8. Prophet Lut’s Dua For Help Against Evil People

Duas of the Prophets - 10 Duas for all Situations in Life

Prophet Lut (AS), the nephew of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), went to the city of Sodom to preach the message of Islam. He was sent there to guide the people of Sodom against practicing indecent acts like homosexuality/sodomy. Despite numerous threats, Prophet Lut (AS) continued to preach Allah’s message. During this time, he made dua to Allah to help him against the corrupting people by granting him victory.

↓ 7. Dua for Forgiveness and Power by Prophet Sulaiman

Duas of the Prophets - 10 Duas for all Situations in Life

Allah (SWT) has praised Prophet Sulaiman (AS) for his obedience, Taqwa, and repentance. When Allah (SWT) punished Prophet Sulaiman (AS) with a body placed on his throne, the Prophet made this supplication to seek forgiveness by simply bowing down to Allah (SWT) humbly.

↓ 6. Dua for forgiveness by Prophet Nuh (AS)

Duas of the Prophets - 10 Duas for all Situations in Life

Among Allah’s 99 names, Al-Ghafoor (The All-Forgiving) and Ar-Raheem (Most Merciful) are the most common pair of Allah’s (SWT) names. The act of repentance in Islam (Tawba) is of immense importance and is seen rectifying one’s wrongdoings. Prophet Nuh’s (AS) prayer is the perfect example of how to pray for forgiveness from our Lord.

↓ 5. Prophet Yusuf (AS) Dua for Allah’s Help

Duas of the Prophets - 10 Duas for all Situations in Life

Prophet Yusuf (AS) faced separation from his beloved father, Prophet Yaqoob (AS), after his jealous older brothers threw him into a well. He was then forced into being a slave and was wrongly imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. He faced the hardships with Sabr (patience) and complete reliance on Allah.

Prophet Yusuf’s (AS) story is a reminder that regardless of the hurdles that come into our lives, we must persevere with integrity, morality, and most importantly, with patience.

↓ 4. Prayer for Mercy by Prophet Yunus (AS)

Duas of the Prophets - 10 Duas for all Situations in Life

Prophet Yunus (AS) was sent to Ninevah, a city filled with idol worshippers. However, the people of Ninevah rejected him. Feeling disheartened, Prophet Yunus (AS) embarked on a ship to set away from the city without Allah’s permission. While aboard, a storm drowned the ship, drowning several others. With Allah’s command, a whale swallowed Prophet Yunus (AS).

While being engulfed by darkness and despair, he sought refuge in Allah (SWT) and asked for His mercy. The whale swam to the shore and ejected Prophet Yunus (AS) whereafter has returned to Ninevah to find that the people had turned to Allah. The story teaches that we must never give up and strengthen our faith in our Lord and seek His mercy.

↓ 3. The Dua of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) for Righteousness

Duas of the Prophets - 10 Duas for all Situations in Life

This prayer is the one that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) would recite for himself and his father. In his dua, he would ask Allah to make him righteous in this world and the Hereafter. He would also pray for his father’s forgiveness. However, later Allah (SWT) stopped Prophet Ibrahim from seeking forgiveness for his father. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) would also use this supplication to seek Allah’s protection from shame on Yawm-al-Qiyamah (the Day of Resurrection). As Muslims, we can use Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) supplication as an example for praying for piety and Allah’s Mercy.

↓ 2. Dua for Good by Prophet Musa (AS)

Duas of the Prophets - 10 Duas for all Situations in Life

↓ 1. The powerful dua of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to Overcome Hardships

Duas of the Prophets - 10 Duas for all Situations in Life

One of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) many qualities was his Sabr. His patience is evident from several narrations of the Holy Quran that depict his endurance, perseverance, and resilience. Allah’s messenger faced various harsh experiences in his life; however, the trials and tribulations only strengthened his faith in Allah (SWT). What helped him through these times was his Imaan and absolute reliance on Almighty Allah. Ibn Abbas reported that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would recite this prayer during times of distress to overcome grief and hardships.


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