5 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Ismail (AS)

Lessons from the story of Prophet Ismail: Prophet Ismail (A.S.) is regarded as the ninth Prophet in the history of Islam and an ancestor to Prophet Muhammad (SAWW). He was the son of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) and his story has special implications in the lives of Muslims.

He constructed Kaaba along with his father on ALLAH’s command and was ready to sacrifice his life in the way of ALLAH. Thus, we as Muslims can learn some great lessons and virtues from the Prophet’s life. So, let’s get started. 

What Lessons Can We Learn From Story of Prophet Ismail?

Having led the age of more than 130 years; the Prophet’s life is full of serving as a beacon of light in our lives. The 5 major life lessons are listed below:

5 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Ismail (AS)

5 – Always Obey Your Parents

The Prophet’s life shows that one must surrender to the parent’s commandments. This can lead to several benefits. For instance:

  • It makes your life better (if ALLAH wills). You must obey your parents as they are more experienced than you. They can guide you in attaining a better life. 
  • Obeying parents is the key to enter Jannah and a form of charity. 
  • It is a way of paying back whatever good they did to you when you were small.

Prophet Ismail (A.S.) obeyed his father (Prophet Ibrahim A.S.), even when he was being ordered to sacrifice his life. Moreover, he divorced his first wife when his father told him to do so. Afterward, he got a religious wife who became the coolness of his eyes. 

Point to Ponder: Always, obey your parents so that you can be rewarded by ALLAH (SWT). Here are 50 Beautiful Islamic Quotes on Parents with Images.

4 – Be Patient

The second lesson learned from the Prophet’s life is to have patience and firm belief in ALLAH ALMIGHTY. When he was ordered to be sacrificed; he endured patience and did not take it to heart. He had a firm belief in ALLAH ALMIGHTY that because of this patience he will be rewarded. He was ordered to be sacrificed at quite young but the Prophet did not lose hope and instead kept a strong belief in ALLAH ALMIGHTY. 

5 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Ismail (AS)  

The rewards and benefits of patience and having firm belief are manifold. For instance: 

  • They teach us to remain steadfast even when calamity happens.
  • One realizes that this life is temporary and the hereafter is a better place to live in.
  • This life is a test; so, one must remain steadfast to attain a higher rank in Jannah.
  • The patient and the firm believer will earn great rewards in this life and the hereafter.
  • Patience and firm belief teach us to be hopeful in every situation.

Point to Ponder: We must keep ourselves patient in every good and bad situation. And even when calamity strikes us; we must not lose hope in ALLAH ALMIGHTY.  

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3 – Practice What You Preach

The Prophet’s life also teaches us to spread the message of Islam with full zeal and enthusiasm. The Prophet first practiced the religion by himself and then guided his relatives and the people of his nation on this path. 

5 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Ismail (AS)  

The Prophet was given the responsibility of guiding the people of Amalika in Yemen. He lived with them for about 50 years and guided them towards the path of Allah. 

Practicing and preaching Islam has great mental health benefits. For instance:

  • One strives for a healthy way of life by balancing work-life conflict.
  • The Nafs and ego get into control and people strive for their spiritual well-being.
  • People lose interest in worldly and materialistic things which are all temporary.
  • One feels satisfied by guiding people towards the path of ALLAH.

Point to Ponder: One must practice and preach religion to become a better person every day. One must also become a beacon of light in another’s life to guide him/her towards the path of ALLAH. 

5 Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Ismail (AS)  

2 – Choose a Religious Spouse

Another great lesson that we learn from the Prophet’s life is to marry a religious person. A religious person will lead a simple life without any complaint and will surrender to ALLAH ALMIGHTY. It also teaches us that it’s not compulsory to find the best spouse in your first marriage. We may find the best spouse afterward. Prophet Ismail (A.S.) married a young girl from the Jurhum tribe. But she was not a pious person and deviated from the teachings of Islam. The Prophet’s father ordered him to divorce her and marry a pious person. So, the Prophet Ismail (A.S.) married for the second time and got an extraordinary spouse who had a firm belief in ALLAH ALMIGHTY. She was God-fearing and thanked ALLAH for everything. Even in little; she was ecstatic with her husband. 

It is good to marry a religious person because of the following benefits:

  • First, a religious person is good in character which in turn saves you from many societal evils.
  • He/she knows how to fulfil promises and commitments.
  • The religious man or woman fears ALLAH and will never harm you or your family.

Point to Ponder: The Prophet’s life enlightens us to marry a good person in religion. Doing so will help to create and revive our bond with ALLAH (SWT). 

1 – Always Keep Your Promises

Another lesson from the Prophet’s life is to learn the virtue of keeping our promises. The Prophet took his promises seriously and never broke them. For example, once he (A.S.) decided to meet a person, they determined a specific time and place. Though the man did not come, the Prophet (A.S.) waited for two days. This was done because he promised the man that he (A.S.) will come to see him. 

Point to Ponder: These days as a society; we take help from false practices even when we commit something. Therefore, we must avoid breaking our promises and keep them as much as we can. We must give due attention to the virtues of the Prophet Ismail (A.S.) to become a better and pious Muslim.

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