8 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Musa (AS)

Lessons from the story of Prophet Musa: Hazrat Musa AS was one of the Prophets of Allah who had spoken to Hin directly. He was sent as a Messiah for the people of Israel and Allah gave him the Holy book of Torah.

Prophet Musa AS was born in the times of the tyrant Pharaoh who had declared himself the God of all people. He killed the innocent children of Israel over a vision that a child from their race will dethrone him as they were growing and prospering. Fear overtook him, therefore, he started killing the sons of Israel every alternate year.

What Can We Learn From Prophet Musa’s Life?

The Prophet Musa’s birth was in the year of killings so her mother cast him in the water upon Allah’s order. He was taken to the place as the adopted son of Pharaoh. His whole life is a lesson of peace, faith, Tawakkal and patience. His mission demanded every ounce of his faith but he remained steadfast and determined to spread the word of Allah. The prophet had endured many hardships and sufferings but his patience and reliance on Allah gave him strength.

8 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Musa (AS)

8 – Reliance on Allah

Tawakkal and relying solely on Allah SWT is the ultimate answer to all our problems. Prophet Musa AS was born in the year of killings. His mother did not want him to be killed at the hands of the ruthless tyrant Pharaoh. Allah put the intuition in the heart of Musa’s mother to put her son in the basket and cast it in the river Nile. Her heart sank but she did not leave the ray of Tawakkal upon her Lord. Allah SWT ordered the waves to be gentle with the child until he reached the shore.

We must keep our hearts strong and put complete trust in Allah SWT. Just like the mother of Musa AS who had to leave her son at the mercy of terrifying waves of the river. We must leave our matters in the hands of the most Merciful One who is in charge of everything in the universe.

8 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Musa (AS)

7 – Allah is the Best Planner

When we leave our matters in the hands of Allah SWT, we should have a firm belief that He will take care of our problems. He plans our lives accordingly as He’s the Best Planner.

When Musa’s mother left her son inside the basket in the river, it reached the shore under the shadow of Allah SWT. The slaves of the castle informed the wife of Pharaoh, Asiya, who was a pious woman. She had no children of her own, therefore, decided to adopt the little Musa and begged her husband to spare his life.

Nobody, even the mother of Musa AS could have imagined in her dreams that her son will be brought up in the Palace of Pharaoh as his adopted son. This was Allah’s beautiful plan and He never makes mistakes. We should have complete trust in him after asking for his help.

8 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Musa (AS)

6 – Call Allah for Help

When problems and obstacles come our way, we should only call Allah for help. He is the only One who is Qadir over everything.

Musa AS accidentally killed a man and asked for Allah’s forgiveness. It was only a heavy blow that made him killed on the spot. A believer came from the farthest land to warn him of Pharaoh’s plans to kill him and ask him to escape. He left the city in haste and traveled for eight nights. His feet were worn out, his throat was fried with thirst and his stomach was empty. He asked for Allah’s help and guidance and put his trust on Him. The Almighty helped him by making him a shepherd and giving him a home. He helped Prophet Musa AS at every step against Pharaoh and in the matters of the children of Israel.

Therefore we should only call Allah for help and guidance even if it is just for a shoe lace. He’s the one who Provides us against all odds.

8 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Musa (AS)

5 – Ease After Hardship

This Dunya is full of problems and difficulties and our lives get stuck at many points. We face obstacles and the burden of hardships hurts our soul but we must know that Allah has promised a beautiful relief after every hardship that comes from Him.

Similarly, the mother of Musa held her son again after leaving him in the water. Musa wouldn’t drink milk from any wet nurse but when his sister Maryam told Asiya about the mother of Musa, they immediately called her in for the baby. When she held her son in her arms, her heart cried with Shukr. He immediately drank her mother’s milk and Allah gave the most beautiful relief to the mother of Musa for her patience and tawakkal. Here are some authentic Islamic Quotes About Hardships in Life.

8 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Musa (AS)

4 – Be Firm on the Right Path

Prophet Musa AS was brought up in the household of corruption and Kufr. But he didn’t fall astray neither did he give up on his Tawakkal and belief in Allah. He would only ask for His help in all the matters and stayed firm throughout his life. When he came back to Egypt, Allah SWT granted him Prophethood and his real mission, spreading the Deen of Allah, began. He tried to bring Pharaoh on the right path and helped the children of Israel despite them being ungrateful. He stood firm on his deen and spent the entire life holding the rope of Tawakkul and Allah’s hand.

We should not lose hearts and go astray when there are hurdles in our lives. For if we stay strong on the path that leads to Allah’s pleasure, we will make room for ourselves in Jannah. If you feel undoubtful about the path you are on, do go through these Quotes That Prove Allah is The Best Planner of All Affairs.

8 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Musa (AS)

3 – Allah is with the Righteous

When we stay righteous and remain firm on the path of Allah SWT, He helps us in every possible way.

When Allah ordered Musa to leave Egypt with the children of Israel, Pharaoh gathered an army to go after them. He was so indulged in his kufr that his heart had blackened and the message of Allah did not affect him. When Musa and his people stopped in front of the red sea, the people feared that they would die either way. Prophet Musa AS had a firm belief that Allah will not leave them alone. Allah SWT instantly asked him to strike his stick at the sea and when he did so, the sea parted and made the way. SubhanAllah!

The children of Israel and Musa AS crossed the path and Pharaoh followed them with his army. Allah ordered the sea to return to its previous state resulting in the drowning of Pharaoh and his whole army. Allah is indeed always with the Righteous ones.

8 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Musa (AS)

2 – Be Thankful to Allah for His Blessings

Shukr is the most important virtue. A true believer’s tongue and heart remain grateful to Allah SWT for his blessings. No matter how much we eat, how much we earn, our tongue should be moist with Allah’s shukr.

Allah gave numerous blessings to the people of Israel, when they left Egypt. They were under the shade of clouds and Allah provided them with food and water but their hearts were never satisfied. They demanded more and remained ungrateful and did not care about Allah’s displeasure. Allah made them wander through the land for 40 years as a result of their ungratefulness. Here are some beautiful Thanking Allah Quotes.

8 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Musa (AS)

1 – Humility Without Knowledge is No Knowledge

Musa AS was a prophet and he had talked to Allah SWT several times. He had learned many lessons and had been through many phases in his life. Allah had given miracles and the book of Torah which made him a very wise man.

A time came, after giving a sermon, he thought no one else is wiser than him. Allah made him know that there was indeed a man wiser than him, named Al Khidr.

It shows that we should never think of ourselves above anyone else in any case even if we know more than anyone else. We should always be humble as Allah is the only One Who’s the Wisest of All.

8 Most Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Musa (AS)


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