9 Everyday Duas That Muslim Parents Should Teach Their Kids

Duas For Kids: No wonder children bring ecstasy to a couple’s life. They make a family complete. But, in a Muslim society, family and for that matter, raising a new generation is considered not only significant in fulfilling individual happiness but is also said to be important because children sustain the “Islamic civilization” in their later ages.

It is the children who grow up and carry the Islamic teaching to the next generation and maintain the balance of spiritual aspect as well. Therefore, it is incumbent on the Muslim parents to nourish and teach their children the spirit of Islam soon after they are able to make sense of their surroundings. When they are capable of saying one of two words, they should teach them one-word duas and recitations. For instance, the early toddlers can be taught to say SubhanAllah when they see mesmerizing things, they should recite Allah-o-Akbar when walking up the stairs, and SubhanAllah when descending down and Bismillah when beginning a new task. And these one-word recitations are so many.

What Duas Can Children Learn Easily?

When the children are capable enough to speak full sentences, then they must be taught “Masnoon” duas along with the worldly knowledge in the form of poems. Their memory is just like a white slate, and everything they learn marks an imprint on their memory. Small surahs and duas should also be memorized to them.
The following are duas along with tips and tricks to help you to make your child learn them.

Let’s begin, on the basis of the activities kids do every day.

9 Everyday Duas That Muslim Parents Should Teach Their Kids

9 – Dua For Traveling

We all want our kids to be safe when they go out into the world once they grow up. So make it a habit to recite the dua for traveling with them, from their childhood. This is such a simple dua that only by hearing you recite it every time you leave the house, the children will learn it too. Here’s our complete collection of Travel Duas.

9 Everyday Duas That Muslim Parents Should Teach Their Kids

8 – Dua For Waking Up and Sleeping

Spouses should greet each other, and elder family members in the morning. Research suggests “imitation” plays a great role in learning. They should recite the duas themselves loud enough so that the kids repeat after them.

9 Everyday Duas That Muslim Parents Should Teach Their Kids

7 – Dua To Say When Changing The Dress

After, waking up, the next activity that follows is changing the dress and getting ready for the day. Another technique in helping your kids to memorize the dua is “positive reinforcement”. Your kids should receive praise and small gifts if they learn new duas. People in the 90s had a trend of sending children to a madrassah in the community and in a nearby masjid to teach Islamic teachings to their children. However, parents have left this responsibility to schools today. A Nazra period is not enough for learning these small recitations. It is not the teaches duty to teach your kids Islam, and it is the parent’s duty to ingrain Islamic habits and duas into their kids.

9 Everyday Duas That Muslim Parents Should Teach Their Kids

6 – Dua For Going To The Toilet

One of the important phases in the socialization of children is toilet training. Psychologist, Sigmund Freud state, it sets standards of cleanliness in their personality when they grow up. If not taught properly they face disorders in the later years of their life. However, we Muslims are lucky that we take the spiritual aspect of cleanliness that the psychologist in the West misses out. To reimburse the significance of parenting, I would like to remind the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)  mentioned below.

Narrated Anas bin Malik: An Ansari woman came to the Prophet in the company of her children, and the Prophet said to her, “By Him in Whose Hand my soul is, you are the most beloved people to me!” And he repeated the statement thrice.
Sahih Al-Bukhari

9 Everyday Duas That Muslim Parents Should Teach Their Kids


Make a flashcard of the duas and stick nearby the objects where your kids do these activities. For example, paste the flashcard out the washroom door, paste another flashcard on the kids’ cupboard reading the dua for dress changing. Repetitive exposure to the duas will make it easier for them to learn.

5 – Dua Before and After Eating A Meal

The next activity is breakfast before the kids leave for school. Mealtime is the time of the day members of families sits together. The ethics of eating meal reflects how civilized a society is. It is so beautiful that Islam attaches spiritual and religious essence to consuming food, that many other civilizations haven’t. Asking your kids to recite these duas at the meal times, by asking them to stand in front of every member adds up confidence in them to face people. This is something, I personally have tested and helped a lot in building confidence in the kids. In addition to that, parents can correct them if they get wrong somewhere while they recite in front of their own family members before they recite it wrong in their absence, like during school lunch breaks.

9 Everyday Duas That Muslim Parents Should Teach Their Kids

4 – Dua Before and After Drinking Water

If you are a parent you would know this is one of the most frequently happening activities, along with the fact that it is very important to keep your child hydrated. I remember, when I small, my mother used to give instructions to finish the whole bottle while handing over me a water bottle when leaving for school in the morning. And, if it is such a basic activity of your daily routine, how can Allah forget to add Barakah in that activity. Hence, being a parent it is upon you to not only seek hygiene of your child but to teach your child to fills in with blessings in their life reciting the dua given below. Here are The 10 Most Beautiful Sunnah To Follow In Daily Life that you can teach your kids.

9 Everyday Duas That Muslim Parents Should Teach Their Kids

3 – Dua For Leaving And Entering The House

Now, when your kids are finally leaving for school in the morning they should be reciting this dua, and when they come back from school.

9 Everyday Duas That Muslim Parents Should Teach Their Kids

2 – Dua To Increase Knowledge

To seek knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim male and female. Therefore, one should also seek knowledge through prayers. And today, the internet has played a powerful role in helping children to learn. Moreover, there are various games on the internet that allows kids to memorize the Quran and different duas. There are different learning and teaching styles. For instance, small surahs can be learned through doing action on the words just as kids do for poems. You can also take help from these Best Islamic Apps & Games For Muslim Children Of Any Age.

9 Everyday Duas That Muslim Parents Should Teach Their Kids

1 – Dua For Entering And Leaving a Mosque

Raising your children in the way prescribed by Islam has enormous importance. Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Verily, Allah Almighty will raise the status of his righteous servants in Paradise and they will say: O Lord, what is this? Allah will say: This is due to your child seeking forgiveness for you.” -Musnad Aḥmad 10232

Sending your children to the masjid to offer Namaz is a responsibility that is on the parents.

9 Everyday Duas That Muslim Parents Should Teach Their Kids


To conclude, it must be reminded to the parents that their involvement is the most essential part in the child’s learning. No one can better understand your kids then you yourself. And on the day of judgment, you will be questioned about their upbringing. Islam is an absolutely transparent religion but it makes you accountable for your actions and your obligations. Marriage is among the highest virtue in Sunnah yet not wajib, bearing kids again is not incumbent, but Sunnah to expand the family. However, bringing up the kids is not a choice but an essential and inevitable duty of the parents. Therefore, you, all the parents out there, must keep a watch on how you are raising your children. Are you raising your children in the way Allah has asked you to? Or are you raising a burden for the future society?

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