8 Duas for Exams That Every Student Should Memorise & Recite

Duas for exams: Once the Exams announcement has been made, many students start to panic. From collecting missed notes, studying all night to group sessions, almost every student seems to be engaged. Once they have prepared for the exams, Muslim students often tend to leave matters on Almighty Allah to be with them and give them success. Therefore, you would barely see any Muslim student not reciting Quranic verses or duas in the exam hall.

Students also immensely rely on duas before exams start and during preparation. In fact, many students are also seen requesting others to pray for them to excel in exams.  We have mentioned some of the essential duas and tips that students must know if they want to achieve in their exams.

Exams Tips That Every Muslim Student Should Know

Get into the habit of studying well enough to score exceptional grades in your exams. Relying on duas alone is not sufficient. A famous Hadith narrated by Tirmidhi is relevant in the matter. A bedouin did not tie his camel and Prophet Muhammed PBUH asked him why he did not do so. The Bedouin response was that he has put his trust in Allah. The Prophet then replied, “Tie your camel first, and then put your trust in Allah.” The same advice goes for all of us belonging to any walk of life. Be it a student or a professional life. We have to take all measures along with Tawakkul, i.e trust in Allah.
Be vigilant of the following other tips and ace your exams.

Hard Work

Hard work is the key to getting successful in your exams. Without putting in your best efforts and hard work, you can’t achieve anything. Not just in the case of studies, but in every step of life, success is the product of your hard work, and the time you put in your work always pays off.

Duas can do wonder, that’s for sure, but when you just keep sitting at one place doing nothing, not even glancing at your books, duas won’t be able to do anything. Keep in mind that the world has a way to move on, magic doesn’t happen.

So if you want to achieve your goals, work hard first, and then leave it to the Almighty Allah and make duas to him to help you further. Here are some 30 Inspiring Islamic Quotes on Education / Knowledge /Study that I would recommend you go through.

8 Duas for Exams That Every Student Should Memorise & Recite  

Enhance Memorization Power

Memory is the main thing that is required after you are done with the learning part. Hard work for long hours doesn’t matter when you don’t have a good memory. So, yes, hard work is important but you can say that memorization power is no less important, let’s just put it like this, they both are directly proportional to each other.

Some students had to face difficulty despite long hours of studying, and they still forget everything or most of the things they have learned. This is quite a serious problem because it causes some major issues when you are blank in the examination hall, not knowing what to write. It affects your result badly. Your parents tend to get disappointed, and you feel so much worse when you get bad grades, despite putting in efforts. It feels even worse when you have put your efforts into the exam preparation and that all goes in vain.

They are just small things that you need to take care of. If you work on them, victory is all yours. The first thing is concentration, that if you are seriously willing to gain some knowledge you got to be fully attentive towards what you are reading. Don’t let your thoughts wander around, keep them focused on your studies. Only then will you learn it by heart and it won’t fade away from your memory. In the exam.

Secondly, sit on a study table with your straightened back. Because when you study on your bed, you start getting drowsy and it gets hard to focus on the book. Besides, your bed makes you lazy and demotivated towards studies, your mind keeps pushing you to take a nap. And then in the examination room, you can’t recall what you learned or tried to learn. Because you were not attentive at that time.

Other than that, Imam Shafi’ie (God be pleased with him) has advised four methods to follow in order to sharpen your memory, they are as follows;

  • Use miswak regularly.
  • Make a habit of sitting with Ulema and listen to their scholarly lectures.
  • Sit with religious and Pious people.
  • Don’t involve yourself in pointless talk.

Do Not Sleep deprive yourself

Yes, hard work with 100% concentration towards studies is necessary, but that doesn’t mean you can sacrifice your sleep and study day and night without a break. Note that health is important and your sleep as well. And if you overburden yourself, your all efforts will go useless.

Imagine sitting in the exam hall, sleep-deprived from several previous nights because you have been studying, there are chances that you can forget everything as you are so much tired. And even your mind can stop working due to sleep deprivation. And all of the studying that kept you awake at night will go in a ditch. So, staying the night up can’t be an option. 

You can study for few hours but keep your mind focused on your studies during that time. Like choose a time when you will be all fresh like it is proven that the time after Fajar is the best for studying and working, as your mind is all fresh at that time, but it is necessary to take a good night sleep before getting up for Fajar. And reserve the time from dawn till noon for your studies, but all your attention should only be on your books. If you follow these tips, no one will be able to stop you from achieving your goals.

Duas for Exams Every Student Must Recite

Once you are done studying, covered everything that was there to learn, leave it on Allah Almighty. He will take care of it. But during the whole procedure from the beginning to study till you submit the exam paper, remember to keep on reciting specific duas with every step. There are some duas mentioned below that you can learn by heart so that Allah will help you in every step you take.

8 Duas for Exams That Every Student Should Memorise & Recite

8 – Dua for Studying

Before starting to study, you need to begin with the name of Allah so that he will help you throughout the time you study. Then, recite the following dua so that your work will get easy for you, and you find no difficulty in understanding what you are studying.

There is already so much Barkat in the name of Allah and Quranic verses, that your wishes get heard and the supplications are taken away. So it is better to ask Allah for everything that you want, either materialistic or spiritual, and he will help you with it.

Recite the following dua will help you with your studies. Allah will widen your intellect; help you understand the hard topics and you will be able to memorize everything easily.

8 Duas for Exams That Every Student Should Memorise & Recite

7 – Dua for Preparation

Other than studying, when you start preparing for your exam, you must recite duas so that it will get easy for you to prepare everything properly. There are so many blessings in the Quranic verses that Almighty Allah bestow upon you. Learn every verse by heart and they will definitely make your work easy for you. You will find it easy to understand everything properly, memorizing won’t be that tough of a job then.

This following dua will make every task easy for you and you will understand even the hardest of the topics. And when you have understood them by heart, you will remember them even during the exam. And Allah will aid you if any problem comes up, He never leaves his people alone. So memorize this dua and make sure to recite it up to seven times before you begin with your preparation. Since time management is one of the most important aspects of preparation, do go through these Best Islamic Quotes About Time & Importance of Time in Islam.

8 Duas for Exams That Every Student Should Memorise & Recite  

6 – Dua for Preparing Tough Subjects

Some subjects are really tough, that how much you try to learn them even with your full concentration, they stay as much tough. This is because the concepts keep on mixing up, like in chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, etc. They are tougher to learn than other subjects. You need extra focus and extra time for these kinds of subjects to sink in.

You can ask for Allah’s help that everything works in his will, he just has to order and it just happens. With his will, it can happen in just a snap of fingers. So instead of getting bored and losing interest in the subject, ask for His help and your problem will be resolved. It is in his hands and he is the only one who can make the toughest of the tasks easy for you.

Learn the following dua by heart and recite it whenever you find difficulty in any tough subject.

8 Duas for Exams That Every Student Should Memorise & Recite

5 – Dua to maintain Concentration 

Maintaining concentration during studies is very much essential. Imagine you spend the whole day with books, but you were not focused on what you were reading the entire day. Different thoughts keep on barging into your mind, you are watching TV along with a book in hand, and using your mobile phone as well, this is how your attention gets diverted from your studies, and you don’t remember what you study.

And how much time you spend with books, you can’t study well until you have gadgets and other entertaining stuff with you. But if you don’t know, how you can put all your focus on your books and block all the other thoughts from your mind, you can ask for Allah’s help. There is no better help than His.

Recite the following dua, and Allah will take you out of the darkness of distraction and lead your heart towards your books, in the way that you will be able to understand everything that you are studying with interest. And when you are interested in your studies, you won’t find any difficulty in concentrating on the subject at hand.

8 Duas for Exams That Every Student Should Memorise & Recite

4 – Dua to Recite after Studying 

Once you are done with the studying part, the next part is to retain everything that you have learned in your brain. Do not forget it, but that is not in your hands. If anything slips out of your mind, and the same things come in your exam, all of the tiring efforts that you put in your preparation will go in vain. And you would not want that, because you have goals ahead of you to achieve.

Asking help from Allah in this regard as well is the only thing you can do in this matter. So recite the following verse after you have prepared everything with your full concentration. And with the will of Almighty God, you will definitely do great in your exam, just put your full faith in Him, and see how He helps you.

8 Duas for Exams That Every Student Should Memorise & Recite

3 – Dua to Recite before Exam

Being a student, you can definitely relate to it that we all are continuously reciting Quranic verses and duas and asking for divine help consistently. Because we have faith in him that we have studied now, put our efforts into the exam preparation, now it’s up to You to help us at whichever point we get stuck somewhere, forgot anything, etc. You will help us.

8 Duas for Exams That Every Student Should Memorise & Recite

2 – Dua to Remember Forgotten Things

It’s a major problem, when you forget something during the exam, for whichever reason, it doesn’t matter now that you are in-between attempting your exam. You usually start to panic that what will happen now. But getting panic will only do worse as you will forget the rest of the questions as well.

So, it is better to call for divine help. Recite the following dua to ask for Allah’s help and he will surely help you recall the forgotten topic.

8 Duas for Exams That Every Student Should Memorise & Recite

1 – Dua for Good Marks

When you have studied hard, made efforts to achieve goals, you are hell-bent on achieving them at any cost. The only thing you have to do now after you have made the efforts of your part is to ask for divine help. Recite the following dua to ace your exams and achieve what you have worked hard for. And to make sure that your duas are answered, do go through this list of Best Times to Make Dua For Highest Chances of Acceptance.

8 Duas for Exams That Every Student Should Memorise & Recite

Duas are essential for everything and for every aspect of life where you need Allah Almighty to help you, you can simply contact him and he won’t leave you alone in the time when you need His aid. You just have to recite any relevant dua according to your problem and put your whole strong belief in Allah Almighty. After that, you won’t have to worry about it anymore, with Allah’s will, you will find a solution to your problem.


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