40 Rabbana Duas – Quranic Duas That Start with Rabbana

Rabbana duas: Have you ever taken a cake out of the oven five minutes early? Or left a long queue only to find yourself in even a longer queue than before?

It is human nature to be impatient or very impatient. And to want something so badly that minutes seem like weeks and, days seem like months. This impatient nature is triggered when we have a goal in life we desperately want to achieve. Impatience is the gateway between making good and bad decisions.

It is natural to be hungry and want to be fed immediately, but stealing to feed yourself is where we are wrong. This is why patience is a virtue, placing your faith in Allah SWT, believing that it will happen if something is destined for you.

To achieve what we want not only by working towards our goals but also by asking Allah SWT’s help along the way. We want instant results for everything be it weight loss, or a new recipe but dua’as don’t work that way. It is up to Allah SWT how, when, and where they have to be answered. We just need to play our part and leave the rest to Allah SWT.

Rabbanna Duas

What Are Rabbana Duaá’s?

There are 40 duaás in the Quran which were revealed that begin with the Arabic word رَبَّنَا meaning My Lord, these verses ask Allah SWT for wealth, prosperity, forgiveness, success, and safety.

Duaá is the weapon of the believer, the essence of worship. a tool that can be used to change what Allah SWT has already decreed for us. Through supplications, we can ease the hardships, tests, and trials that Allah SWT might have written for us.

There is a duaá for every situation as you go through life, duaás will bring comfort and peace to your life more than anything.

Rabbana duas

When prepping for exams we don’t prepare just enough so that we could pass, we give it our best. In the same way, our duaás have to be powerful, what happens after that is not our concern, but we have to make sure they are equipped with everything that Sunnah requires.

You can’t ask Allah SWT for your dream job and then never take any serious action to make it
happen. It does not work like that. We ask Allah SWT to make something possible, yet without his decree, nothing can happen. But we must take the necessary steps forward and trust that He knows what’s best for us.

There is something we learn firsthand by analyzing the stories of Musa and Zakariya عليه السلام. in the Quran, it tells us their duaás were fulfilled because of the good they did before asking Allah SWT. Another pattern that has been noticed by the Prophets of Allah SWT, is that they used the rightful attributes and names of Allah SWT.

BENEFITS OF 40 RABBANA DUAÁS: There isn’t any instrument that can gauge the reward of these duaás. They were a part of many of the Prophets’ lives and hence hold great virtue.

Rabbanna Duas

This is for those interested to know more about How and When can my duaá be accepted.

1- Duaá for Acceptance Of Whatever Good You Have Done

Prophet Ibrahim also recited this duaá after building the Kaabah with his son.

Rabbanna Duas

2- Duaá For The Success Of The Entire Muslim Ummah

This duaá can also be recited to affirm your faith. You can also go through these Islamic Duas For Success That Every Muslim Should Know.

Rabbana duas

3- Duaá For The Good In This World.

This duaá is one of the best duaá that can be recited, it not only asks for the good in this world but also for the good in Akhirah.

Rabbanna Duas

4- Duaá For Patience

Rabbanna Duas

5- Duaá For Repentance

Constant repentance shows humility in your character, that we rely completely on Allah SWT for all things.

Rabbanna Duas

6- Duaá To Make The Right Path Easy For Us

Asking Allah SWT to make our trials easy for us to bear.

Rabbanna Duas

7- Duaá For Forgiveness

The last 2 ayahs of Surah Baqarah hold significance that they will be sufficient for those who recite them.

Rabbanna Duas

8- Duaá For Mercy

In this dua’a, we ask Allah SWT to make us among those who are guided, to not let the environment or circumstance cause our hearts to deviate once we know what is right.

Rabbana duas

9- Duaá To Strengthen Our Belief In The Afterlife

We need to prepare for our eternal abode, a place where we will either reap the rewards of our good deeds or suffer the consequences of our sins.

Rabbanna Duas

10- Duaá To Sheild Us From Hellfire

In this duaá, we ask Allah SWT to forgive us and protect us from the punishment of hellfire.

Rabbanna Duas

11- Duaá Of Faith And Worship

Ask Allah SWT to register from among the people who are the witnesses of the truth.

Rabbanna Duas

12- Duaá For Victory

Asking Allah SWT to make us stand firm in face of evil.

Rabbanna Duas

13- Duaá Praising Allah SWT

When we look around us, we see nothing in this world is created without meaning. Every creation has some purpose, this duaá is to express your gratitude to Allah SWT.

Rabbanna Duas

14- Duaá For Reminding You To Be Just

We may forget where we are headed, this duaá is a reminder that we will reap what we sow.

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Rabbanna Duas

15- Duaá Of Humility

As Muslims, we believe in everything Islam has given us. But just believing isn’t enough we have to submit ourselves to each and every command.

Rabbana duas

16- Duaá For Asking Allah SWT Wash Away Our Sins

A duaá asking Allah SWT to give us death when we are guided and on the right path.

Rabbanna Duas

17- Duaá For Avoiding Humiliation

When our punishment will be announced on the Day of Judgement, it will be a moment of disgrace, this is to ask Allah SWT to save us from that embarrassment.

Rabbanna Duas

18- Duaá For Making You From Among Who Believe

A dua’a for those who want to testify the truth and verbally affirm their belief in it.

Rabbanna Duas

19- Duaá For Provision

This duaá was recited by Prophet Isa عليه السلام when he wanted Allah SWT to send food for him and his followers.

Rabbanna Duas

20- Duaá For When We Err

Being able to admit your faults and feeling guilty because of those sins is a great blessing and a beautiful sign of our belief. The sins haven’t hardened our hearts and when we know we are wrong we will turn toward Allah SWT for forgiveness.

This duaá was recited by Prophet Adam عليه السلام after sinning in Paradise.

Rabbanna Duas

21- Duaá For Keeping Away From Bad Influence

Somewhere in the back of our minds, we know the fate of wrongdoing people and that we will be affected by being in company with them.

But we don’t want to acknowledge and inch by inch it creeps into our lives until it is too late. This duaá asks Allah to keep us away from all that.

Rabbanna Duas

22- Duaá Of Prophet Shuaib عليه السلام

When the people threatened to evict Prophet Shuaib عليه السلام from the city if he did not fabricate a lie against Allah SWT, he then recited this duaá. It is safe to say this duaá can be recited when faced with severe opposition.

Rabbanna Duas

23- Duaá Of Prophet Musa عليه السلام

This duaá was recited by Prophet Musa عليه السلام when Pharaoh threatened him after belief was established among people when Prophet Musa threw his staff.

If you don’t know Prophet Musa’s story, you can learn all about it and the Important Lessons from the Story of Prophet Musa (AS).

Rabbanna Duas

24- Duaá For Protection

This duaá was recited by the believers in the time of Prophet Musa who faced extreme tyranny from Pharaoh.

Rabbanna Duas

25- Duaá: Reminder That Allah Is Watching

Nothing is hidden from Allah SWT, He knows our deepest darkest thoughts.

Rabbanna Duas

26- Duaá for Acceptance Of Our Supplications

This duaá asks Allah to hear our duaás and grant them.

Rabbanna Duas

27- Duaá For Forgiveness Of Our Parents

Parents are humans as well, in our eyes, they might be perfect but they have the ability to do wrong. We can elevate the ranks of our parents after they die by making duaá for them.

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Rabbanna Duas

28- Duaá For Guidance During Tough Times

This duaá was recited by the men who hid in a cave and prayed to Allah SWT for help and it was answered.

Rabbanna Duas

29- Duaá To Help Us To Point Out What Is Wrong

It is very scary to stand up to something that is wrong, it feels easier to just let things be as it is. This duaá can help you get the strength you need for raising your voice.

Rabbanna Duas

30- Duaá For Calling Upon The Most Merciful

Du’a asking for Allah’s mercy and calling upon him by his rightful attribute of being Ar-Rahim meaning the most merciful.

Rabbanna Duas

31- Duaá Reminding Us Of Hell

Allah SWT created Hell with different levels in some of which the torment and horror are greater than the others. This duaá is a reminder and we should try and pray that Allah SWT keeps us away from it.

Rabbanna Duas

32- Duaá For Righteous Spouse And Children

In today’s world, we need to be role models for our kids and how we want them to turn out, virtuous spouses and children are no short of a blessing.

Rabbanna Duas

33- Duaá: Reminder That Allah SWT Is All-Forgiving

We are imperfect and we will keep doing wrong, but at the same time, we should remember that Allah SWT is very forgiving and even a little bit of effort on our part is appreciated by Allah SWT.

Rabbanna Duas

34- Duaá For Everyone

We are so caught up in our own desires that we forget to remember others in our duaás. A beautiful duaá asking Allah SWT to be merciful towards all those who believe and have sought repentance.

Rabbanna Duas

35- Duaá To Be Reunited With Your Family In Jannah

The thought of having your whole family by your side in Jannah is amazing.

Rabbanna Duas

36- Duaá: Reminder That Other People Can Be Preceded In Faith

Allah SWT will judge us by our righteous acts, not by the amount of money we have. There will be a lot of people in our life that do more good deeds than us, we shouldn’t feel resentment towards them and always remember we are one Ummah.

Rabbanna Duas

37- Duaá: Praise Of Allah SWT’s Attributes

This duaá is praise for two of Allah’s attributes, Ar-Rauf meaning the most kind and Ar-Raheem meaning the most merciful.

Rabbanna Duas

38- Duaá To Strengthen Us To Rely On Allah SWT Alone

It is also a prayer of remembrance that this life is only temporary. The final destination is when we return to Allah SWT.

Rabbanna Duas

39- Duaá Of Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام

This is a du’a Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام recited asking Allah SWT to make the believers victorious over the disbelievers. To not make them “objects of torment”, had the disbelivers won, they would question how Allah SWT would allow His believers to lose.

Rabbanna Duas

40- Duaá Asking Allah To Perfect Our Light

It is mentioned in the Quran that the believing men and women will have an illuminating light in their right hands and the disbelivers will stumble in the dark, this duaá asks allah SWT to complete our light on that day.

Rabbanna Duas

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you start and finish a duaá?

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Q. What is the difference between duaá and dhikr?

Dhikr are some prescribed invocations like after Salah but duaá is your conversation with Allah SWT.

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