12 Fear Allah Quotes from the Quran and the Hadith

Fear Allah Quotes: The most appropriate explanation of fear of Allah can be derived from the Arabic word Taqwa which means being conscious. Therefore, when Quran and Hadith talk about fear of Allah, they are referring to being conscious of Allah in all matters of life, be it happy or gloomy days, in loneliness or in a crowd.

However, the fear of Allah should not be viewed as a symbol of oppression. In fact, it is the sheer love and respect one has for the creator that one will safeguard himself against all sins just to please Allah SWT.

What Does Fear Allah Mean?

Just like a child immensely loves the mother and can not bear to see her disappointed, the slave of the All-Mighty Allah would strive to attain the highest level of faith to seek Allah’s pleasure. After all, Allah loves His creation 70 times more than a mother.

12 Fear Allah Quotes from the Quran and the Hadith  

12 – Fear Allah Quotes in the Quran

Fear Allah Quotes

11 – Do not Put Anyone Before Allah

Fear Allah Quotes

Categories of Fear:

Fear comes in many forms. The fear of Allah SWT is one that is based on love and respect. Let’s have a look at the common types of fear addressed in Islam for better understanding:

10 – Fear of Allah when abstaining from a Crime/Sin 

We are well aware of the first murder that took place on this Earth. Prophet Adam’s son Qabil killed his brother Habil due to Habil’s sacrifice being accepted by Allah.  Habil said these words:

“it is not for me to stretch my hand against you to kill you: for I do fear Allah’
Hence here we see that it was merely the fear of Allah that alone abstained Habil from murdering his brother.  

The following Hadith is a great reminder about fear of Allah SWT virtue:

Fear Allah Quotes

9 – Avoid Sins for Allah’s Fear

Likewise, in a Hadith, it is said that amongst the seven people whom Allah SWT will give the honour to shade them on the Day of judgment, is a man who refused to commit Zina (illegal sexual act without marriage). The basis of his refusal will be his response on this Earth to the woman was, ‘I fear Allah SWT’.

Here too, we observe that the act of sin was not committed due to fear of Allah.

Fear Allah Quotes

8 – Fear Allah so as Not to Fall in to Trap of a Forbidden Act

Even when one is doubtful about a certain act and a clear ruling is not found, a Muslim might abandon that act to be on the safe side just for fear of Allah SWT. This is playing safe and not falling for arbitrary matters. The following verse from the Holy Quran is a significant reminder about the fear of Allah :

7 – Fearing Allah for the love of Allah SWT

Fearing Allah for the sheer love and reverence is the highest level of Iman (Faith) one can attain. The believer can easily encompass the other two levels of fear discussed earlier by doing so.

The following Hadith is an eye-opening advice for fear of Allah:

6 – Be Mindful of Your Speech & Behavior as a Muslim

By reading Quran and Sunnah, a Believer understands that Allah’s mercy and forgiveness are unfathomable. A momin selflessly engages in duties of worship, both compulsory and voluntarily, alone and in public, to gain Allah  SWT pleasure in this Earth and Hereafter. We should devoutly pray to achieve this level of Taqwa (God’s consciousness).

The following verse from the Holy Quran tells that how good conduct and fear of Allah are linked:

Fear Allah Quotes

Following are some of the ways how to have a fear of Allah. It might vary for person to person and situation. By regular self-assessment, one can gauge what is the right way for him/her.

5 – Provision of Rizq

The following verse from the Holy Quran yet again reminds us of the many benefits of Taqwa, the promise of provision is one of them! Here are some Islamic Ways to Increase Sustenance

4 – Quran is for those who Fear Allah

  • Think about companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). They contributed wholeheartedly towards Deen. Many even received glad tidings of Jannah on this Earth. Yet they always kept a self-check and felt fear of Allah. This motivated them to strive more in the path of Allah SWT. If they can have this level of faith, why can’t we try?

Here are some Qualities that Allah Loves that you can adopt to get closer to Him.

  • By visiting graveyards, the sick and remembering death 
  • Making sincere dua to have the highest level of Taqwa and inculcating it amongst our children at a young age.
  • Reading and understanding Holy Quran and Hadith

3 – Beautiful ‘Fear Allah’ Hadith

  • By ensuring that one is in the company of righteous people and refraining from people and activities that are idle
  • Reflecting on Allah’s creation and nature
  • Visiting Makkah and Madina for Umrah and Hajj is also a powerful reminder for Taqwa

2 – Protection from Hellfire

The following Hadith is a vital reminder about virtue of fear of Allah: to be safe from hellfire. Here are some Duas for Jannah/Paradise and Protection from Hell Fire.

1 – Success in the World & Jannah

Hence we learn that fear of Allah or Taqwa is when a Muslim protects him/herself and is conscious of surroundings so as not to fall into any sin. An example is when you are driving a car, and you are conscious of the cops catching you for overspeeding.

A true believer is always alert and vigilant for all the deeds, no matter what the circumstances are. Therefore, fear of Allah lands one in a win-win situation as one lives an enlightened life here as well as gets a peaceful abode eternally in Hereafter. 

12 Fear Allah Quotes from the Quran and the Hadith

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the fear of Allah?

The fear of Allah SWT is also known as Taqwa. It is the belief and drive that keeps a man away from sin. This fear of Allah SWT gives Furqan that is the criterion to a Muslim that helps him/her distinguish right from wrong. To instil fear of Allah SWT, it is important to understand Quran with meaning and follow the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). You can learn more on this through these Most Important Things to Know About Taqwa.

Q. How do you know if you fear Allah?

To know if we sincerely fear Allah SWT, we will go to any length to please him. This means abstaining from all unlawful and forbidden acts in Islam. In addition, we will try to gain more knowledge of ways to come closer to him. 

Q. What is Taqwa English?

Taqwa is an Arabic word that means God’s consciousness. Taqwa can also be interpreted as fear of Allah and self-restraint. 

Q. What happens when you fear Allah?

When you fear Allah, you abstain from the sins and are more inclined to do good. This is a way to draw closer to Allah SWT in this world and gain numerous bounties on the Day of judgement.

Q. What does Allah say about fear?

It is written in the Quran Surah Al Baqarah: And go down from it, all of you. And when my guidance comes to you, and whoever follows my guidance, they will have no fear, nor will they grieve. 


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