What Is Ruqyah And How To Perform It?

Ruqyah is just like a dua’a, but it’s actually just the recitation of certain verses or hadiths from the Quran that are believed to help people find peace and security.

These hadiths are believed to be a way to deal with ailments and illnesses, protect against bad luck or Jinns, and even protect against black magic or witchcraft.

You don’t have to be a pro to do Ruqyah. It’s best to do it yourself – you can ask others to do it for you, but it’s better to do it yourself.

It’s not complicated – you can start by reciting Surah Fatiha or Al-Mu’awwidhaat, which are considered the verses of refuge. It’s the same way the Prophet used to recite them when he was ill.

Ruqyah in the Quran and Sunnah

There are Quranic verses and various Ruqyah Dua that heal the diseases of humanity and it also brings peace and tranquillity to the people who practice it.

So, if you want to feel spiritual and physical comfort, you should know how important Ruqyah verses are to the soul and body.

What Is Ruqyah And How To Perform It?  

Not only is Ruqyah known to cure all known afflictions to humanity, but it also serves as a tool for every Muslim to strengthen their lamaa, strengthen their bond with Allah and affirm their takhid for Allah the almighty.

By curing diseases with the help of Quranic verse, Ruqyah symbolizes our faith and reliance on Allah the Most High.

Is Ruqyah Haram or Halaal

RUQYAH IS NOT ‘HARAM’ or ‘FORBIDDEN’. In fact, it is permissible and encouraged for ALL Muslims to practice. It is considered one of the ‘Sunnah’ of the Prophet Muhammad, ‘Peace and blessings be upon him’.

It is also a way to request Allah’s ‘help’. Ruqyah does not in any way associate with superstition or ‘shirk‘. Therefore, it is absolutely permissible.

What makes Ruqyah ‘Haraam’ and a complete ‘turn from halal’ to ‘haram’ is when we look for spiritual ailments from magicians, ‘cannabis’ and ‘fortune-tellers’.

In one hadith, the Prophet, Peace and Blessings be upon him, mentioned: 

What Is Ruqyah And How To Perform It?  

How To Perform Ruqyah?

Before you start any Ruqyah performance, here are 3 things you should keep in mind to make sure you start with the right Ruqyah step.

Narrated by Aisha:

What Is Ruqyah And How To Perform It?  

Intention (Niyah)

Every action starts with a small thought. It may be a random thought, or it may be a deliberate and intentional thought. When you start Ruqyah, correct your thoughts and ask Allah to protect you and to take away all evil from you according to the word of the Quran.

Conviction (Yaqin)

Doing Ruqyah without knowing what it means is not ideal. When doing Ruqya on your own, it is imperative that you do it with complete assurance, reciting the Quranic verses loud and clear, believing that Allah almighty is the only one who offers the cure.

Patience and Consistency

Ruqyah is more than just a once-in-a-lifetime activity. It is a daily practice that needs to be performed consistently in order to reap the benefits of Ruqyah sooner rather than later.

For some people, it may take a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years.

If you want to reap the rewards of Ruqyah, you will need to practice Ruqyah daily. You will need to recite Ruqyah daily dua and Ruqyah verse. Great things are given to those who work hard and endure.

What should you do before Ruqyah

Before you start, do wudhu, offer two rak’ats and make du’a to Allah. This is very important when you are performing tahajjud in the middle of the night. Say a sincere dua and ask Allah to help you heal whatever condition you are facing.

Doing Ruqyah for Healing means making sincere istighfar and avoiding sins. Try to control your desires and desires. Do good to each other. If you have ever hurt someone or done injustice, you must restore their rights.

Giving Sadaqah is also a powerful Ruqyah. As our beloved Prophet Muhammad also said, “Treat your sick with Sadaqah.”

Before you start the Ruqyah process, make sure you don’t have any animated pictures in your house. If you do, get rid of them right away.

Amulets with incantations related to shirk or evil eye symbols should be thrown away right away. You can throw them in a river or somewhere far away from home to protect yourself from evil.

If you can, and if it’s not too difficult for you, stay in a wudhu state all day long, especially while sleeping.

What should you do during Ruqyah?

Now that you have gone through the Ruqyah process, now is the time for Ruqyah Islam. The following are some of the actions and recitations that you should perform:

When you start your first Ruqyah session, recite darood sharif as an introduction to your Ruqyah session.

Then, repeat the following Ruqyah verse below as loud as you can, with complete focus and conviction. Repeat this verse 3-7 times.

Dua for Ruqyah (Quranic Verses):

  • Surah Fatiha
  • Surah Falaq
  • Surah An-Nas
  • Surah Ikhlas
  • Ayatul Kursi (Surah Baqarah ayat 255)
  • Surah Al A’raf Ayat 106-122
  • Surah Taha Ayat 65-69
  • Surah Al-Kafirun

Once you have said the Quranic verse or adhaka according to the sunnah, recite it directly into your palms and blow into your hands.

Rub your hands over your body after you have blown into your hands. You can also recite the ruqyah verses while rubbing the part of your body that is hurting.

You can also blow into a glass of water and keep your mouth close to it. You can breathe into the water and blow over it repeatedly. You can use the water that you have blown into for drinking or bathing.

If you are going to recite Ruqyah to others, put your hand on their forehead or the part of their body that is hurting, recite it and blow into it.

The use of Zamzam water

The Prophet (SWT) said in Hadith 3062, which is classified as a hasan, that “Zamzam water is for whatever you drink it for.” This means that if you drink it for your health, Allah will help you.

If you drink it for food, Allah will give you food. If you are thirsty, Allah will make your thirst go away.

It’s not as simple as it sounds to do Ruqyah completely, but if you have the right intentions, faith, and the right techniques, anyone can do it.

We should be careful of all the evil that’s out there, but Ruqyah can help us get rid of all our spiritual and physical issues. If you’ve done it, let us know what you think! May Allah keep us safe from all the evil in the world, day and night.

It is important to note that blowing on the zamzam water is forbidden, as breathing inside its container was forbidden by the Prophet.

Summing up

Ruqya can be performed for various purposes, including protection from evil eye, black magic, and spiritual ailments. However, it is essential for individuals seeking ruqya to approach it with a sincere and strong belief in the power of Allah, as faith is considered a crucial element in the effectiveness of this practice.

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