Quranic Verses on Peace- 10 Ayats Proving Islam Is Peaceful

Quranic verses on peace: Islam is a religion of love and non-violence. It conveys the message of peace and brotherhood to all nations and societies and inculcates mutual brotherhood, love, respect and mutual justice for all mankind.

All creatures belong to the family of God, and the most beloved of all creatures is the one who benefits his family the most. No human being will be harmed without cause and no one’s life or property will be harmed. No harsh words will be used against anyone without any Sharia justification. No one will be harmed except by Sharia punishment or justification for wars. Islam teaches to treat people with compassion. There is no prejudice or violence in Islam.

Meaning & Significance of the Word Islam in Quran

The word Islam is derived from Arabic root “Salema” َwhich means peace and security and well-being.
Islam, in its literal sense, is utter peace. It is as if the meaning of peace and security is within the word Islam. Therefore, in terms of its meaning, Islam is a religion that is peaceful in itself and teaches others peace and security, love and tolerance, moderation and balance and patience and
If the definition of a Muslim and a believer is sought in the light of the Qur’an and Hadith, then the fact becomes clear that in the eyes of God and His Messenger, the Muslim is the only person who is for all humanity. Be a believer in peace and security and a believer is also a person who is endowed with such qualities as peace and tolerance, tolerance and tolerance, mutual co-existence and respect for humanity. That is, from the individual level to the collective level, from which everyone is safe and secure, he is a Muslim.

Which Quranic Verses Prove Islam is a Religion of Peace?

Islam itself is a religion of peace and tranquillity and urges others to live in peace and tranquillity. The greatest proof that Islam is a religion of peace and security is that the Almighty has chosen the name ‘Islam’ for the religion He has sent. In the Light of Quran Allah almighty say’s:

Quranic Verses on Peace- 10 Verses Proving Islam Is Peaceful

↓ Verse no 1

Quranic Verses on Peace- 10 Verses Proving Islam Is Peaceful

In simple words,
The acceptable path in Allah’s sight is Islam, the path of surrendering: devotion of all good actions to Allah alone, submission to Him in servitude and acceptance of all messengers, including the final messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) with whom revelations came to an end, and after whom no sacred laws will remain valid except his. The Jews and Christians only split up into various groups and sects, after evidence was established against them in the form of knowledge that had come to them, because of envy and greed for the world. Yet for whoever denies the verses of Allah revealed to His Messenger, Allah is quick in taking to account those who disbelieve in Him and His messengers.
A man asked the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): O Messenger of Allah! Which Islam is better? It is said by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH):
In the Hadees:
Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Al-Musnad, 2: 187, No. 6753
(Islam is the best of the person) from whose tongue and hand all people are safe.

↓ Verse No 2

Surah Al-MAIDAH (Ayah 8):

Quranic Verses on Peace- 10 Verses Proving Islam Is Peaceful

In simple words,
Regarding tolerance, this verse is the basis that tolerance is synonymous with justice, meaning that everyone who has differences in religion, culture, language or race, whether he is a friend or enemy should be treated with justice, he should not be discriminated against because of his religion, etc., nor should he be subjected to any kind of abuse or oppression. The meaning of this verse is that your enmity and enmity towards any nation should not persuade you to abandon justice, but you have to do justice in all circumstances.

I also recommend that you go through these Qualities that Allah Loves.

↓ Verse no 3

Quranic Verses on Peace- 10 Verses Proving Islam Is Peaceful

In simple words,
The fact stated in this verse is also an important basis of tolerance that everyone should keep in mind that the religious and intellectual differences between different classes are natural, eliminate them. Therefore, generosity should be shown and the religion, beliefs and ideologies of others should be encouraged to be tolerated and religious, political, intellectual and scientific tolerance should be dealt with them. “Security” and “faith” is peace. It is the religion of humanity and the bearer of peace and security. Islam is distinguished from all religions of the world in that it is based on peace and security and religious tolerance.

↓ Verse no 4

Quranic Verses on Peace- 10 Verses Proving Islam Is Peaceful

In this verse, religious freedom is guaranteed so that no one is forced to change his religion and belief. It has to do with heart and conscience. This principle is very important when it comes to tolerance. The same fact is stated in Surah Kafirun: “You have your way, and I have my Way.”

↓ Verse no 5

Quranic Verses on Peace- 10 Verses Proving Islam Is Peaceful

Even if non-Muslims live with Muslims in a country, Islam instructs Muslims to adhere to Islamic teachings of peace and security, justice, equality and tolerance, compassion, generosity and humanity. Introduce non-Muslims to Islam and invite them to the religion with effective advice and wisdom, but do not try to force or coerce them in any way, if they do not believe and talk and debate about religion. If you want to do it, you have to have a very generous and cheerful religious dialogue.
Islam recognizes the religious affairs of all human beings as well as commands them to be guided and invited to the divine system, so that man may have peace in this world as well as a peaceful life in the hereafter. Here are Inspirational Islamic Quotes on Justice.

↓ Verse no 6

Quranic Verses on Peace- 10 Verses Proving Islam Is Peaceful

In simple words,
O you who have faith in Allah and follow His Messenger, enter Islam completely and do not leave out any part of it like how the People of the Scripture believed in some parts of the book and disbelieved other parts. Do not follow the ways of Satan, because he has made it clear that he is your enemy. In the same way, Allah commands something else in another place.

↓ Verse no 7

Quranic Verses on Peace- 10 Verses Proving Islam Is Peaceful

In simple words,
Do not ruin things on earth by committing sins after Allah has put it right by sending the messengers (peace be upon them) and establishing things in accordance with His laws. Call on Allah alone, fearing His punishment and hoping for His reward. The mercy of Allah is truly close to those who do good, so be from among them.

In all the religions of the universe, the right of human life to live with respect and dignity and peace and contentment has been given priority, Praise be to God! Islam has the greatest status in this regard.

↓ Verse no 8

Quranic Verses on Peace- 10 Verses Proving Islam Is Peaceful

Say, O Messenger, to the people: Come! I will read to you what Allah has made unlawful. He has made it unlawful that you associate any creation as partner to Him; that you disobey your parents – for it is your duty to be good to them; that you kill your children due to poverty – as the people during the period of ignorance used to do – I provide for you and for them. He has also made it unlawful that you go near immoral acts, whether they are done openly or in secret; and that you kill the soul that Allah has prohibited you from killing, unless it is done rightfully (such as in the case of adultery and apostasy). He has instructed you with what was mentioned so that you understand Allah’s instructions and prohibitions.

↓ Verse no 9

Quranic Verses on Peace- 10 Verses Proving Islam Is Peaceful

In many places in the Quran, Allah points out the importance of forgiveness and encourages his people to forgive others and maintain peace.

↓ Verse no 10

Quranic Verses on Peace- 10 Verses Proving Islam Is Peaceful

This verse talks about how Allah has created the universe as a model of peace and tranquillity where every object performs its function in harmony with others.

There are a number of other Quranic verses that are based on peace, kindness, equality & justice – proving that Islam is a religion of peace.


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