Surah Al Zilzal Benefits: 5 Virtues of Reciting Surah Zilzal

Surah Al Zilzal Benefits: Surah Zilzal, also called Al Zalzalah means ‘the earthquake’. It is the 99th surah of the Holy Quran placed in the 30th Juzz. it is said to be a late Makki surah which means that it was revealed during the Prophet SAW’s life in Makkah.

The Holy Prophet SAW has emphasized greatly the importance of this surah and its recitation. The surah has a great status in terms of reminding us about the day of the judgment. Even though the surah is very short but its content is very comprehensive and holds great significance. Surah Zilzaal not only reminds us of the short-term nature of human life on earth but also of receiving the blessings of Allah SWT as a result of your good deeds.

Surah Zilzal Summary

This surah contains the description of how the day of judgment will begin. The entire earth will be shaken with the most violent shaking and it will continue to shake until everything on this earth I destroyed until all the mountains are flattened, all the buildings will be leveled with the floor. It describes that when that day comes, every single thing that we did will be brought to Allah SWT. This earth will speak its information and tell everything that people did on it; who prayed, who gave sadaqah, who lied, who abused and who stole.

Everything that was in our hearts or that we did will be shaken out; all the good and all the bad. The accountability in front of Allah SWT will begin and we will be answerable to every angle thing. The point of this surah is that every single thing is recorded in preciseness. We will have to account for all the blessings that He gave us and how we used them and also all the bad things that we did.

The deeds will be described in so much detail that not even the smallest of your good or bad deeds will be left out. People will be divided into groups and then their track records will be shown to them.

What are the Benefits & Virtues of Surah Zilzal?

Every surah of the Quran has virtues that benefit a believer in its own unique way. Recitation of some surahs helps us get rewards directly, while recitation and understanding of other surahs help us internally improve ourselves. They help us to change ourselves from within. This change is for Allah. And whatever change that is brought in us through His words directly makes a believer our Lord’s favorite.

Surah Zilzal is a very short surah that makes it easy to memorise and you can also make it a part of your prayers or daily Quran recitations. Here are some more Short Surahs of Quran That You Can Learn.

Surah Al Zilzal Benefits: 5 Virtues of Reciting Surah Zilzal

1 – Surah Al Zilzaal’s recitation is equal to half of the Holy Quran

Recitation of this surah has huge benefits. The most important one is that the one-time recitation of this surah is as if you’ve recited half of the Quran.

This shows that we could earn more rewards in a very short time, but this does not mean that we should leave reciting the whole Quran and only recite Surah Zilzaal. We need to recite the Quran regularly and wholly. Allah has kept the secret of a perfect life in this Holy Quran and it is upon us to take from it that which benefits us.

Surah Al Zilzal Benefits: 5 Virtues of Reciting Surah Zilzal

2 – Your Small Deeds are Not Wasted

Never underestimate a small good deed. No matter how small a deed is, it is always recorded and counted in our book of deeds. Picking up something from the floor of the Masjid that could harm a worshipper is so small and insignificant but it could be very rewarding. Whereas, being inconsiderate, something that might seem very small to us could harm someone and make us sinful in the eyes of Allah SWT.

What is so amazing is that we are rewarded 10 times for every good deed and for every bad deed it is written only once. With this, we will have our books on the right heavier than the books on the left (in sha’Allah). Having this thought in our minds can help us change the intention of our every small deed, and result in rewards as a consequence. 

3 – The Earth is a Witness

We should increase doing good deeds in different places so that those places would bear witnesses for us on the day of judgment. We can recall the ayah of this surah that says that the earth will speak all that it has witnessed done by the people upon its surface. when a person passes away then the places that they used to pray and do good deeds on will actually miss them.

One way you can do this is by changing your places of prayer. The best way to do this is by moving to offer the nafil prayer at home after you are done praying the obligatory at the masjid.

4 – Justice will be Done

One of the names and attributes of Allah SWT is “Aadil”, which ones the Just one; the one who does justice. Anybody who believes in Islam believes in Divine Justice. Allah SWT never wrongs and He will not allow injustice to be caused against his creatures.

Now, the Surah indicates that there will be accountability which means that Allah SWT will allow justice to prevail. Every oppressed will be rewarded and every oppressor will be held punishable for his wrongdoings. So next time you feel that someone is being unfair to you, recitation of this surah will always remind you that Allah SWT will take avenge for you. Ths worldly life is going to become much easier to get through.

Here are some Inspirational Islamic Quotes on Justice.

Surah Al Zilzal Benefits: 5 Virtues of Reciting Surah Zilzal  

5 – Fear of Allah

The above-mentioned thought can bring the fear of Allah in our hearts for the same reason. We will think twice before we are being unfair to someone or before we try to take someone else’s right.


We need to pray to Allah SWT to give us the ability and chances to increase our good deeds. We pray for Allah that we remember the day when all our deeds would be presented and we prepare for it.

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