Surah Rehman Summary- 10 Lessons & Benefits of Surah Rehman

Lessons from Surah Rehman. This surah is entitled as ‘Ar Rehman’, ( The Most Merciful) the first word of the surah. It is the 55th surah in the Quran and has 78 verses. There are many views on its revelation, whether it is Makki or Madani. But most commentators agree on the fact that it is most probably a Madani Surah, revealed after Hijrat.

Al Rehman attributes to the qualities and mercy of Allah SWT that How He’s the Most Merciful and Gracious in the matters of His creatures. In this surah, Allah SWT not only is addressing to human beings, but He is also mentioning His other creatures, Jinn. He is describing His powers and wonders that we see every day with our eyes. His mercy extends to those who believe. But His anger is for those who transgress and don’t follow His path and hellfire awaits them.


This Surah is known as the Aroos al Quran (bride of the Quran). The Prophet Muhammad said about reciting this Surah,

‘One who recites Surah al-Rahman shall be granted Divine Graciousness upon his inability to give thanks to Allah for all His Blessings and shall be rewarded for his gratitude against Divine Blessings.’ 


Benefits of Reciting Surah Rehman:

  • One who recites Surah al-Rahman regularly, his heart will be purified from any sorts of hypocrisy and evil.
  • On the judgement day,  this surah will bring comfort to those who used to recite it daily.
  • Surah Rehman is said to relieve depression in people who lose hope in their lives.
  • This blessed surah, when recited to a patient or by a patient , miraculously cures them by the will and blessing of Allah SWT.
  • This surah also helps in the times of hardships and failures when it’s recited regularly.
  • Allah provides protection to those who recite this surah in the morning or at night and keep him under His protection.
  • This surah also helps someone who is in search of a good spouse. It should be recited to receive help of Allah SWT in finding a good and pious match.

Following are some of the lessons that one can learn from this blessed Surah.

Surah Rehman Summary- 10 Lessons & Benefits of Surah Rehman

↓ 10 – Allah, the Most Merciful, is the Teacher of the Quran

In this blessed surah, Allah Calls Himself the Most Merciful (Ar Rehman) and tells us that He’s the One who has taught the Quran, the greatest blessing, indicating that any man or jinn has not written this Holy Book. Still, it is the Word of the Al Aleem and Ar Rehman, and He’s the sole teacher of the Book. It was revealed upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The attribute of Allah, Ar Rehman, has been used in the surah while talking about the teaching of the Quran,  clearly indicates that the Most Merciful has sent down His Divine Blessing, Al Quran, as a mercy and a source of guidance for all humankind.

Surah Rehman Summary- 10 Lessons & Benefits of Surah Rehman

↓ 9 – Allah is the Creator of Men and Jinn

In this surah, Allah SWT mentions that He’s the one who has created Men and Jinn. He created men from rotten clay like that of potter’s. The stages of the creation of men include,

  • Turab: Dust
  • Teen: Mixing water with dust
  • Teen e lazib: Leaving that mixture of dust and water for it to become sticky clay.
  • Hama in Musnun: Introducing stink to the sticky clay
  • Dried stinky clay
  • Bashar: When Allah created the Spirit of men

Nobody has the power to create men but Allah only.

This surah also mentions the creation of jinn that they’re created from the fire of pure form. Their creation is different from that of men and creatures of other kinds invisible to the eye of human beings.

↓ 8 – Allah Creates a Balance in the Universe

Allah SWT in this surah says that He has created everything with balance. Every planet, the Sun, the moon, the stars, are present in harmony and balance. The life that beyond and under the sea, the human beings, the animals, Jinns exist according to Allah’s justice and balance. Nobody can disturb this perfect balance that has been set up by the Al-Mighty and the Most Merciful Allah SWT.

↓ 7 – Justice is always Served

This surah highlights the importance of justice and equality. Allah has asked His servants to make purchases and selling with justice and balance. Human beings are told to deal with others justly and with equality. Everything that Allah has created stays in balance; hence the men should harbor harmony in his affairs and life. Here are some more  Inspirational Islamic Quotes on Justice.

Surah Rehman Summary- 10 Lessons & Benefits of Surah Rehman

↓ 6 – There are Signs of Allah’s Sovereignty all Around Us

In this Surah, the signs of Allah’s Sovereignty have been described. The Sun that stays in its orbit and the moon that has been perfectly placed at the measured distance from the planets are the signs for those who don’t believe. Allah is the Only One Who’s controlling all these celestial bodies. The stars that stay in their place in the form of constellations are unalterable. The trees that are standing proudly on Earth bow down to Allah only. Everything in this universe is a miracle of Allah SWT and obedient to Him only. Therefore, the lesson of Tauhid and Oneness of Allah has been taught in the Quran and is highlighted in this blessed Surah.

Surah Rehman Summary- 10 Lessons & Benefits of Surah Rehman

↓ 5 – The Earth is a Blessing for All Mankind

This surah perfectly denies the notion of the disbelievers that the Earth has come into existence by itself or due to some unknown phenomena, stating that Allah SWT has created earth as a blessing for everyone. Evey life that exists on this planet exists due to Allah’s will.

I also recommend that you go through these Beautiful Thanking Allah Quotes.

Surah Rehman Summary- 10 Lessons & Benefits of Surah Rehman  Via

↓ 4 – The Bounties and Wonders of Allah are a Sign of Guidance

Allah has created everything in this world. It is His miracle that He appointed His creatures and made arrangements for their food and sustenance. Every soul brings his rizq with himself by Allah’s will.

In this Surah, countless bounties and Wonders of Allah have been described by the Al-Mighty Himself. That how He created the date and palm trees that provide food and provision to His creatures. How every fruit and vegetable is beautifully and perfectly packed in their shells and how corns and husks are created for the food. Only Allah has the power to provide for every soul.

Surah Rehman Summary- 10 Lessons & Benefits of Surah Rehman

Another wonder that has been described in this Surah is one of the signs for the disbelievers, that how He made two seas beside each other and put a barrier in between so that the  water doesn’t cross

Surah Rehman Summary- 10 Lessons & Benefits of Surah Rehman


↓ 3 – Believe in The Day of Resurrection

Allah, the Most Gracious, reminds mankind of the day when everyone will be judged according to their deeds and aimaal. The sketch of the day of Resurrection that has been described by Allah SWT in this surah is the call of awakening. When the mountains will be destroyed, and everyone will be accountable for his actions and their life in this world. The day when nobody will care about any other soul but themselves. A man can never imagine the horror of the day of judgment. But this surah clearly states the accountability that everyone abv everything has to face regardless of their worldly differences. To prepare yourself for this day, you should memorise and recite these Duas to Achieve Nearness to Allah.

Surah Rehman Summary- 10 Lessons & Benefits of Surah Rehman

↓ 2- The Final Abode of the Sinners is Hell

In this surah, Men and Jinn both have been warned about the destination for the sinners and transgressors. Hellfire awaits those who deny its existence and have no fear of Allah SWT. They shall be identified by the ugliness of their sins on their faces, and they’re the ones that would be grabbed by their foreheads and feet and will be thrown away in the boiling hot water of the hellfire. This is the final abode for the wrongdoers that the Most Merciful has chosen.

Surah Rehman Summary- 10 Lessons & Benefits of Surah Rehman

↓1- Jannah is the Final Destination for the Righteous Ones

Allah in the Holy Quran has mentioned the reward of Jannah countless times, but in this surah, His promise of Jannah for the righteous ones is the biggest blessing for those who fear Him. The two gardens of Jannah have been promised in this surah, gardens with pair of every fruit and modest Harris, lush blooming branches and flowing clean water canals and there will be no sadness or regrets only happiness and peace shall prevail. The beauty and wonders of Jannah are only for the slaves of Allah who walk on His path.

Surah Rehman Summary- 10 Lessons & Benefits of Surah Rehman



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