20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

Tips to memorize Quran: Memorization of the Quran is the process of committing the verses of the Holy Quran to memory. It is a monumental task that comes with immense rewards and sacrifices. People find it overwhelming; 114 Surahs, more than 6000 verses, and 77,430 words. The chaotic schedules can get you demotivated and leave you disheartened as it may seem as ‘Mission Impossible’.

We are here to tell you that it may seem difficult but it isn’t.

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

Virtues Of Memorizing The Quran

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

Allah SWT has mentioned that Quran has been made easy for learning. When Allah SWT has said this, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for doubt. Here are some virtues that might help you get motivated.

Every Ayah Elevates Our Ranks On The Day Of Judgement

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

Good News For Parents

Buraydah reported, the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

Immense Rewards Are Promised

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

Placed Among The Best of Muslims

It is narrated by Uthman Ibn Affan, the Messenger of Allah ﷺ is reported to have said:

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

Quran Will Intervene On Your Behalf

The Quran will come as an intercessor on the Last Day to ask Allah to forgive our sins. Abu Umamah narrated that the Prophet of Allah ﷺ said:

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

Glad Tidings For Family Members

Ali bin Abi Talib narrated the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

Difficulty In Reading Earns You Reward As Well

Aisha reported, the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

Dua For Memorizing The Quran

There isn’t any specific dua assigned for those seeking to memorize the Quran. But quite often our mentors or tutors recite these duas before starting to memorize. There are some nice quotes about education and learning that you can read here.

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

Students and children are especially advised to recite this dua diligently for stronger memorization.

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

A bit of advice from Ibn Al Qayyam:

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

How to Memorize the Quran?

Before Starting To Memorize The Quran:

It seems very hard until you start. You are basically disciplining your memory to retain more information. Once your brain gets trained and in practice, it becomes easier. Take baby steps. Here are some steps to get you warmed up:

Make Niyyah (Intention)

Ask yourself why do you want to learn the Quran? Is it because you want people to praise you? Or do you think you could make a good earning out of it?

If it is any of the above then you probably shouldn’t move forward, the sole purpose should be seeking Allah’s Happiness and showing gratitude for His blessings. If the niyyah is something else maybe you won’t get rewarded as much. Straighten your intention, and practice doing something solely for Allah’s pleasure, like getting up for Tahajjud when the whole world is asleep, or reciting the Quran in the silence of the night. #tahajjudgoals on Instagram will defeat the purpose.

Umar Bin Al Khattab said, I heard the Messenger of Allah ﷺ say:

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

Start Off Small

For some time forget that you are planning on learning the whole Quran, sounds scary !! Start with the small Surahs from the last Juz (part) or the important Surahs that you have to recite every day, like Surah Mulk, Surah Yaseen. Get a feel of your capability and ease into the process.

Have a Good Support System

Surround yourself with people or children who have the same goals as you do. Your family is already your biggest support but you don’t want people telling you how difficult it is going to be, or how will you pull it off? Children or adults who are in the same boat as you are will boost your confidence.

Don’t Worry If You Aren’t Fluent In Recitation

The only thing you need to make sure is your Tajweed (pronunciation) is on point. You don’t want to retain anything in your memory that might be wrong.

Constant Dua

Last but not the least, nothing is possible without Allah’s SWT help in every situation. Ask Him to make this journey easy for you.

Quran Memorization Techniques

Every Qari has their own technique on how to get kids and adults to learn. Your tutor can help you out after gauging how much you can handle. Pick a learning technique you are comfortable with and OWN it. Here is an example of a learning technique:

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

Tips For Memorizing The Quran

1 – Use Only One Mushaf

The reason for that is when you try to recall your lesson a mental image of your Mushaf (Quran) will form in your mind. Stick to one Mushaf.

2 – Learn With A Professional Quran Teacher

Does this question often arise about how to memorize the Quran by yourself?

Is it possible will you to be able to do it?

Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. But it is better to have a mentor; someone who can motivate you and share experiences from their journey. Someone who can correct you if you make mistakes while reciting. Someone who will cheer you on instead of pulling you back.

3 – Pick An Audio Source

A lot of audio recordings are easily available of different Quraá (plural of Qari- a person who recites the Quran). Select someone who is more suited for you and whom you can easily understand and follow.

4 – Set A Suitable Time

Pick a time when you are fresh and energized, like not when you are about to go to bed. Your mind should be awake, ready to absorb in what you are trying to commit to memory.

5 – Pick A Distraction Free Atmosphere

Pick a place and time when you know everyone is busy and no one will bother you. Masjid is a really good option as well. Shut off your cell phone, there should be no distractions. This time MUST only be dedicated to Quran revision and learning.

6 – Familiarize Yourself With The Text

If you have 5 verses allotted for a particular day read them a few times to get familiar with the words. It will become easier to retain it.

7 – Recite Out Loud

Learn and revise loudly, let your ears hear. In case you do make a mistake you can correct it immediately.

8 – Set Practical Goals

Draw up a schedule according to your capability, how much can you learn in a day. Make sure it is realistic and you can keep up with it. You don’t want to get irritated and frustrated if you overburden yourself too much.

Set a goal for yourself according to your capability, how can you memorize it in 1 year?

Break down the verses into the number of days you have allotted for yourself. There is no harm in mapping out a potential plan. Always remember everyone keeps their own pace. Some might be able to pull it off in 1 year for others it may take more.

Here is an example of what a Quran memorization chart can look like, it is up to you how you would like to design yours:

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

9 – Consistency Is The Key

No matter what happens make sure you don’t skip a day of learning, if for some reason you aren’t able to learn at least get some revision done.

10 – Revision

Murajaah is revising all that you have learned. There are two kinds of Murajaah:

  • Muraajah Al- Sagheer- The small revision which is just revising what you have learned recently.
  • Murajah Al- Kabeer- The big revision is revising all that you have learned so far.

Murajaah is absolutely necessary, humans can not be separated from the nature of forgetfulness, because forgetfulness is an identity that will always be inherent in someone whoever it is. Make sure you do it without looking at the Mushaf. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

11 – Warm Up

Start off with reciting with what you have learned a day before. Then move on to the new portion that is to be learned.

12 – Give It TIme To Sink In

When you have learned the new portion for the day, don’t immediately ask someone to listen to you. Give it time so that it can be retained in the permanent memory.

13 – Don’t Change Your Schedule Stick To It

It so happens that some verses of the Holy Quran are easier than the others, they can be learned easily. Just because you have done learning for the day and are satisfied with it you add more to your learning portion.

No, don’t change the schedule you have drawn for yourself. Give more time to revision. There will be many unexpected events during the time that will hinder your schedule.

14 – Beautify Your Voice.

Try to recite like the Qari whose audio you follow. A melodious voice sounds very pleasant to the ears.

20 Tips to Memorize the Quran Easily (Tested)

15 – Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

It is good to have a healthy competition set by our teachers, but don’t go comparing yourself with others’ progress. Everyone is learning at their own pace. You have just learned 6 verses in two days and someone has done 12, it will demotivate you.

16 – Niyyah

Keep checking your intention every time you sit down for Hifdh. Keep reminding yourself that this is for Allah’s pleasure only.

17 – Make It A Part Of Your Salah

Whatever you have learned make it a habit of reciting it in your Salah. It will be like evaluating how well those verses are committed to memory.

18 – Extra Cirricular Activities

Sports should be how you should relax not by committing to screentime. Screentime numbs the brain and slows down its working ability. We definitely don’t want that happening when you have embarked on such a beautiful journey.

19 – Ask For Help

Always ask Allah SWT for help every day, 5 times a day, to make this journey easy and smooth for you.

20 – Understand What You Learn

Last but not the least, understanding what you are learning will become a lot easier. Ask your mentor to help you with that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to memorize the Quran in 30 days?

Ans. Practically it is not possible, you will have to memorize one Juz (part ) in one day and move to the next. You will be overburdening your brain and will get tired very easily. But there are excellent Hifdh programs you could join that might assist you in the best way possible.

Q. How to memorise the Quran fast?

Ans. This is no competition and it shouldn’t become one. Allah SWT has gifted everyone with a memory. Some can retain more than others. No two people can learn at the same pace. But at the same time, anything is possible with your hard work and Allah SWT’s help.


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