10 Islamic Quotes by Hazrat Abu Darda & His Wise Sayings

Quotes by Hazrat Abu Darda: Hazrat Abu Darda R.A was a noble companion of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was a great scholar and reciter of the Quran. His real name was Uwaymir ibn Zaid bin Qais, Abu Al Darda was his nickname.

He was born in Madina and belonged to the lineage of Khazraji. Hazrat Abu Darda R.A converted to Islam after the Battle of Badr and thereafter he took part in all the other battles of Islam.

Hazrat Abu Darda R.A was known for his modesty, knowledge, and piety. He did not only have deep knowledge of hadith, tafsir, and fiqh, he was one of the rare companions who memorized the entire Quran when the Prophet (PBUH) was alive.

quotes by hazrat abu darda

He narrated several hadiths from the Prophet (PBUH), Hazrat Aisha R.A, and Zayd ibn Thabit. His teachings and lifestyle mostly comprised of the insignificance of worldly life. Abu Al Darda died when he was 84 years in 32 AH.

How did Abu Al Darda convert to Islam?

One day Abdullah ibn Rawaha R.A a close friend of Abu Darda saw him leaving his house. He entered the house from the back door and broke the idol that Abu Darda always worshipped and was very fond of.

Abu Darda’s wife tried to stop Abdullah R.A but he was determined to break it. Abu Darda came home after a while and saw the idol was broken and the pieces were scattered. He got very angry after seeing the broken idol and his wife Umm Darda R.A informed him that his friend broke it.

But after a while Abu Darda R.A realized that the idol that he worshipped and thought was the source of his wealth was lying in scattered pieces and could not even help himself then how could such a thing be considered God.

He went to Abdullah ibn Rawaha who took him to The Prophet (PBUH) and took his shahadah. This incident took place right after the Battle of Badr.

Quotes by Abu Darda

Now let’s look at some of the beautiful sayings and pearls of wisdom that we got from Hazrat Abu Darda:

10 – Wise sayings of Abu Darda R.A. about Knowledge

Hazrat Abu Al Darda was known for the knowledge he possessed about Islam. He not only believed in gaining knowledge of Islam but also in teaching it to other people. He worked for the spread of Islam with enthusiasm and zeal. Here are some more Inspiring Islamic Quotes on Education & Knowledge.

quotes by hazrat abu darda
Abu Darda R.A Quotes

9 – Hazrat Abu Al Darda’s Dua for Faith

Muawiyah b. Qurrah reports that Abu Darda R.A used to say,” We ask Allah for a lasting faith, true certainty, and beneficial knowledge.” Muawiyah b. Qurrah then said, “So this indicates that there is a type of faith that does not last and a type of certainty that is not true and a type of knowledge that is not beneficial.”

quotes by hazrat abu darda

8 – Abu Darda R.A Quotes in English

Abu Darda R.A said: “Three makes me laugh and three make me cry. Those who make me laugh are a person who puts his hopes in this worldly life while death pursues him, a person who is heedless of his Lord while his Lord is not heedless of him, and a person who always laughs while he does not know whether he has pleased Allah or angered him. What makes me cry is being separated from my beloved Prophet PBUH and his companions, the horrors of the time of death and the standing in front of Allah on the day when the secrets will be revealed and I do not know will I then go to Paradise or Hell.”

quotes by hazrat abu darda
quotes by hazrat abu darda

7 – Hazrat Abu Darda’s Advice on Remembering Allah.

A man once asked Abu Darda R.A for a piece of advice so he said :

“Remember Allah in good times and He will mention you in hard times. When you remember those who have passed away, consider yourself one of them. And when you think of involving yourself in some worldly matter, consider first what will it lead to in the end.”

quotes by hazrat abu darda
Abu Darda R.A Quotes in English.
quotes by hazrat abu darda

6 – His Views About Death

Hazrat Abu Darda R.A was known for his teachings of Islam and he considered the life of this world insignificant and gave more importance to the life after death. According to Hazrat Abu Darda R.A, one should be in a constant state of consciousness about death. Here are some of the Things That Every Muslim Must Know About Death.

quotes by abu darda
Abu Darda R.A Quotes in English.

5 – Wise Saying of Abu Darda

Hazrat Abu Darda R.A converted to Islam because of his Friend Abdullah Ibn Rawaha R.A. This story teaches that it is very important to have good companions in life. They influence the decisions we make, the way we act, and the way lead our lives.

The friends we make in this life can either prove to be a boon or bane in the afterlife. So we need to choose them wisely. Here are some of the Best Islamic Quotes on Friendship.

quotes by abu darda

4 – Wisdom of Abu Darda

Abu Darda R.A was one of the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) who practised and taught the teachings of Him (PBUH) with great zeal. And silence is one of the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH).

It is narrated by Abu Hurairah R.A that the Prophet (PBUH) said: “Let the one who believes in Allah and the last day, speak good or remain silent.” – Sahih Bukhari Sahih Muslim. Thus, a believer needs to practice silence when required.

Below given is a Quote by Abu Darda R.A on silence.

Abu Darda R.A quotes in English.

3 – Avoid Adornment

It is reported that Hazrat Abu Darda R.A said: “Be a scholar or a learner, or a person who loves the scholars or a follower of the scholars but do not be the filth. Humayd one of the reporters asked Hasan Al Basri (who reported this from Abu Al Darda) “And who is filth?” He replied: “A heretic (mubtadi, a religious innovator).”

In our times there are a lot of innovations that can be seen around us. One such innovation that prevails today that Hazrat Abu Darda R.A talked about was the decorations of the mosques.

quotes by abu darda

2 – Knowledge & Piousness

The companion of the Prophet (PBUH) Hazrat Abu Darda R.A said: ” Knowledge only comes from learning and forbearance comes from trying to be forbearing and whoever seeks what is good will be given it and whoever avoids evil will be protected from it.”

Thus, to be successful in this life and the next one must keep on learning and acting upon the things learned. Forbearance is an important key to success in this life and the next needs to be practised more.

One must avoid the evils to be protected from the consequences of it. And one must always seek good to be benefited from it. To gain knowledge one must be motivated to gain it.

quotes by abu darda
quotes by abu darda

1 – The Importance of Death

Hazrat Abu Al Darda R.A gave a lot of importance to death. He truly believed that the life of the hereafter was far better than the life of the earth. He constantly reminded himself and his students about death. His teachings involved the reminders of the death and the life of the hereafter.

He said:” When you remember the dead, consider yourself one of them.” There were only three things that he said stopped him from being under the earth,- the brothers who visit me and under the best types of speech, just as the most delightful fruits are picked; having dust stick to my face when I prostrate to Allah and going out in the morning or evening for the sake of Allah (i.e jihad).

quotes by abu darda

Abu Darda’s Best Qualities According to His Wife

Undoubtedly, one of the closest persons to a man is his wife and for this reason, wives know their husbands better than any other individual. This is what Hazrat Abu Darda’s wife had to say about him:

Abu Darda R.A quotes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How old was Abu Darda R.A when he died?

Hazrat Abu Darda R.A passed away at the age of 84.

Q. Where is tomb of Hazrat Abu Darda R.A ?

The tomb of Hazrat Abu Darda R.A is in Damascus.

Q. What was the name of the Wife of Hazrat Abu Darda RA?

Umm al-Darda al-Kubra and Umm al- Sughra were his wives.

Q. When did Abu Darda R.A convert to Islam?

He converted to Islam after the Battle of Badr, which took place on March 13, 624 AD.

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