Top 10 Shams Tabrizi Quotes And Famous Sayings

Who was Shams Tabrizi? Shams al-Din Mohammad was a Persian poet who was often referenced in Rumi’s poetic expressions, especially in “Diwan-i Shams-i Tabrīzī” a.k.a. The Works of Shams of Tabriz. He was Baba Kamal al-Din Jumdi’s disciple and acquired his education in Tabriz, Iran.

He seems to have been a basket weaver and girdle salesman before meeting Rumi, moving from place to place. He was referred to as “the embroiderer” in many biographies, including one by the Persian historian Dawlatshah Samarqandi, despite his profession as a weaver.

The transposition of the epithet to Rumi’s mentor’s biography implies that Shams-i Tabrzi’s biographers were aware of this Imam’s biography.

How did Shams Tabrizi Die?

Apart from his life, Shams’ death was also quite interesting. He is known to mysteriously vanish as per modern Sufi tradition.

However, some claim that he was murdered by Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi’s close followers because they were envious of their close friendship, but there are numerous reliable indications that he left Konya and passed away in Khoy, where he was buried.

Best Shams Tabrizi Quotes

His quotes and famous sayings are very fascinating and thought-provoking. Let’s take a look at them.

1 – Love for Allah

In the following quote, he encourages fellow Muslims to always exceed in their love for Allah (SWT). Moreover, he encourages Muslims to always choose Allah (SWT) over anything and everything.

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Top 10 Shams Tabrizi Quotes And Famous Sayings

2 – Quote About People

The following quote lays an emphasis on the inner beauty of a person and explains how having bad intentions and holding grudges can destroy a person’s heart and turn them ugly from the inside despite their outward appearance.

Top 10 Shams Tabrizi Quotes And Famous Sayings

3 – Quote About Life

In the following quote, it is encouraged that we need to listen to other people’s opinions and ideas, even if they are different from our own. When we do this, we can learn more, grow as a person, and become smarter.

By accepting that different people have different views, we can get a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

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Top 10 Shams Tabrizi Quotes And Famous Sayings

4 – The Concept of Surrendering

The act of giving up control and accepting a situation as it is is not a display of weakness but rather a demonstration of courage. It involves letting go of resistance and finding peace in accepting what is, rather than continuing to struggle in an unfavorable situation.

In Islamic beliefs, surrendering means submitting to the will of Allah (SWT) and acknowledging His (SWT) sovereignty. This surrender is seen as a demonstration of strength because it requires one to have faith in Allah’s plan and trust in His wisdom.

The act of submission allows individuals to find peace and security in their lives, as they are no longer struggling against the realities of life but instead accepting and submitting to them.

This submission is a central aspect of Islamic spirituality and is considered a path to inner peace, contentment, and closeness with Allah.

Top 10 Shams Tabrizi Quotes And Famous Sayings

5 – The Meaning of Destiny

The quote is talking about the concept of destiny, which refers to the idea that events and outcomes in one’s life are predetermined and unchangeable. The quote argues that this idea is misguided and that it is foolish to blindly accept everything as destiny.

Instead, the speaker suggests that destiny only shows the end of some paths in life and that individuals are not completely in control, but also not completely helpless.

In other words, the quote argues that destiny is not an all-encompassing force that determines everything in our lives, but instead a combination of predetermined factors and personal choices that shape our lives.

Top 10 Shams Tabrizi Quotes And Famous Sayings

6 – About Self-Awareness

The quote highlights the idea that we cannot obtain accurate self-awareness and truth solely by relying on our own perspectives and beliefs.

Instead, it suggests that we can gain a clearer understanding of ourselves through the reflection of others and by considering their perspectives.

Top 10 Shams Tabrizi Quotes And Famous Sayings

7 – Understanding Comes With Love

The following means that reading and acquiring knowledge is important, but true understanding and wisdom can only be achieved through a deep emotional connection and experience, symbolized by love.

In other words, love provides the context and feeling that allows for a deeper comprehension of the information being learned.

Top 10 Shams Tabrizi Quotes And Famous Sayings

8 – Accept The Chaos

This quote encourages embracing change instead of fighting against it. The idea is to let go of resistance and allow life to happen, rather than trying to control or resist it.

By surrendering, one can align themselves with the flow of life, allowing events and circumstances to unfold in a more harmonious and cooperative manner, rather than experiencing them as a struggle or opposition.

In this way, life can become a supportive and nurturing experience, rather than a source of conflict or stress.

Top 10 Shams Tabrizi Quotes And Famous Sayings

9 – About Vulnerability In Love

The following quote suggests that in order to experience love in its purest form, one should eliminate all physical and metaphorical barriers that might prevent them from getting closer to the object of their affection.

In other words, he is encouraging individuals to strip away anything that might be clouding their perception of love and to allow themselves to fully embrace it.

This could involve letting go of fears, insecurities, or past experiences that may be affecting their ability to love and be loved. By eliminating these barriers, he believes that one can attain a deeper and more meaningful connection with the object of their affection.

Top 10 Shams Tabrizi Quotes And Famous Sayings

10 – Quotes On Truth

You probably know that Honesty is of great importance in Islam. This quote is a metaphor that compares the sun to truth, and the act of denying the sun to denying the truth.

It suggests that regardless of a person’s efforts to ignore or reject the truth, it remains unaffected and persists in its existence.

The quote implies that the truth has a steadfast and unwavering nature, and cannot be diminished or altered by those who refuse to acknowledge it.

Top 10 Shams Tabrizi Quotes And Famous Sayings


Q. What happened to Shams Tabrizi?

He is known to have mysteriously vanished, according to modern Sufi tradition. Some claim he was murdered by Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi’s close followers because they were envious of their close friendship, however, there are several reliable indications that he departed Konya and passed away in Khoy, where he was buried.

Q. How old was Shams when he met Rumi?

He was already in his 60s and Rumi was just 37 years old when they first met. 

Q. What kind of love was between Rumi and Shams?

These two great poets met because of Shams’ mysticism and Rumi’s unquenchable hunger for knowledge and the truth. They are referred to as ashiq in Persian, which literally translates to “lovers.” They did not share a romantic relationship; their “Ishq” was purely platonic and spiritual.

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