20+ Best Quotes from Imam Hazrat Ali & Sayings In English

Best Quotes by Hazrat Ali (RA). Imam Hazrat Ali (RA) was one of the most prominent personalities of Islam, he was the first male/child to embrace Islam after Hazrat Khadija (RA). He grew up in the hands of our beloved Prophet (SAW).

He later had the honor of marrying Prophet (SAW)’s daughter, Hazrat Fatima (RA). Furthermore, he is known as the ‘Lion of Allah’ due to his fearless and valiant nature.

Hazrat Ali (RA) became the fourth Caliph and contributed a lot in the service of Islam. He led a very simple and modest life without any desire of collecting worldly possessions. Moreover, he had qualities of a true Muslim and taught the people to always be thankful to Allah for His blessings. Following are some of the famous quotes by Hazrat Ali (RA) , Hazrat Ali sayings , Hazrat Ali Teaching about how to live your life.

Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S Quotes with Images

islamic quotes by imam hazrat ali

islamic quotes by imam hazrat ali

↓20 – Righteousness

Human beings were created to obey Allah Almighty and no one else. Hazrat Ali teaches us to worship Allah and perform good deeds in order to be on the right path. Whoever disobeys the teachings of Quran and Sunnah will not be rewarded by Allah (SWT) and he will be held responsible for his bad deeds. Here are 30 Inspiring Islamic Quotes on Education / Knowledge /Study.

islamic quotes by imam hazrat ali


↓19 – Greed Is A Curse

People prefer worldly life over the life after death without realizing that the hereafter is better and more persistent. Leaving Allah for the love of this temporary world will not get us nowhere. If a person tries to succeed in this life without caring about the hereafter, he or she will fail in both worlds.

islamic quotes by imam hazrat ali

↓18 – The Real Unfortunate

Money can not buy happiness nor can it make you rich. Hazrat Ali (RA) teaches us that wealth does not define a person to be rich or poor. It is the bond of friendship  that makes a person rich as friendship is the greatest gift of life. A person who does not have a true friend can have a lot of money but he will still be poor.
islamic quotes by imam hazrat ali

↓17 – Tawakkul

To believe and have faith in Allah Almighty that He is enough for us is the first pillar of Islam. We should not be afraid of anything or anyone if we have Allah by our side. He is the one who knows everything and sees everything, so we should only fear Allah (SAW)

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↓16 – Actual Wealth

Being rich and having more money does not make you wealthy. The best and actual kind of wealth is when you are able to give up excessive worldly desires.
islamic quotes by imam hazrat ali

↓15 – Sins Lead To Punishment

When a person commits any sin, he is going against the commands of Allah Almighty. Therefore, we must be careful before we commit a sin because they will deviate us from the right path and take us away from Allah (SWT). Here are 40 Islamic Quotes about Sadness & How Islam Deals with Sadness.

islamic quotes by imam hazrat ali

↓14 – Words Of Wisdom

Hazrat Ali (RA) had an inspiring personality and everything that came out of his mouth was full of wisdom. He taught us to never judge a person if he stays quiet because there maybe battles that he is fighting silently.

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↓13 – Bravery

Hazrat Ali (RA)’s life taught us many lessons, but being brave was the best of them. He set an example for the people to understand how bravery can help you succeed in any step of your life, you just have to completely put your trust in Allah Almighty and you’re ready to achieve anything.

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↓12 – Courage Leads To Victory

Battle of Khyber showcased the talents of Hazrat Ali (RA) very beautifully. Muslims were on the verge of losing but he turned the tide and victory was claimed. His trust in Allah allowed him to have the strength that was almost unbelievable. He explained that “If you support the cause of Allah. Allah will support you.”

islamic quotes by imam hazrat ali

↓11 – Patience; The Key To Happiness

Patience is the partner of wisdom. But, we live in a restless world where being patient is the hardest thing to do. Impatience causes intelligent people to make wrong choices so being patient in difficult times of your life holds immense importance.

islamic quotes by imam hazrat ali

↓10 – Importance Of Charity

Giving charity is not only beneficial for the well-being of the needy but also for the absolute happiness of the wealthy. Allah Almighty has promised that if we prepare ourselves to give our wealth in His way, He will surely increase our sustenance. Have a look at these 50 Islamic Quotes about Success with Images.

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↓9 – Equality

In Islam, a person’s worth is considered by his obedience to Allah and by the good deeds that he does. Therefore, there should be no difference in the treatment of all. Everyone deserves respect and no nation is created to be above the other nation so we should always treat everyone with honor and kindness.

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↓8 – Forgiving Attitude

In today’s world we are only good to those who are good to us whereas, this is not right in Islam. We should never prepare ourselves for taking revenge, rather we should forgive those who hurt us and move on just like our Prophet (SAW).

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↓7 – Allah; The Real Judge

Sometimes in life we commit sins in the dark or when we are alone thinking that we are not being watched by anyone. But we should fear those sins because Allah sees everything and He knows everything and he is the eternal judge of our every single act.

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↓6 – Life Changing Lessons

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↓5 – Judge Yourself First

A person who sees his faults before others and judges himself and not others, is the one who is blessed by Allah (SWT).

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↓4 – Piousness

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↓3 – Wise Quote By Hazrat Ali (RA)

A famous authors quotes ‘Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery’. Similarly Islam teaches us to be aware of the fact that once a moment has passed it will never come back and what is coming next is dubious so we should try to gather as many good deeds as possible.

Best Quotes from Imam Hazrat Ali (3)

↓2 – Improve Yourself

Revenge is the road towards self destruction, we often try to bring other people down whereas we should work towards improving ourselves. Revenge will only make us weak so why not improve ourselves for our betterment?

Best Quotes from Imam Hazrat Ali (20)


↓1 – Patience Is The Fruit Of Faith

islamic quotes by imam hazrat ali


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