9 Islamic Tips on How to Deal with Difficult & Toxic People

Islamic tips on how to deal with difficult people: Islam gives immense importance to the rights of people, Huquq Ul Ibaad. Hurting someone physically, emotionally or mentally is a great sin in the eyes of Allah and will be dealt by Him alone in this world and Akhirah. We as Muslims should be very careful of our words and actions that could hurt others.

In our lives, we come across many people who turn out to be toxic and oppressors in any way. They can be parents, relatives, in-laws, spouses, siblings, friends or any other relation and we might feel oppressed and do not have the courage of saying ‘no’. In such conditions, We are also advised by Allah and His Messenger Prophet Muhammad PBUH to draw boundaries and politely deal with them and pray to Allah SWT for their hidayah.

How Can I Deal With Toxic People Around Me?

We have some of the tips that could be applied while dealing with a toxic person.

9 Islamic Tips on How to Deal with Difficult & Toxic People

9 – How to Deal with Toxic Family Members in Islam?

Family is the priority of any human being. But sometimes, some family members are the ones who break us and shatter our confidence. Instead of supporting, they bring us down with their harsh words and rude behavior. Our lives start affecting due to their toxicity and we try to get their validation.


  • Acceptance– Thinking about the hurt that the other family member has caused, brings no good to us. We should accept the fact that he/she can never be happy with us and will always find a way to harm or hurt our self-esteem. Acceptance can bring about peace to our minds.
  • Pray– Praying to Allah SWT is how we could deal with their toxicity. The Duaa has the power to change the destinies, therefore, we should ask Allah to help in such tiring circumstances. Only he is the One who could give patience to us and put Hidayah in the hearts of such people.
  • Refusing to act like a doormat- Such toxic people treat us in an inferior manner and keep us at the faulty end. We should, by the help of Allah SWT, make ourselves able to take a stand for ourselves and stop acting like a doormat to them. We should leave our matters in Allah’s hands and move on with our lives and pray for their Hidiyah.

O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.” (Al Baqarah, 2:153)

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9 Islamic Tips on How to Deal with Difficult & Toxic People

8 – How to Deal With Toxic Parents

When we think about parents, love, care and warmth are the words that come to our minds. We have always seen and heard that parents are the only ones who love you unconditionally. In the Quran, it is mentioned that we are not allowed to talk back or even roll eyes at them. It is fardh on us to protect their honor and dignity.

But every situation has an exception too. Some people have to face a far bitter reality. They are bullied and hurt by their flesh and blood. Children are a blessing and an Amanah from Allah SWT entrusted to the parents and they are bound to take care of and love them. It is not permissible in Islam to favor one child over another or call them names or swear at them.

How to deal with their toxicity?

Having Meaningful Conversation. When our parents hurt us in some ways, or shatter our confidence, we should convey our concerns to them in a respectful manner. Politely talking to them and opening up about our feelings is not disobeying them.

Seeking Intervention. When the toxicity starts affecting one’s mental health or the abuse becomes a norm, the child must seek the intervention of an adult relative. Disconnecting from abusive circumstances does not come under disobedience. But, no matter what, we should not harm the honor that our religion has given to parents. We should deal with the situation by seeking help respectfully and not abuse back our parents.

Praying to Allah SWT. Prayer is the ultimate of all questions. We should pray for Allah’s guidance and Hidayah for our parents. We should never make Dua against them. Allah is the only One who can change their hearts. Here are some Beautiful Islamic Quotes on Parents with Images.

9 Islamic Tips on How to Deal with Difficult & Toxic People

7 – Islamic Quotes When Someone Hurts You

This Dunya is Fa’ani and the hurt that is caused by the people is Fa’ani too which can be healed by making Duaa to Allah SWT. We should not give all of our heart to this destructible and temporary world. Therefore, when someone hurts and scars us, we should leave the matter to Allah and pray for their Hidayah. Prophet Muhammad PBUH had been deeply hurt by his people both physically and emotionally but he never complained. He always remained patient and never harmed them in return.

9 Islamic Tips on How to Deal with Difficult & Toxic People

6 – Dua’a For Someone Who Has Hurt You

When somebody hurts our feelings, wrongs or oppresses us in any way, it is natural to feel disgusted or hatred towards him. But Sabr is the key to finding peace among difficulties and toxicities of life. Our tongues complain to Allah SWT for all the atrocities and hurt that we have suffered. We should not make dua against them, instead, make dua for their hidayah and forgive them by following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH had been hurt by a lot of people but he always prayed for them. Umar Bin Khattab who was famous for his terror and hatred for Islam, our Prophet Muhammad PBUH prayed to Allah SWT for him and Abu Jahl, the two strongest enemies of Islam, that one of them accepts the religion of truth. Umar Ibn al-Khattab converted and became the most pious Muslim. Therefore we should always pray to Allah to put Rehem and Hidayah in their hearts.

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9 Islamic Tips on How to Deal with Difficult & Toxic People

5 – Quranic Verses on Hurting Others

Islam considers hurting, toying with other’s feelings, oppressing them in any way, as a means to enter Jahannum. There are numerous Ayahs in the Quran, mentioning the consequences of hurting and oppressing others. Allah, on the Day of Judgment, will punish us for our cruelty and tears of the oppressed unless we make Tawbah.

9 Islamic Tips on How to Deal with Difficult & Toxic People

4 – Hadith on Treating Others with Kindness

Kindness is the most important virtue that a man can possess. Islam emphasises treating others with kindness and gentleness as it paced the road towards Jannah. A Muslim should have pious Akhlaq/character and empathy in his heart. Our Prophet Muhammad PBUH was the kindest of all for all mankind including the animals. We should always librate and weigh our words before speaking and think about the consequences of our actions on other’s life.

9 Islamic Tips on How to Deal with Difficult & Toxic People

3 – How to Repent For Hurting Others in Islam

When we hurt our fellow Muslim brothers, this comes under violation of Huquq ul Ibad (Rights of People of Allah.) If the person, that we have hurt, forgives us, then only we can ask for Allah’s forgiveness provided our repentance is pure and sincere.

9 Islamic Tips on How to Deal with Difficult & Toxic People

2 – Personal Boundaries in Islam

Personal boundaries are physical, emotional and mental limits that we create to keep ourselves safe from other’s derogatory remarks, toxicity and negative emotions. Islam also emphasizes having personal boundaries.

Physical Boundaries- In the Quran and Hadith, it is mentioned that we should not enter anyone’s house without permission or letting them know. This comes under violation of physical boundaries.

Emotional boundaries– It is forbidden in Islam to cross Emotional boundaries and hurt our fellow Muslim brothers. Allah Himself says in the Quran that we should not mock, say hurtful things, torture them mentally for any reason. As, for even a word, the servant of Allah SWT can be plummeted in the hellfire.

9 Islamic Tips on How to Deal with Difficult & Toxic People

1 – Punishment for Hurting Others in Islam

Hurting others is an open sin in Islam. The one who has oppressed someone or hurt them in any way, will not be able to get away with his bad deeds. Allah is All-Knowing and He sees everything. He will be bankrupted on the day of judgment, even if he had fasted and prayed endlessly because Allah takes into account the violation of rights of his servants. His good deeds will be transferred to the oppressed and he will remain empty-handed.

9 Islamic Tips on How to Deal with Difficult & Toxic People


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