Zina in Islam – 30 Islamic Quotes about Zina and Punishment

Islamic Quotes on Zina. Zina refers to unlawful sexual intercourse by consent. In Islam, there is no place for major sins and zina is one of them. There are severe punishments for the person who commits this grave sin. Allah in the Quran has mentioned the word zina a few times.

Zina is like that disease that spreads rapidly in the society and corrupts the whole nation. Zina leads to hellfire if one doesn’t turn back to Allah and sincerely repent.

Punishment for zina (adultery) in Islam

islamic quotes on zina

↓ 30- What is Zina

Zina is known as a consensual, illicit and illegal sexual intercourse between a man and  a woman who are not bound to each other by the islamic way of marriage known as ‘Nikah’. The word Zina is from the Arabic language and refers to ‘fornication’ and ‘adultery.’ Fornication refers to an illegal sexual intercourse between a single man and a single woman before marriage whereas adultery means an illicit intercourse between a man and a woman who are married to someone else but not to each other. Here are 35+ Islamic Quotes On Paradise from Quran And Ahadith.

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↓ 29- Zina in Islam

The word Zina has been mentioned a few times in the Quran and as well as in the sunnah. Zina In Islam refers to not only illicit intercourse between a man and a woman, it’s also refers to lust and unlawfully touching the opposite gender. They’re known as the Zina of eyes and hands but the punishment isn’t according to the prescribed hudd. Zina is strictly forbidden and is one of the biggest sins. The punishment of Zina( illicit intercourse) is severe in the world as well as in the hereafter. Allah has made a halal way in the name of nikah. Those who cross the boundary and commit Zina, Allah will punish him.

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↓ 28- Zina in Quran

In the Quran, Allah has mentioned the word Zina a few times prohibiting and considering it as an unlawful heinous act which leads to severe punishment. In the following verse, Allah doesn’t directly ask to avoid Zina, He commands not to even come near it.

Zina according to Islam (11)


↓ 27- Types of Zina

In Islam, Zina has four types.

Zina the illegal intercourse: This type of zina is unlawful sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, who are not abiding by any marriage contract and are Haram for each other.

Zina of eyes: Zina of eyes is looking at unlawful things such as pornography. Or repeated glances at women with lust. This also comes under zina.

Zina of the tongue: Zina of the tongue is speaking of lewd or immoral things in a sexual way. This leads to the bigger zina and are equally Haram.

Zina of hand: Zina of hand includes touching explicitly touching the opposite gender. The zina of hand also includes masturbation and are Haram for Muslims.

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↓ 26-What are the biggest sins In Islam

Islam is the religion of love and compassion. It teaches to stay away from small and big sins. If one sincerely repents, he will be granted forgiveness. But if they persist, then Allah will punish them. There are some of the biggest and major sins in Islam that calls for grave punishments.

1. Shirk

2. To lose hope in the mercy of Allah

3. To disobey parents

4. Zina

5. Drinking alcohol beverages

6. Gambling

7. Taking an inocent life

8. To make a false allegation against a chaste woman

9. To prove false evidence

10. Theft

11. Magic

12. Withholding zakaat

islamic quotes on zina

↓ 25- Punishment for Zina before marriage

In the Holy Quran,  a person who commits zina before marriage is a fornicator and according to Quran fornication us a grave sin. The punishment of fornication requires to lash the Zaani a hundred times in front of the public.

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↓ 24- Punishment for Zina after marriage

The punishment is zina after marriage is Rajm that is stoning to death according to Sharī’ah law. A person who’s legally committed to someone by nikah and commits adultery, has to be stoned to death if any four religious and pious men bear witness against him or he confessed himself.

Zina according to Islam (9)


↓ 23- Rules for the punishment of Zina

The punishment for zina is very severe In Islam as it is considered as a vulgar sin. But In order to prove that adultery and fornication have taken place, there should be any one the two conditions.

1- The person either confesses himself

2- Or there should be four pious Muslim men witness.

There are certain conditions and rules which should be taken into consideration in order to give the punishment to the zaani.

1. The fornicator should be sane

2. Should be over puberty

3. Shouldn’t be forced to fornicate

4. Shouldn’t be sleeping while the act took place.

↓ 22- Causes of Zina

Zina has to be avoided at any cause and one should not even come near to things that lead to the shameful act. Zina can be caused by the following things,

1. Unlawful touching

2. Lust

3. Having Haram relationships with na mehram

4. Watching pornography

5. Glancing at opposite genders that is not lowering the gaze

6. Bad company

7. One of shaitaan (devil’s) tricks

islamic quotes on zina

↓ 21- Guarding one’s chastity

Allah in the Quran has asked his creations to guard their modesty and chastity by lowering their gaze and have a conscience. The first glance at a namehram is not considered haram whereas if the person keeps looking at the opposite gender with lust, this comes under the zina of eyes.

Zina according to Islam (3)

↓  20- Zina and faith

Zina and faith and connected to each other In Islam. If a person has faith, he will not think about committing zina or when he commits it, he will sincerely repent to Allah. A person who has no faith will commit zina again and again and has no guilt in his heart. Have a look at these 30 Best Islamic Quotes On Wealth.

’Faith is like a shirt, that Allah places on those He chooses. If someone commits adultery Allah will take off that shirt from him. If he repents sincerely, Allah will put it back on him.’

↓ 19- Forgiveness for Zina

In Islam, there’s a place for repentance of every sin. If a person who sincerely repents in front of Allah and guards his faith, Allah the merciful of all,  will surely forgive him for his sin. As for Allah loves the tears that are shed for forgiveness. Zina is indeed a grave sin but if a person repents and not commits it again, Allah will forgive the fornicator.

Zina according to Islam (8)


↓ 18-  How to avoid Zina

Zina is a huge sin but it can be avoided if a person tries sincerely. Zina can be avoided by

1. Lowering one’s gaze

2. Having Shame

3. Getting married at the right age

4. Fasting

5. Getting rid of the bad company

6. Salah

Zina according to Islam (7)


↓ 17- Aftermaths of Zina

Every sin brings along a few consequences. Zina, leads to destructive consequences. It alleviates peace from a person’s life and erodes the family bonds as well the societies. It also corrupts a person’s Iman.

Zina according to Islam (6)


↓ 16-  How to repent for Zina?

Allah is the most merciful. He is there to listen to our duas. If a person has committed zina or any other sin, and he repents with his heart, does a lot of Astaghfar, promises to turn away from sins, Allah has promised to forgive him. We should continually seek forgiveness from Allah SWT.

↓ 15- What is Zina of the eyes?

Zina of the eyes is to look lustfully at forbidden things or opposite genders who are na-mehrams. Allah in the Quran has asked to lower the gaze in order to protect oneself from zina of the eyes.

Zina according to Islam (5)


↓ 14- Zina, the destoyer of nations

The major sins like zina corrupt the whole society and generations. It destroys a person’s Iman and more importantly it destroys the nation that is involved in committing zina.

Zina according to Islam (16)


↓ 13- Punishment for spreading Zina

The fornicator/ adulterer is punished for his sin In Islam. There are some people who like to spread zina. For them there’s also a severe punishment in the hereafter.

Zina according to Islam (19)

↓ 12- Zina weakens Iman (faith)

Zina is that sin which completely weakens a muslim’s Iman and hardens his heart. When he is commuting the sin if zina, he loses his Iman. As the time goes bu without repentance his heart becomes black and black till it hardens and not shed a single tear upon the zikr of Allah.

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↓ 11- Forced Fornication/Adultery

A person who has been forced to commit adultery or formication is not a fornicator. Because it zina refers to as consensual illicit intercourse whereas forced ones do not come under zina.

Zina according to Islam (22)

↓ 10- False allegations punishment

There’s a severe punishment for the person who slanders against a chaste woman. It is one of the major sins In Islam and its punishment is to lash him 80 times. Here are 28 Best Islamic Quotes About Time & Importance of Time in Islam.

Zina according to Islam (21)

↓ 9-Hadith about Zina

Zina according to Islam (28)

↓ 8- Witness to prove Zina

In Islam, when a person commits zina, if he doesn’t confess himself then there should be four pious men as witness against the slandered person to prove the allegation of zina.

↓ 7-  Punishment of Zina In hereafter

If a person who commits zina gets the punishment in this life as well as the afterlife too. If he doesn’t repent and death approaches him, he will face severe punishments in the hereafter. As zina leads to hellfire.

↓ 6-  Halal relationship

Allah has made nikah the halal relationship for men and women so that they can avoid themselves from going near zina. Every relationship that does not abide by nikah is Haram and has no fruitful results.

Zina according to Islam (15)


↓ 5- Zina a major sin

Zina in the Quran is considered as a major sin that destroys the nafs and soul of a believer.

Zina according to Islam (25)

↓ 4- Marriage of  a Zaani

In islam, it is said that good men are for good women and pious women are for pious men. Therefore it is mentioned in the Quran, those who commit zina, has to marry the adulterer or adulteress with which they’ve committed the zina.

Zina according to Islam (26)

↓ 3- Allah knows it all

Allah is the Creator of everything in this universe. He knows what goes inside the heart and mind of a person. When someone commits sin, Allah knows it. Nothing is hidden from Allah so is the Zina. A zaani can keep his sin secret from everyone but Allah.

Zina according to Islam (12)


↓ 2- Dua for Protection  from Zina

Theres a dua that is taught by the prophet Muhammad PBUH to protect oneself from indecency.

Zina according to Islam (14)


↓ 1- How to Get Rid of Haram Relationships & Zina

Zina is said to destroy nations, families and generations. A person whose parents are not known faces a lot allegations and problems.

According to Sheikhu’l-Islam Alusi,


Here are 10 simple ways to follow if you want to end a haram relationship as this will keep you safe from zina.

zina in islam quotes


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