Benefits Of Surah Humazah: 10 Reasons To Recite Surah Humazah

Benefits of Surah Humazah: Surah Humazah’s revelation was in Makkah as the 32nd Surah amongst all the revelations. It is present in the 30th Juz of the Holy Quran. The placement of the Surah is at the 104th position in the 7th section of the Quran. It contains 8 ayah, 33 words, and 133 characters in total. Despite having its generality, it applies to every society worldwide. At that time, it was pointing towards a particular context. Its primary purpose was to reassure the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that the destination is hellfire if sins like backbiting, slandering, and hurting others by their body (tongue or hand). Likewise, misusing their wealth to ridicule others will also result in punishment.

What is the Summary of Surah Humazah?

Surah Humazah is one of the shortest surahs in the Quran which makes it easy to learn for Muslims. Here are some more short & easiest surahs to learn. Surah Al-Humaza is on a much-defined theme that warns the righteous Muslim to be wary of sins like backbiting, greed, and slandering. The name of the Surah is elaborating, as the term Humazah means Slanderer. The Surah points out the Muslims in the right direction, tells them the consequences of the wrong actions and sketches a picture of the punishment destined for those who commit the crimes of slander, backbiting, and greed.

Islam has a basis in the concept of love and peace. Talking ill of someone behind their back will distort the peace and create discomfort and anger amongst people. The acts of sarcasm, mockery, and contempt make human beings self-centered and self-righteous. These traits do not contribute to making a great society.

Benefits Of Surah Humazah-10 Reasons To Recite Surah Humazah

It is also critical to understand that backbiting means talking about a person behind their back in a way that is unacceptable at their face. Meaning, the trait discussed is present in the subject, but it would never be kind to talk about it in front of them in a gathering. However, slandering means gossiping about someone without any basis in facts and only making false accusations about someone in their absence.

Similarly, collecting wealth and using it merely for mocking others, using the wealth for wrongdoings, and not utilizing it, is also a sin. These sins increase the lust for money and disrupt society’s moral and ethical values. Islam teaches its followers to use the money for themselves and others to create an environment of love and balance. Not complying with this order means calling the hellfire upon oneself. Greed is one of the greatest sins, and it must eliminate from society.

Benefits Of Surah Humazah-10 Reasons To Recite Surah Humazah

Benefits Of Surah Humazah:

Surah Humazah is a brief in reading, but it is a great Surah. It teaches an ideal way to lead a peaceful life without bothering oneself and others with the burden of pointless societal discussions. It is also an eye-opener regarding the correct monetary approach for a Muslim to live a comfortable life. Reciting Surah Humazah with its meaning and explanation opens our eyes to a more significant aspect of living. However, it has certain benefits when recited only in Arabic with a pure heart and intent.

10. Source of Countless Blessings

Surah Humazah is a means of countless blessings from Allah. Its revelation was not only for the peace and comfort of the victims of slander and backbiting, but it is also a source of blessings. You should also go through these Islamic quotes on backbiting & gossiping.

9. Protects From The Enemy

Regular recitation and blowing over this Surah are effective for protection against enemies. In some cultures, it is used as a talisman for safety of children.

8. Inclination Towards The Good

Its recital with a clear understanding will remind you of how you should lead your life and improve it. It molds the heart towards piety and positivity by taking worldly pleasures like gossip and riches away.

7. Become Closer To Allah

This Surah makes the Muslims aware of their temporary existence and how wealth is a mere attraction and not the purpose of life. The distance from money brings them closer to Allah by taqwa and gives true meaning to life.

Do go through these qualities that Allah loves to get closer to Him.

6. Good For Eye Pain

This Surah is one of the best cures for eye pain. Reciting it and blowing it over to eye ailment patients or using it to cure blind people had been very effective. Repeating it and blowing over water to drink and wash eyes will also help with eye problems. A talisman of this Surah will work the same way for this purpose.

5. Decreases Poverty

Reciting Surah Humazah regularly in Supplications ensures that the reader will never face poverty and his nutritional needs will come to him.

4. Prevents Horrible Death

Regularly reciting Surah Humazah in prayers will keep the reader from any kind of horrible or sudden death. It is known to ward off the death of mysterious and insulting nature.

3. Protection From The Evil Eye

Reciting, blowing, and using a talisman of Surah Humazah is very useful for protection against the evil eye. Here’s our detailed post on the concept & symptoms of evil eye in Islam.

Benefits Of Surah Humazah-10 Reasons To Recite Surah Humazah

2. Used As A Talisman For Protection

Not just against the evil eye, it is also helpful in preventing accidents and ill happenings in life.

1. Tafseer of Surah Humazah Is An Eye-Opener

This Surah is very illuminating in its description. Its understanding can become a reason for a changed lifestyle and a better approach to living.

Concluding remarks

Surah Humazah is one of the most precise yet powerful verses of the Quran. Allah sent this Surah for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) when the Prophet found out about some people mocking and criticizing him. Similar to the entire Quran, it is timeless, irrespective of its context. It applies everywhere because backbiting, sarcasm, and slander are the three most common evils in any society. Greed is also prevalent because of the love for money.

It clarifies the position of the wrongdoers, mentions their gruesome end, and explains how the said behavior is wrong. It touches the hearts of the victims of bullying. It gives them relaxation with the idea that the mockers and sinners do not have anything good to look forward to on the Day of Judgment. The Surah confirms that their ending would be horrible. It is a source of guidance and warning for those who are open to understanding.


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