Surah Al Bayyinah Benefits: 6 Reasons to Recite Al Bayyinah

Surah Al Bayyinah Benefits: Every surah of the Quran teaches us to have patience, forbearance, and most important of all, it gives us the realization that Allah SWT is the Almighty and the Greatest of all. Only He deserves to be worshipped and be given all the praise. The Quran is also a guide that teaches us the permissible and the forbidden. We are taught many lessons by narrating different stories from the stories of the past.

Surah Al Bayyinah is the 98th Surah of the Quran and is located in the 30th Juzz. It has 8 verses and was revealed in Madina, hence a Madni surah.

What is Importance of Surah Al Bayyinah?

Al Bayyinah means ‘the evidence’ or ‘the clear proof’. In this surah, Allah SWT mentions several things about the history of Islam. Allah SWT says that His commandments have always been the same for all generations but people intentionally divided their religion even after they saw clear evidence from Allah SWT. He also mentions how all humanity had gone wrong and distorted His message.

Surah Al Bayyinah Benefits: 6 Reasons to Recite Al Bayyinah

Therefore, there was a need to send Prophet Muhamad SAW with a new revelation. Allah SWT has also included in this surah the different outcomes of people who follow the right path and those who follow the wrong path. Those who follow the commandments of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW  are rewarded with eternal Jannah. While those who are after worldly desires and ignorant ones receive the wrath of Allah SWT in the afterlife and sometimes in this life too.

Surah Al Bayyinah Benefits: 6 Reasons to Recite Al Bayyinah

What does ‘clear proof’ refer to in surah Al Bayyinah?

According to this verse, clear proof refers to the Prophet Muhammad SAW. ‘Suhuf’ means any written material or scripture and Allah SWT is referring to the Holy Quran and other divine scriptures in this ayah. Allah SWT says that the people would disbelieve until a ‘clear proof’ was sent to them in the form of Prophet SAW. So, he was Allah SWT’s favor upon mankind by sending to them the final messenger SAW who would read to us the Quran that will take them out of darkness into light. Nothing could fix people except this divine scripture.

Surah al Bayyinah has values and benefits that are full of good deeds. Applying these in one’s life can make an ideal Muslim. Some of these benefits are

1 – Increase in knowledge

Just like any other surah from the Quran, surah Al Bayyinah increases a person’s knowledge. The information given by Allah SWT in the Quran about the previous generations needs no reference. What He has mentioned is the direct and most authentic source for us to learn from. This knowledge is not like the worldly knowledge that would only help us succeed in this world, but its use for our social and personal lives that will benefit us in our worlds; hereafter, and this world. Here are some Inspiring Islamic Quotes on Education / Knowledge /Study   

2 – Some people will always be ignorant despite a divine proof

This verse indicates that there has always been guidance from Allah SWT in the forms of divine books and Prophets even before the coming of Islam. There were still those who remained ignorant to the message of Allah by His messengers who called them to the right path. They only went further in their misguidance after the messenger came to them. Despite being shown clear evidence of the existence of God, disbelievers committed sins proudly.

The people of the book would threaten the Arabs that we’re waiting for our messenger and we’ll defeat you when he comes. They used to boast about it. But when the Prophet came to them, they denied him and further went into misguidance. It was due to their pride and jealousy that they denied his message and became ignorant. Because they did not want to follow an Arab who they thought of as vile and inferior.

Surah Al Bayyinah Benefits: 6 Reasons to Recite Al Bayyinah

3 –  Recite as Dua

Consistently doing good deeds can make a person good from the inside and gives them inner peace. These people are also loved by Allah SWT and are his favorite beings in this world. You may recite this surah as a dua to keep away from sins.

4 – Heathen is forbidden

Heathen is a person who does not practice one of the majority religions of Christianity, Islam, or Judaism, also known as an Athiest. Allah SWT in this has declared Heathens Haram. They deny the existence of Allah. They deny the Creator and His existence altogether and do not acknowledge Him. according to them, the creation of the universe and everything in it is by chance.

It is hated by Allah SWT the most which is why there is hard punishment as a consequence of being a Heathen. An atheist who denies the existence of God and His messengers SAW and do not believe in the Last day is a greater Kafir than the one who commits shirk( associating partners with Allah). He is stubborn and arrogant to the extent that cannot be accepted by human nature.

5 – Dua against shirk

The verses of Surah Al Bayyinah warn us against committing shirk when Allah tells us about the different ways of how people committed shirk. Reading them repeatedly can always keep us alert about the dos and don’ts of it. Therefore, these verses can be recited as a dua for staying away from shirk. Here are all the Things to Know About Shirk.

6 – Increases Taqwa

Taqwa is the fear and conscience of Allah SWT at all times. The fear of Allah SWT means that we keep Him in our minds before committing any act. We think whether he is going to like our net act or not and act accordingly. We believe that if we fear Allah SWT we will do good deeds instead of committing sins. This will help us avoid the unlawful. Allah SWT in this verse promises Jannah eternal life if we stay fearful of Him. This ayah can be recited as a dua for when we need something. 

Surah Al Bayyinah Benefits: 6 Reasons to Recite Al Bayyinah

Practicing these teachings of Surah AL-Bayyinah can benefit our personalities and help us elevate our faith. All of them are beneficial in our daily lives.

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