Surah Qariah Benefits & 5 Lessons from Surah Al Qariah

Surah Qariah benefits: Surah Al Qariah is the 101st surah of the Quran and it consists of 11 verses. It is a Makki Surah. The Surah takes its anime from its theme which is the day of judgment. Qariah means calamity, striking, or catastrophe. According to companions, Al Qariah is one of the names of the final day.

The main topic of this Surah is that it explains the conditions of the Day of Judgment. The first five ayahs of this surah depict a perfect picture of the day of Qayamah. Then the deeds of the people will be weighed. Every little act will be weighed whether good or bad. And in the last three ayahs, Allah SWT has described the hellfire and its intensity.

What Do We Learn From Surah Al Qariah?

Here are 5 things that you can learn from Surah Qariah.

Surah Qariah Benefits & 5 Lessons from Surah Al Qariah

1. Only Our Good Deeds Can Save Us

The world is eventually going to come to an end which means that we will have no further time to compensate for our deeds. This is our only time to focus on making our scales heavy for that day. It is also called the day of regrets, which means that we will all regret and recall the times when we had the chance and time to do increase our rewards. Everyone will be regretful. Had they done one more good act, it would have saved them from hellfire or might have increased their rank in Jannah.

The lesson for us is that in order to save ourselves from regretting, we make good use of the time in this world to make our Akhirah. Leave useless activities. Develop thinking of gaining the reward of Allah in every act. Your daily acts can be an act of worship. Have the intention of pleasing Allah with everything that you do.

2. The Day of Judgment will come Unexpected

Allah SWT used the word ‘Al Qari’ah as one of the descriptions of the day of judgment. If used in the literal sense it means that it will be like the unexpected night guests that you receive when you are not prepared for them. In the same way, the Day of Al Qariah will be so unexpected that when it comes, you will be surprised.

In Surah Al Zilzaal ayah no.3 Allah SWT says that the man will be in shock:

Surah Qariah Benefits & 5 Lessons from Surah Al Qariah

The raddling noise is going to wake you up. You won’t know what has hit you. This teaches us a lesson that we should be ready for the final hour at all times. Don’t indulge in a wrong act that you will regret if you die doing it. Do as many good deeds as possible so that our scale is heavy enough to save us from the fire of hell.

3. Instilling fear of Allah SWT

Fear of Allah SWT is when you are going about your life and striving to live according to the commandments of Allah SWT. Not everybody has this fear because not everybody has paid attention to the words of Allah SWT. The power that these verses contain is just miraculous. The fear of our Lord is just ingrained in our hearts. It doesn’t come just like that. But it is brought into us naturally with the love that we develop for the Almighty. Our belief is strengthened.

Allah SWT in Surah Al Anfal 8:2 says:

Surah Qariah Benefits & 5 Lessons from Surah Al Qariah

After reading this, we need to ponder over how much fear we have in us for Allah? How much do we love Him? Read the word of Allah to know about Him and His creation. Obey His commandments and follow the path of His last messenger Muhammad SAW. That is the way to a successful life not only in this world but in the Akhirah too. While we are busy improving our future, we should not forget about what we have done in the past. We also need to realize our previous Gunnahs and repent for them.

4. Deeds will be the heaviest thing on the Day of Judgment

Allah SWT says in the 6th and 7th Ayahs of this Surah:

Surah Qariah Benefits & 5 Lessons from Surah Al Qariah

Allah SWT draws a beautiful contrast here when he mentions the value of the once heavy mountains and the value of deeds that are typically underestimated. What is so incredible about these ayahs is that the heavy mountains will be torn into wool and become weightless while the deeds will be heavier. Deeds in the world are intangible but on that day they will be given the status of a tangibility.

This day everything will change. The lesson for us is that we shouldn’t consider any deed useless. We are not going to be rewarded in this life for the good deeds that we perform. We might as well be mocked for doing them because they will be at odds with the people’s ideas who are chasing their worldly desires. Our reward is with Allah SWT that we will receive on the day of Judgment. That will not only be better but eternal as well.

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5. The Fire of Hell

In the last verses of this surah, Allah SWT describes the terrifying Fire of Hell. The surahs before and after surah Al Qariah describes the kinds of people that deserve this fire: Al Adiyat and At-Takathur respectively. Muhammad SAW in one place has said:

The fire that we can feel in this world is so painful when in contact with the skin. But Allah has intensified the fire of hell 70 times more. This comparison should be enough for us to realize how bad the punishments in the hereafter could be. We need to prepare to put our acts together and save ourselves from that fire because pleasing this world is just useless. Here is our detailed post on the day of judgment and what it will be like.


The only thing that can save us from the horrifying scenes of that day is our good deeds.  Allah has put in his book the ways of saving our Akhirah. The revelation of the Quran was to bring mankind on the right path so that we are saved from the horrors of the final hour. This surah is very important because it helps to remind us that this world will come to an end, therefore, we must prepare for that calamity and increase in our good actions. May Allah swt increase us in doing good acts

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