20+ Islamic Quotes on Charity-Aayahs and hadiths on Sadqah

Islamic Quotes About Charity. Charity, one of the five pillars of Islam is a subject that is preached in every religion around the world. It is giving up a portion of your wealth for the needy which generally results in bringing justice in the society.

Why is giving alms (Zakat) compulsory in Islam? 

Zakat is one of the five pillars on which Islam is established. It comes directly after establishing prayer. While prayer is meant to mend and strengthen the Muslim’s relation with Allah (SWT), Zakat is supposed to mend the relation between the rich and the poor and guarantee social peace in Muslim community. It also helps achieve a side of social justice and prevent widening the gap between the rich elite and the poor.

According to Islam, money and wealth shouldn’t be monopolized and hoarded by the rich elite in a closed circuit. Money in Islam mainly belongs to Allah (SWT), and He bestowed it upon people to test their ability to give willingly seeking His pleasure in this life and the Hereafter. The wealth of the rich is also meant to be used to reinforce social solidarity, and to protect the poor from being drifted to commit crime out of desperate, or being exploited by moneylenders. Thus giving Zakat can help dry some of usury sources in society, and find solution to the chronic crises of poverty, hunger and unemployment in Islamic world. .

The dignity of the poor should be taken into account while giving them Zakat or Sadaqah. That is way collecting and distributing them by Islamic institutions is the best way for showing respect and keeping dignity of the needy.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) swears by Allah that a man’s wealth will not diminish by Sadaqah (charity). And Allah states in Quran that Sadaqah leads the wealth to grow by Allah’s blessings, and it purifies the souls (Nafs) of the rich from stinginess, and the souls of the poor from envy and hatred.

Therefore, Islam has made charity a.k.a Zakat obligatory on every Muslim. This act of giving away your wealth in the name of Allah teaches us to help people in need and encourages us to stay on the right path. By giving charity we learn generosity and selflessness, both the attributes loved by Allah SWT. Thus, it spreads the spirit of kindness and helps Muslims flourish in their life.

Charity In Islam

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↓20 – Benefiting Others

Giving charity not only benefits the one who gives it but also the one who receives it. Muslims give it for the welfare of their brothers and this act of kindness is strongly appreciated by Islam. Here are 50 Islamic Quotes about Success with Images.

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↓19 – Quranic Verses About Giving Charity

If a Muslim spends his wealth with a sincere intention of helping his brother then surely Allah (SWT) will reward him in abundance.

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↓18 – What Does Islam Say About Charity Hadith

Islam encourages brotherhood and generosity, therefore, giving in the name of Allah has been made compulsory for every Muslim. Islam teaches us that our wealth does not reduce no matter how much we spend on this cause.

islamic quotes on charity


↓17 – Quranic Verses On Zakat

In Islam, giving charity is like giving a loan to Allah (SWT) whose reward will only increase and be more than the liability itself.

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↓16 – Sadaqah Quotes – Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s )quote on giving charity

Zakat is an act of worship in the form of a social service that finishes off sins like water ends fire. Inspirational Islamic Quotes About Charity (7)


↓15 – Famous Islamic Sayings About Charity

Muslims must follow this institution of charity with the sole purpose of gaining rewards. According to Islam, our charity is not accepted until we urge to gain more and more blessings of Allah (SWT). Do have a look at these 100+ Islamic Marriage Quotes For Husband and Wife.

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↓14 – Best Of Charity

A person who does not acquire a lot of wealth will face difficulty in managing charity as compared to the person who is wealthy enough. Thus, he who has less will get the best of rewards among all givers.

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↓13 – Islam And Quran Promote Charity

Giving away something you love requires a lot of courage therefore its reward is also high. Similarly, in Islam reward is attained only when you spend from what you love.

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↓12 – Charity Without Delay

Giving your wealth in the name of Allah SWT has a lot of benefits, it protects us from harm and uncertain tragedies. Therefore, we must give charity without any delay.

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↓11 – Charity in Islam Hadith

Charity is not only giving a part of your wealth, but every act of kindness is considered charity in Islam.

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↓10 – Equal Rewards

In Islam, a person who opens a way for a charitable deed is rewarded equally like someone who performs this deed. Here are 40 Islamic Quotes About Anger and Anger Management.

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↓9 – Islamic Quotes About Donations

The charity does not only benefits the person who receives it but also the giver himself. It brings peace and happiness to the life of the benefactor.

islamic quotes on charity


↓8 – Zakat Quotes

The Holy Quran teaches us all the right ways to spend our lives peacefully. Thus, it has been said it the Quran that we must give Zakah in order to be on the path of those who are blessed by Allah SWT.

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↓7 – Charity Starts At Home

Prophet (SAW) said: When one of you is poor, he starts with himself. If anything is left, he spends it on his dependants. If anything is (still left) then on his relatives, and then, if more is left, he spends it here and there.’

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↓6 – Saviour From Hell

Charity is a religious function that emphasizes on the well-being of the people around. In Islam, it does not matter how big or small your contribution is but even if you give half a date in Allah’s way, it will save you from the burning fire of Hell.

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↓5 – Prophet Mohammad Charity Quotes

All praise be for Allah SWT as he rewards his people even if they plant a tree.

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↓4 – Benefit In The Hereafter

Whoever spends his wealth for Allah SWT will surely be repaid and there is no way that he will suffer a loss.

islamic quotes on charity


↓3 – Hazrat Ali’s Sayings About Charity

As charity is one of the most prominent subjects of Islam, every Sahabi and Islamic Scholar has talked about it. Hazrat Ali (RA) grew up with our beloved Prophet (SAW) so whatever he spoke, it was fully authentic and life-changing. Don’t forget to go through this amazing collection of 20+ Best Quotes from Imam Hazrat Ali & Sayings In English.

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↓2 – Multiple Effect Of Charity

Allah SWT says in the Quran: “The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed [of grain] which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.” (Quran 2:261)

↓ 1 Effects Of Charity – A Short Story

Sheikh Muhammed Hadi Al Amini, one of the famous scholars relates that his father while his education in Iraq, went to his home town Tabriz.  Sheikh Amini’s father didn’t see his old friend  who was needy and a poor man. When he didn’t see this friend, he asked about him and was told that the poor man was no longer poor and had become rich. Sheikh Amini’s father decided to pay a visit to his friend.

While chatting with his friend he asked the reason for the change in his economic position. When asked about it, his friend told him that he had become so poor, he had to sell his personal property like furniture etc. By selling these things he had collected some money enough to start up a business. However, when he was on his way back to his house with the money, he saw a poor lady crying. He asked the lady the reason, and she told him that she was a widow with orphans who were hungry and there was no food. The man felt pity on her, and when he saw that the lady needed the money more than himself he gave all of his money to her. He went back home and spent the night distressed.

Next morning was a surprise for him as he was summoned to the house of a rich man. When he went to the rich man he was told by the rich man that he had six thousand bags of rice which he feared were on the verge of expiring. The rich man suggested to him to buy the rice at a low price on loan from him. The poor man did so and sold the rice bags quickly. He took some more and in this way was able to make much profit which in the end made him so rich.

↓ Charity in Quran

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