Islamic Prayer Quotes | 40 Beautiful Dua for Recitation

Beautiful Islamic Prayer Quotes for Daily Recitation. Offering prayer to Almighty Allah is not only a way to worship him but to express our gratefulness for the uncountable blessings and favors that He has showered upon us even without being asked for. Have you ever thought that the world comprises of seven billion people and Almighty Allah has chosen us among so many people in the world to become one of His believers? Islamic prayers are not meant to be only recited only special timings like in the time of distress, in grief or on special days like Fridays or in the month of Ramadan only. There are prayers that we should be reciting in day to day life too.

Islamic Duas for Daily Recitation for Every Muslim

Below complied are one of the few most beautiful Islamic prayer quotes that should be read by every Muslim during his day to day activities. Feel free to bookmark the images below as your daily reminders for recitation.

40+ Beautiful Islamic Prayer

↓ 1 – Always Start Everything With the Name Of Allah

Be it your smallest nitty gritty task of daily life or be it signing a million dollars deal, always start everything with the name of Allah who is no doubt, the most beneficial and merciful of all. Always pray to Him to guide what is beneficial and what is truest to you.

Beautiful Islamic Quotes

↓ 2 – Seek Refuge With Allah Only

Seek refuge with Allah from Satan and all kinds of evils by remembering Him every moment of yours life. Let positivism and good vibes enter your life.

Islamic Quotes

↓ 3 – Ask for Knowledge Enhancement

Undoubtedly, to be the most powerful one must have knowledge to the utmost level. Always love to become a learner so that more knowledge can be achieved till your last breath.

Islamic Prayer

↓ 4 – Glory Belongs To Allah

The most glorified of all is none other than Almighty Allah and nobody else. The greatest and the most powerful is Almighty Allah only.


↓ 5 – All Praise Is For Allah

The who is perfect is Allah only. We, human beings are made of imperfections stitched together and have personalities full of flaws.


↓ 6 – Allah : Mightiest Of All

The most powerful and the most greatest is Almighty Allah. Seek to Allah only and no one else.


↓ 7 – Praise Him To Your Maximum Extent

All praises are for Allah only. Pray five times daily and ask forgiveness for your sins.


↓ 8 – Beautiful Words Of Praise

Words of the world are really less when it come to praising Almighty Allah.

Words of Islam

↓ 9 – Repent Your Sins

No one wants to die as a sinner. so go for repenting your sins as soon as possible because life is unpredictable.


↓ 10 – Seek Forgiveness

Have done something wrong and afraid of Hell fire? Go for seeking forgiveness.


↓ 11 – May Peace and Mercy Be On Every Muslim

May every Muslim on this planet finds His mercy on himself and his family.


↓ 12 – Peace and Mercy

Islam is the religion of peace and mercy and so Islamic prayers reflect the same.

Allah's Love

↓ 13 – Under Allah’s Protection

Whenever going outside, ask for Allah’s protection you step outside. Feeling nervous for a difficult exam? Ask for Allah’s protection. Worried for a job interview? Ask for His protection.


↓ 14 – Allah’s Will

Whatever happens in this world is always willed by Almighty Allah.


↓ 15 – Sustain-er Of Mankind

Undoubtedly, Lord is the one who is the sustain-er of mankind, the most powerful and the most merciful.

Beautiful Islamic Prayer Quotes

↓ 16 – Save Us From Hell Fire

We can save ourselves for Hell fire only if we ask forgiveness daily from Him so that our sins and wrongdoings can be repented.


↓ 17 – Temporary World

The joys and glamour of this world is temporary. The everlasting joy is in the life hereafter only.


↓ 18 – The Curer

Be it most serious illness diagnosed by physician, always pray to Allah to cure disease.


↓ 19 – Die Being True Muslim

Always pray to meet death while Islam and Islamic teachings being taught by Prophet Muhummad (P.B.U.H).

Beautiful Islamic Prayer Quotes

↓ 20 – Standing Strong When Being Tested

Difficult situations are tests in which Allah puts us to check our strength and stamina. When in difficult times, please recite to stay stronger every time.

Sinful past

↓ 21 – Living With His Name

Pray to live and die with Almighty Allah’s name only.


↓ 22 – True Guidance

True guidance can be achieved by Allah’s and man’s will only so always ask for it in prayers.


↓ 23 – Straight Path

Always pray to Allah to make us to straight and right path only.


↓ 24 – Ask for Paradise

Being afraid of Hell fire, one must ask for Allah’s rewards and paradise in the life hereafter.

Beautiful Islamic Prayer Quotes

↓ 25 – Peace in One’s Heart

Possessing a peaceful and greed free heart is one of the blessings of Almighty Lord.


↓ 26 – Removal of Sadness From Within

Ask Allah to remove the feeling of grief and sadness from the core of your heart and soul.


↓ 27 – His Guidance and Supervision

His guidance and supervision lead us to right straight path.


↓ 28 – Bless everyone’s Family with Wealth

Always pray to bless everyone and their families with wealth, wellness and prosperity.

Beautiful Islamic Prayer Quotes

↓ 29 – The Wrongdoers

Always pray Allah to save you, your family and everyone’s else families from the wrongdoing and wrongdoers.

Islamic Quotes

↓ 30 – Ask for Allah’s Mercy

Since Allah is the most merciful so ask for His mercy every time.

Islamic Quotes

↓ 31 – Spirit and Heart

Always ask for your spirit and heart cleanliness.

Beautiful Islamic Prayer Quotes

↓ 32 – Do What Allah Loves Only

Always pray to Allah that we always do what He likes.

Beautiful Islamic Prayer Quotes

↓ 33 – Refrain from Making Past Mistakes

Always refrain yourself from making past sins after being a repentant and after asking for forgiveness.

Beautiful Islamic

↓ 34 – May Allah Guide Us

Beautiful Islamic Prayer Quotes

↓ 35 – May Allah Help Us

Beautiful Islamic Prayer Quotes


↓ 36 – Correct Choice in Life

Beautiful Islamic Prayer Quotes

↓ 37 – Ya Allah! Save Us

Pray Allah to save you from Hell fire and not to make you fall in love with something that is disliked by Almighty Allah.

Save Us

↓ 38 – Grant Us Strength of Patience



↓ 39 – Seeking Refuge from Evil

Ask Allah to save you from evil, evil eye and guide to the straight path.

Islamic Prayer

↓ 40 – Do What Is Right

Always ask Allah to make choose correct choices for you which is good for you.

Beautiful Islamic Prayer Quotes

↓ 41 – Bless Us!

May Allah bless us, our families and every Muslim brother all over the globe. (Ameen)

Beautiful Islamic Prayer Quotes

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