10 Reasons Why I Am Grateful To Be A Muslim Woman

 A Muslim Women’s Grace: With the Women’s’ day and everything surrounding this very day “controversial for some, supporting feminism for others” or other elements associated with it, made me realize that have we really thought about all the blessings Allah has bestowed upon us as women. Oftentimes, we are so immersed in this whirlpool of life that we forget the purpose of us being here, we overestimate our likelihood of staying alive.

We take so many things in our lives for granted and one of those many things is being a woman and what’s more important is being a Muslim one!


Blessings Of Allah For Muslim Women

Allah adores His manifestations. He favors us with everything despite the fact that we are selfish creatures. As Muslims, we ought to be grateful to him for each and everything. From strolling on the ground to breathing out every breath. From great to terrible. From what has gone to what we have. For each experience for each breath. He’s the One who’s the supplier of everything and we should be grateful for whatever he accomplishes for us. Gratitude can be life-changing so do have a look at these Beautiful Thanking Allah Quotes.


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↓ 10 – I Am Not Forced To Go Out Of My Comfort Zone

The first reason I am grateful for is that as a Muslim lady, whether I wear a hijab or not, I am truly blessed that I don’t have to warmly greet, or embrace anybody of the other gender. Indeed, I realize it may sound weird to few — particularly as some Muslim ladies approve of embraces and handshakes — yet it’s something numerous Muslim ladies unobtrusively submit to. Its a blessing in disguise.


↓ 9 – I Have My Own Individual Identity

The second reason that I am truly grateful to Allah is that He has given me this right as a Muslim to keep my family name even after my marriage. To be blessed with a family that has been supportive throughout; tremendously in my childhood, during teenage to adulthood endeavors is magnanimous and to be able to keep that with you always is cherished by every Muslim girl. Individuals tune in to what I need to state and spotlight on my message rather than simply my face or body, which is a colossal benefit. They find a good character and discover that what characterizes me as an individual depends altogether on my conduct, not my looks.


↓ 8 – I Get To Choose My Partner

With the advent of Islam, women were exalted to a status that was never before given. We are given complete right to choose our husband in the same way as is for men in society. There is a prohibition in a forceful marriage. Every Muslim girl has the right to say no or yes with regards to their choice for marriage. Here are 100+ Islamic Marriage Quotes For Husband and Wife.



↓ 7 – I Don’t Have Any Monetary Obligation Towards the Family

The next reason for being a proud Muslim woman is that in Islam money related security is guaranteed for ladies. Women in Islam have been given monetary security. She is not required to spend a penny from her property and salary on the family unit. Haq Mehar, (marriage gift given by the husband) is essential to be given on the day of Nikkah  She is qualified for full financial help during marriage and during her ‘Iddah (holding up period after separation) if there should be an occurrence of separation and on the off chance that she has children, she is additionally entitled to child support.


↓ 6 – I Am Given Special Treatment

There are so many more reasons that I feel truly grateful to Allah the Almighty.  For now, coming to the next reason is to be given relaxation in ibadah during the menstrual cycle. If a lady is pregnant, in Islam it is an exceptional deed and during pregnancy too, we are not required to fast because our religion cares for us and understands that we need nourishment during this time. If a lady, God forbid, dies during pregnancy she is given the status of a martyr.


↓ 5 – I Have The Most Supportive and Loving Religious Culture

Next in line, the explanation for this gratefulness is again the advantage I have on the grounds that my religion isn’t a culture rather our culture has adopted itself according to Islam. Culture is something you’re brought into the world with, such as being Native American or Korean. Religion is something you pick consciously and subconsciously. I love being a Muslim each and every day. I am truly grateful to Allah Almighty for this blessing. I love the strong bond that Muslim women share throughout the world. Whenever I’m traveling and I’m in any sort of difficulty, I know I can always count on Muslim women around me for help and it makes me grateful for being a part of such amazing sisterhood.


↓ 4 – I Am Protected By All

We are special because in Islam we are given safeguards in the form of our brothers, fathers, husbands, and sons. It is their duty to clothe, protect and feed them.  These relations are based on the utmost respect and reverence.


↓ 3 – I Know My Worth

I am special since Islam explains my motivation throughout everyday life and causes me to understand what is genuinely significant as a woman. We have our roles defined as sisters, daughters and wives and Islam has guaranteed that all these are loaded with the element of respect. They are so delicately balanced that one marvels at each right. As mothers, Islam has exalted us to the highest level- heaven under mothers’ feet.


↓ 2 – I Have The Most Amazing Role Models

As a Muslim woman, I believe I’m lucky to have the best female role models to look up to. Hazrat Khadija, the first woman to accept Islam was a successful businesswoman and an incredibly supportive and loving wife. Then there are the examples of Hazrat Fatima, Hazrat Ayesha and so many other women throughout Islamic history who continue to inspire us. If you’re going through a difficult time, do have a look at these Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety.

grateful to be a muslim woman

↓ 1 – I Am Content

Lastly, I am special since I am content with my life. Most importantly, spirituality is at its peak regarding women in Islam. We are not required to go for Jihad or leave our homes to be blessed with the highest status. We can do it by just following the principles that Islam has provided us. We don’t go to liquor for a buzz or medications when we need an adrenaline surge or to soothe our worries. We practice my religion and go to seek Allah’s advice on everything. I am advantaged in light of the fact that being a Muslim it’s my obligation to supplicate and advocate for harmony. I ask Allah (SWT) for direction, give my full in helping other people any way I can and afterward leave any extra vulnerability, uncertainty, and dread of things to come in the hands of God.

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