30 Islamic Quotes About Enemies In Islam

Islamic Quotes about Enemies in Islam. Islam is the religion of peace and love. It encourages to be kind and humble with everyone and offer love to human beings. Forgiveness in Islam is very much appreciated and it is loved by Allah SWT if a person forgives others.

Enemies in Islam are of two types; 1) Inner enemies 2) Outer enemies. Inner enemies make up our inner desires which lead us to sin and towards the wrong path and while the outer enemies are the ones that hurt us physically. Islam encourages to fight with inner enemies and Shaitan who is also an enemy of Muslims. While it encourages to pardon the outer enemies and leave everything in Allah’s hands.

What Does Islam Say About Enemies?

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islamic quotes on enemies

↓ 30 – Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith On Enemies

Enemies in Islam (29)


↓ 29 – Biggest Enemy of Islam

islamic quotes on enemies


↓ 28 – How to Deal with Enemies in Islam

Islam is the religion of peace and mercy and prophet Muhammad PBUH has shown us the way to live our lives. Islam encourages to be kind with our enemies and our Prophet PBUH always showed mercy towards his enemies. Even during the battle of Badr, prophet PBUH didn’t treat the enemies badly.

Enemies in Islam (46)

↓ 27- Thirteen Enemies that We cannot See

The enemies of Islam harm the Muslims. But Muslims get harmed by the inner enemies as well. The values and habits that corrupt the character of a Muslim are considered the enemies. Which includes

islamic quotes on enemies


↓ 26- Hazrat Ali about Enemies

Hazrat Ali (RA) life teaches to be a better Muslim. We can find solutions to every problem of ours in his quotes. He taught Muslims to forgive the enemy if they overpower them as a way of thanking Allah for giving this opportunity.

islamic quotes on enemies


↓ 25 – The Desires are Enemies

The desires that a person holds inside can be of two types of pure or evil. The desires that can corrupt a Muslim’s character and hinder him to walk on the right path become the enemies and harm them. According to Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Muslims should learn to fight the evil desires. Here are 30 Inspirational Islamic Quotes On Gossiping & Backbiting.

Enemies in Islam (43)


↓ 24- Sins are Your Enemies

We often look for the external enemies that harm us. But other than that, we sin every day and they are our real enemies. The sins that we do intentionally make our iman weak and faith in Allah weaker. So Muslims should look after them and save themselves from sins.

islamic quotes on enemies


↓ 23- Three Kinds of Friends and Enemies

According to Hazrat Ali (RA):

Enemies in Islam (44)


↓ 22- Be an Enemy to the Oppressor

In Islam, it is forbidden to oppress anyone under any circumstances. Allah doesn’t like the oppressor and is always with oppressed. One who encourages oppression is also the sinner in the eyes of Allah SWT. Hazrat Ali (RA) taught to be with the oppressed and fight against the oppressor.

↓ 21 – Shaytan is the Biggest Enemy

Shaytan since the beginning of mankind have been corrupting and harming the Muslims and their faith as per his promise that he made to Allah SWT. Allah in the Quran himself says that he’s the biggest enemy of Muslims and we shouldn’t listen to any cause in order to stay on the right path.

Enemies in Islam (1)


↓ 20 – Prophet Muhammad Behaviour with Enemies

Whenever we need any advice in our life, we can look into the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. As he’s the one who had shown us the way of living through his life. He was kind, humble and Sadiq like no one else. His behavior with everyone including the non-Muslims was very polite. He never treated his enemies badly or brutally. He always showed kindness and mercy to his enemies regardless of the pain they inflicted upon him

Enemies in Islam (40)


↓ 19 – Footsteps of Shaytan

As shaytan is the biggest enemy of Muslims, Allah says in the Quran to protect ourselves from the evil of Shaytan. He commands us not to follow the steps of Shaytan as he will make us away from the right path.

islamic quotes on enemies


↓ 18- Repel Evil with Good

Muslims should portray the ideal image of Islam. They should not treat anybody badly not even an enemy. They should be kind and humble and ready to figure their enemies. They should fight against evil with good. It is also mentioned in the Quran.

Enemies in Islam (37)


↓ 17 – Quote about Enemies

Enemies in Islam (36)


↓ 16 – Inner Enemy

There are external enemies and internal enemies. The internal enemies are the desires and wrong wishes that we carry inside. That corrupt the soul and character of Muslims. We should also fight against our nafs in order to stay on the path of Islam.

↓ 15 – Allah’s Help Against Inner Evil

We should always ask for Allah’s help in everything. As He’s the only provider and has command over everything. We should ask for His help against our inner enemies that make us astray from the path of Allah SWT. Do have a look at these 50 Beautiful Rumi Quotes About Love, Life & Friendship.

Enemies in Islam (29)


↓ 14 – Friends on the Day of Judgment

Friends are the source of comfort for us. But on the judgment day, the friends of ours will be enemies except for those who are righteous and pious.

Enemies in Islam (51)


↓ 13 – Forgiving your Enemies

Forgiveness is the deed that is loved by Allah SWT. He forgives his creatures and loves those who deal ecru matter with kindness and mercy. Islam encourages to deal enemies with forgiveness and mercy.

islamic quotes on enemies


↓ 12- Allah is the Sufficient Ally

For the Muslims, Allah is sufficient in every matter. If any enemy overpowers the Muslims, Allah is the only ally that is enough for them to fight against the enemies.

Enemies in Islam (4)


↓ 11 – Allah can Change Hearts

Allah is the changer of hearts. He can change hatred, resentment into love and kindness. He can turn an enemy’s heart and make him a good person. We should always pray to Allah SWT to change the hearts of our enemies.

Enemies in Islam (26)


↓ 10- Trusting Allah Against Enemies

When we come against those who are stronger than us or our enemies, we should ask for Allah’s help only. With the help, we should place full trust in Him that He will take the matters into His hands.

quotes on enemies in islam

↓ 9 – Dua for Protection Against the Enemies

Enemies in Islam (52)


↓ 8- Prophet Muhammad PBUH Prayer For His Enemies

Prophet Muhammad PBUH life is the example of love and kindness. He had been hurt by his enemies in the worst possible ways yet he never complained to anyone or Allah SWT. He was kind and full of mercy that he would always make Dua for his enemies or those who would always harm him.

↓ 7 – Umar Bin Khattab As An Enemy

Umar bin Khattab was the worst enemy of Islam. He would harm Muslims brutally but our prophet made Dua to Allah SWT to change his heart. As Allah is known as the changer of hearts, He did and Umar became among the best Muslims.

Enemies in Islam (8)

↓ 6 – Prophet Muhammad PBUH Supplication

Enemies in Islam (10)

↓ 5 – Justice with Enemies

We should always be just in every situation and circumstance. It is encouraged in Islam to be just when it comes to dealing with enemies. Because justice is one of the important virtues in Islam so a Muslim should never bring his personal grudges against his enemy while making a decision. He should always be just to his enemy as well.

↓ 4- A True Muslim Will Not Be An Enemy

A true Muslim loves his brothers in Islam. He never hurts anyone and never goes behind their back. He always cares for his brothers and loves them.

Enemies in Islam (14)

↓ 3 – How To Respond To Enemies

Islam is the religion of peace, love, and mercy. It discourages using foul language in any situation. It is not the trait of a true Muslim to abuse anyone including his enemy. He doesn’t have to become like his enemy.

Enemies in Islam (19)

↓ 2 – The Hostile Enemy

A Muslim has to face a lot of hurdles and obstacle in the path of Allah SWT. He faces Shaitan and inner desires which are his biggest hostile enemies. They try to deviate a Muslim from Allah’s path. So Muslims should have strong Iman in order to fight with his inner enemies.

↓ 1 – Allah’s Enemy

Enemies in Islam (21)



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